A surprise of high caliber .. Elissa reveals her relationship with her boyfriend, his nationality and date of marriage!

The Lebanese singer, Elissa, has released a series of surprises about her relationship with her boyfriend and talked about the stage of marriage and the emotional connection in her personal life.

The first surprise that Elisa made about the nature and personality of her boyfriend is that he is not of Arab nationality and can not say, “Of course, he is not Arab.”

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And Elissa continued with journalist Ali Al-Olayani on the stage program on SBC, that her current relationship with her two boyfriends should not culminate in the marriage in the end, as the marriage may or may not happen, and the important thing is pleasure and happiness. .

Elissa explained that her first goal in her relationship is to satisfy her emotional desire as an engaged woman, as she does not place the relationship based on the outcome of the marriage in the end.

Journalist Ali Al-Olayani has surprised artist Elissa, showing a video from a previous meeting with her, in which she had talked about her European boyfriend.

She confirmed that he is the same person who had warned her of her relationship with him, and indicated that the marriage will happen to a large extent, but there are circumstances that hinder the conclusion of the case now.

Elissa said that when she received a bouquet of roses from Sham Al-Dhahabi, Asala’s daughter, when she threw it at her wedding, was a good omen and indicated that her wish would be fulfilled.

Elisa discovered the name she calls her boyfriend, Wallace, as she calls him by that name because he combines the letters of his name and her name together.

And Elissa had told the media, Ali Al-Olayani, in the program “Human Group” on the mbc channel in 2017, that she is living a romantic love story.

Elisa explained that she met her boyfriend by chance during her travels to a European country, stressing that he is European, stressing that she is happy with this relationship because his treatment of her is different, stressing that when a person loves another person, he likes everything in it, including these things, the stories he and her boyfriend tell He has unique stories.

Elissa attributed people’s interest in her emotional life to being one of the few artists who are still unmarried, so people are interested in knowing the identity of her boyfriend when she will get married and things like that, putting noting that if there is a new story or a detail about her emotional life that she wants to reveal, she will do so without a question.

Elissa is one of the stars that arouses the public interest in their love life in particular, as in this regard she is not at all talkative and declarative.

In previous statements Elissa has confirmed that she has gone through several emotional experiences, all of which have failed, but she does not remember any of them, because sometimes the person passes into another life and leaves no trace, and thus described the failed. the emotional relationships she experienced, expressing her gratitude to everyone.

In a similar context, Elissa made it clear that she had never been associated with anyone in the artistic field, noting that she greeted some of these men when she met them on private or public occasions, while not doing so with some of them. those.

And for the feeling of motherhood that Elisa did not experience, she confirmed that he did not bother and did not care much about this issue, emphasizing that there is a girl he admires from Egypt, named Angela, who lives with him in the state of motherhood and compensates for that feeling.

Elisa also said about the man of her life, that despite the love and appreciation she has for her, she does not need a man in her life and revealed her father’s advice saying: “I love a man and I love him strongly, and I feel that this is my second text and I have to complete it, but it is not a condition for me to get married, the first thing. ” It’s too late and the idea has been on my mind since I was young, my mother. She always told me to rejoice with you or people told me to rejoice with you, and my father was against and always said we rejoice for her testimony and tomorrow she works and let her take her testimony and work and resign and then decide. and this work is very good. “

She continued: “Because when I worked and learned my money, I resigned financially and had intellectual and social independence, and I did not find that I needed a man, and it was not a mistake to get married, but I did not feel it anymore. “I needed a man, so I decided to do better.”

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