Astrological News: Mercury Retrogrades to Gemini on May 10 and Its Impact on Signs


Astronomical News: Mercury begins in retrograde
On the Gemini antenna on May 10:

Retrograde from May 10 to May 23 in Gemini, then Mercury enters Taurus in retrograde and runs on June 3rd. With Mercury retrograde negative things can happen and we have to be careful in many aspects.Air, sea, electricity, internet, stock exchanges, prices, gossip, traffic, theft, barriers to signing contracts and guarantees and issuing gossip. Ideas can be scattered and forgotten. Therefore, we must be careful to always control our needs and stay focused. His downfall in Gemini, which reduces the negatives, but is clear with his negatives in entering the regressive Taurus and his connection to the Ghoul star and his square with Saturn in Aquarius. Make alternate plans before entering the Sirius Gate, starting in July and June. The most important advice is: Beware of aliens and dark, mysterious cases Casey and we must pay attention to theft and forgetfulness, and mental illness can increase, and some use to escape from reality in their own way. June 3, after which things go well because Mercury is basically at home .. but the first fall is not negative, it is between May 10 and 23, which is a good period for all the work we have lost and others may commit a sum in this period before the negative phase ..

You are in a good period and will be affected the least, but from May 23 to June 3 Return from the bull Pay attention to all personal matters and do not talk about what does not bother you and save your statements and save any strangers . and do not trust strangers and take care of your financial situation and your property like car, cell phone, your house keys and your private letters Take care of your words and statements do not send messages or publish anything before making sure of it and beware of vibration of hands and tension ..

From May 23 to June 3, you need to be careful during financial transactions and what you own in a car or means of transport and communication like cell phones and others, and keys, identity and letters, as well as pay attention to Your relationship with the environment nearby and your words that can cause problems. And 23 gives you a great financial right.

You are concerned about all the squatting and retrograde events that will occur on May 10. Mercury your planet is retrograde to you and forms a quadrature toward Jupiter, a solar clock that is active between May 10 and 23. , in which good things happen, but between 23 and 3 the retrograde is in Taurus, so pay attention to all the purchases and money circulation, as well as your personal and emotional relationships, and be careful to start an important project. It is better to push it. especially when you are not proving yourself..Avoid quoting words and keep your tongue tight .. Before the end of May and the beginning of June you should double caution, especially any mysterious matter..Energies are great. ..

Although the buyer is the sixth of Mercury, as hostilities are eased, but beware from May 23 to June 3, especially with relationships, losses and enemies, and do not take any fateful steps and do not neglect mystical diseases, look at your property and be careful the first interaction with strangers or people you do not know..but the period is financially excellent because the buyer calls the beginning of the fall Between 10 and 23 May Mercury will pass …

The presence of a promiscuity between Jupiter and Mercury Gemini helps you, as well as the presence of the sun in Gemini. This softens the opposites of retrogression. vague relationships and be very careful about your secrets and pay attention to your correspondence, statements and personal assets, especially from May 23rd to June 3rd.

Your planet Mercury is in retrograde and has a lot of tips related to your personal issues, you also need to be careful when meeting new people you do not know yet and the negative period from May 23rd to June 3rd. Important tips, for example, refuse to give bribes or beware of attempts by cunning methods to achieve something. Beware of those who try to set you up, especially The Period during which the square angle between Saturn and Mercury is active, does not compromise with this and is content with the smallest steps to not deal with mysterious holidays, even if temptations are big ..

Opposition is strong only from May 23 to June 3, when the retrograde coincides with the square towards Saturn and a connection with the star of Ra’s al-Ghul. Social communication .. you should take advice and not rely on the important decision only on yourself .. the vision is not defined or clear ..

Between May 23rd and June 3rd, there is a difficult angle that coincides with Mercury retrograde. Beware of strange places and strange people, postpone long journeys, pay attention to fines, taxes and cases, or better yet, do not look at in the area of ​​loans and debts and try to push the important, especially the fatal one .. Also, do not trust a new romantic relationship, as it is definitely deceptive .. As for the start of the withdrawal from 10 to 23 May, it is a opportunities to complete your work and repay your financial obligations, including very large ones, also the period is great to work and prove yourself. .

Mercury is a planet that rules your seventh astrological house, which means that it regresses to the house of passion and connection, so pay attention to your emotional relationship, especially if it is at the beginning, as well as postpone the signing of what is important and look. abroad for theft and deferral of loans, firms and guarantees, especially for the period between June 23 and June 3 of the fall .. the beginning of the fall between 10 and 23 May The effects are slight, because the buyer, one-sixth. Wednesday, gives you a good right in terms of emotional partnership, money, contracts and more. Take advantage of that period to regain your rights as well.

Mercury rules your ninth and sixth most important astrological homes and is retrograde, so be aware of accidents, your emotional relationships and your possessions and avoid shopping and trading, and especially the important steps from May 23rd to June 3rd. of retrogression. Professional and financial, to do what you need to do and fill out travel documents if you wish ..

From May 23 to June 3 you should be careful about your health and financial aspects, especially about your money and always check your wallet and private securities and do not carry large amounts of money with you .. in general, the withdrawal affects you easily, but there is no problem to be careful and concentrate well on everything..and the start of the withdrawal from 10 to 23 May, is good for issues related to the recovery of rights and money, as well as for the relationship and a situation from which you cut off your property.

Starting the retreat has few obstacles, but rather helps you with issues awaiting resolution in areas that were restricted and did not work. The period is good between 10 and 23 May .. but between 23 June and 3 June. The most important thing is to pay attention to the house and locks, because thefts will increase, as well as your personal belongings and mobile devices and most importantly, beware of household, electrical and water accidents and furniture damage. Always lose small details that you may have overlooked, such as water leaks or the like. Pay attention to your mental health, push buying and selling, look at your health, strengthen your self-confidence and use that energy in your favor.

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