A journey on a journey full of hope and pain – Enlightenment

I am the bird, the leaf of greenery and water
I was born in the paws of gardeners
I say tweeting, its melody is very close and far
The longing takes me in my arms and I stand alone

Bird hunter – George Wassouf

George Wassouf begins the introduction to his autobiographical series, presented on the Shahid platform, under the title “My Way” describing his life as a mixture of joy and sadness, laughter and tears, pain and hope. Therefore, he reviews in a series of eight episodes the journey of his life, which has been associated with the love of singing since his early years, and the raging and constant jokes.

My career: Dokudrama is intense and transparent

My career series is classified as a “Docudrama” type documentary series, which means a dramatic work of art that combines elements of documentary series and drama elements, as it presents real events that have already taken place in a dramatic context with the help of of an actor who plays the role until the event takes on a dramatic aspect, as well as all the other elements of the dramatic work, whether in production or directing. ” The eight episodes of the series are divided into two episodes of George as a child. , four as a teenager and two as an adult.His work deed is recreated in one paragraph.

Therefore, the success of the series can not be denied at the level of writing, dialogue and plot. Also at the acting level his character was introduced by a child, Salim Hayek, a teenager Amer Fayyad and finally an adult, Farid Tawfik.Despite the great similarity between the three characters and George himself in the period they performed, each of them managed through the performance to convince the viewer that he actually sees Al-Wasuf himself recreating different periods of his life, with special cutting movements, a soundtrack – especially in relation to the songs of Abu Wadih – distinguished, aroused nostalgia in the hearts of his fans. The series “My Masirati” can be considered an integrated work. But is it different if we look at the work with a closer eye on the events and the way it is narrated a little?

George Wassouf is known to be one of the most controversial stars because of the many “unacceptable” social news items that came from him, including true and false. Therefore, Abu Wadih confirms at the beginning of his speech in the first episode. that he preferred to hear people from him, not about him. Let’s see in the series Abu Wadih characters make mistakes and take responsibility, hate but do no harm. For example, the series shows with full transparency the whole truth of his involvement in gambling addiction and how he lost all his money in a speculation to turn into nothing as he started it, as well as how he took a good lesson and stayed completely away from gambling in every way.view.

At the same time, he appears in his childhood smoking cigarettes, and in adolescence an alcoholic, and at the end honestly tells how he twice kidnapped his current girlfriend and wife from the family, using force and weapons. Despite all those things that are unacceptable in our Arab culture and sometimes criminalized, the series manages to create sympathy and love for Abu Wadih and his career, even socially acceptable masculine ideas adopted by Al-Wasef and his family. his, as is his categorical refusal. of the presence of a woman in the artistic community of his family and the failure of his daughter, “The Eyes of George Wassouf” »In any way in the series, even through an actress, these ideas appear in the series in an acceptable way, even call for respect. If the show is so controversial, why is there so much fuss about it?

Can the series be charged with political charges that were not mentioned in the first place?

I see Fard the hawk with a ghost, he sold it
And his followers spread them in space, they suffered from hunger
Small weak tannins
Hungry, but neither asleep nor awake
Because he is very delightful and adorable
See all loved ones
And the world is afraid of force
The atmosphere of the world is not the same

Bird hunter – George Wassouf

Since the outbreak of the Arab Spring revolutions in January 2011 until now, Arab stars from the Gulf region have had most of the decline or increase in popularity based on their political positions and statements. Regardless of whether they support or oppose any faction, they will receive insults and accusations of treason and collaboration from supporters of the other faction.

Therefore, many stars took a smart stance, as they remained silent until the crises passed, to return to their popularity and their complete love for them after a while as if nothing had happened. Al-Wasef was certainly not one of those stars, and with all the spontaneity and indifference, he declared his support for Bashar al-Assad against the Syrian resistance and he continued to support the Assad family to the end and never withdrew from that position. On the other hand, he has stated in a previous interview for the broadcaster Nishan under the title “Say O King”, his personal love and friendship with the Shiite leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah.

All of this, in addition to Abu Wadih’s rumors-based reputation as a drunkard, cocaine addict, cannabis smoker and polygamous relationship, made the first reaction of the angry Saudi public. This is due to the fact that the organization of the production of the series My Life is the platform of Saudi witnesses under the direction of Dr. Ali Jaber is of Lebanese nationality, so Twitter followers’ tweets blame and blame him occasionally the platform and other times for his person, as he gives the opportunity to George, the owner of the aforementioned political positions, which are of course entirely different from the current political agenda of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as one of the Twitter posters mentions: “Has our tax money been spent on a documentary about George Wassouf after all those embarrassing attitudes he adopted?” And here we return to the question that is often asked, can we separate political tendencies from art?

Be your little mom

Bird hunter, hold the cartridge!
Even this is a hundred sparrows, I do not deserve it
The hawk would hit you if you hit his lair
You find my meat minced and do not eat
Tauaa, throw it out of your hand and come back
My skin is weak, it does not help you and it does not benefit you
Shufflak another bird
And I live in peace

Bird hunter – George Wassouf

From the age of ten, the wonderful child George Wassouf became famous because of Hasbaya money, which he sang at the end-of-year party. Arab singers. Behind his distinctive voice, the reason for his fame is due to the themes addressed in his works and the lyrics of his songs, which can be called “popular themes”. Therefore, a whole generation of people from the seventies, eighties and early nineties from the lower and middle class find Abu Wadihu speaking by himself in many situations. Friendships, financial crises, injustices and even romantic relationships, whether successful or unsuccessful. At a time when Hassan al-Asmar represented the icon of the folk song in Egypt, al-Wusf held the same position in the Levant.

Returning to the state of controversy that arose in the series “My Career” from the Saudi audience, we find a commentary comparing the importance of George Wassouf with Muhammad Abdo and Abadi Jawhar in a way that diminishes the importance of the former. The truth is that this kind of comparison does not benefit anyone and the only one affected by it is the Arab public and Arab art in general, while it should be praised that the fame, success and spread in the Arab world achieved by George Wassouf is. greater than what was achieved by the creators Abdo and Xheuhar. Finally, in the problem of art and political position, we can judge in any way the political position of any individual at will, but we certainly can not cancel a long history full of talent, success and love of the public based on this position. .

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