Ahmed bin Saeed visits Ayman Tourism Pavilion in the Arab Travel Market

Announced a number of projects and initiatives at the exhibition

Khadija Turki: The Emirate of Ajman is a unique tourist icon

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Supreme President and CEO of Emirates Airlines and the Group, visited the pavilion of the Ajman Tourism Development Department, during the opening of the 29th edition of the Arabian Exhibition Travel Market, which was held in the Emirate of Dubai from 9 to 12 May 2022. His Highness was acquainted with the most prominent tourism services and projects provided by the department and participating entities under the umbrella of the Ajman government.

The Emirate of Ayman unveiled the launch of a series of innovative initiatives and projects during the Arabian Travel Market exhibition held in the Emirate of Dubai, where the Department of Tourism Development and participating departments and entities under its umbrella seek to increase the activity of the tourism sector in the UAE and ensure the achievement of what Ajman aspires to increase the proportion of tourist flows in it and achieve a Emirati Tourist vision.

The Ayman Museum intelligent application

During the exhibition, “Ajman Tourism” will feature the Ayman Museum intelligent app, which it launched in connection with the museum renovation and its recent reopening in its new look to provide a unique interactive experience enhanced by technology most recent.

To stimulate all the senses, through exhibitions marked in Arabic and English, the Ajman Museum mobile application aims to promote it and its monuments by presenting a brief overview of what the visitor can see in the museum.

Visual identity of the Ayman Museum, the Masfout Museum and the Manama Museum

The department also displays the new visual identity of the Ayman Museum, Masfoot Museum and Manama Museum, which reflects the department’s desire to preserve elements of heritage and culture and to present them in a modern and renovated way. It is constantly displayed on a separate page within the department’s official website to serve partners and community members interested in tourism in Ajman and to facilitate their access to it, to represent the largest digital archive documenting attractions important tourist of Ajman.

Heritage Road Project

The Department of Municipality and Planning in the Emirates Emirate, which is participating under the Emirati Emirati umbrella in the exhibition, unveils the latest activities of the heritage trail project, which is located in the Al-Nakhil neighborhood and reaches a length of 1025 km, which connects the heritage buildings starting from the Ayman Museum and the heritage neighborhood with the Saleh market and the heritage buildings to be preserved. It is located in Al-Nakhil 1 and extends to the waterfront. The trail will be intended only for pedestrians, to promote sustainable tourism and preserve the area’s heritage. The heritage trail project aims to preserve heritage buildings in the area and increase tourist attraction

Promoting cultural heritage tourism in the city, creating jobs, increasing the incomes of the local population and encouraging residents to walk and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Smart car rental service

The Ajman Transport Authority is also seeking to review the “Smart Car Rental Service” application in cooperation with UDrive. The application allows renting 8 vehicles of the authority, downloading the application and booking the vehicle through it, then unlocking the vehicle through the application.

Zoya Spa

On the other hand, Zoya Health Resort in Al Zorah is showing its advantages as the first five-star resort in the Middle East created to offer an integrated health experience that includes all health services and that offers its friends a wide range of programs designed. to help improve their well-being and healthy lifestyle. It also offers a range of treatment programs designed based on comprehensive and unique medical approaches to prevent chronic diseases.

Khadija Turki, Acting Director General of the Ajman Tourism Development Department, said: “Through our participation in the Arabian Travel Market 2022, we aim to provide an ideal opportunity to improve communication between all parties and partners involved in “tourism sector and discuss ways to rebuild effective partnerships based on innovation and achieve sustainability standards for the travel and tourism system. Globalization.”

Turkey added that Ajman Tourism continues to work closely with all international institutions and companies working in the tourism industry and participates in many major international tourism-related events, such as the Travel and Tourism Exchange exhibition in Berlin and exhibitions. World Travel Market. IN

London, and collaborates with international representative offices to enter directly into global markets, emphasizing that the Arabian Travel Market 2022 is a key hub for converging ideas and launching initiatives that contribute to the development of this industry, and offers an exceptional opportunity for open wide prospects for business opportunities, as a global event specializing in the tourism sector.Travel in this rapidly changing region.

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About Ajman Tourism Development Department:

The Department of Tourism Development in Ayman seeks to highlight the attractive tourist elements in the Emirates, and to highlight the unique elements that Ajman offers as one of the top tourist destinations in the UAE. The Department works on developing strategic plans to promote tourism in the Emirates locally, regionally and internationally through the planning and implementation of global tourism promotion campaigns, the organization of heritage, cultural and sporting events, and the holding or participation in conferences and exhibitions. working in the organization and development of the tourism industry and improving the skills and services of facilities and tourism facilities operating in this sector Tourism in the Emirates.

The Ajman Department of Tourism Development specializes in the preparation of bylaws, regulations and legislation regarding the regulation of the tourism sector in the Emirates, the classification of tourist facilities, the inspection of standards and tourism services provided to tourists, the licensing of travel and tourism agencies and overseeing their performance.

For more information visit ajmantourism / -https: //ajman.travel/ar

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