You will not believe who is the wife of the late artist, Zain El-Ashmawy … a big star from the generation of giants!

Today is the birthday of artist Zain El-Ashmawy, one of the most famous movie stars who has been able to live in our memory so far, despite the fact that 88 years have passed since his absence.

Artist Zain Al-Ashmawy excelled in presenting evil roles, which greatly convinced viewers, so followers, despite these roles, reflected the reality of artist Zain Al-Ashmawy’s quarrel.

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Information about Zain El-Ashmawy

Artist Zain El-Ashmawy was born on May 8, 1934 in the Governoraten Damietta. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. He joined the troupe of Ismail Yassin, the troupe of Youssef Wehbe and worked on many shows. He joined the troupe, Sa `a La Lulbak. He met artist Houria Hassan and married her, but they separated in the last years of her life. He worked on the series “Khayal Al Mata” and “Soft Sands”. The tower of fate. He was handsome in character, good in “sins” and bad in “The Thief and the Dogs” and “A Meeting in the Tower.” In the seventies, his features and performance changed.

The work of artist Zain El-Ashmawy

Artist Zain Al-Ashmawy excelled in evil roles, which convinced viewers so much that followers did not believe he would succeed in any other role until he appeared in the role of the respected officer in several other works, which he. showed brilliantly in the film Sins, despite the marginality of this role in the film, but he added a new character to the characters that Zain El-Ashmawy excelled in appearance.

Al-Ashmawy participated in many small works of art. In the fifties, artist Zain El-Ashmawy participated in a play entitled “I love you”, which appeared in 1958. The play stars Mahmoud El-Meligy, Abdel-Fattah El -Qasry, artist Khairiya Ahmed, artist Stephen Rosti and artist Ismail Yassin.

In 1962, artist Zain El-Ashmawy appeared in a film entitled The Black Bag, starring artist Shukri Sarhan, artist Ahmed Shawky, artist Laila Sadek, artist Suzy Khairi, artist Naima Akef and artist Amal Ramzy. The kidnapper took a suitcase that had been exchanged on a train.

One of the most important and wonderful stations in the life of artist Zain Al-Ashmawy is the wonderful film The Thief and the Dogs, which tells the story of the revenge of a man who was unjustly imprisoned after several individuals settled the entire charge. film starring artist Shukry Sarhan, artist Samir Sabry, artist Shadia, artist Salah Jaheen, artist Salah Mansour and artist Kamal El-Shennawy, this film was released in 1962.

The latest work of artist Zain Al-Ashmawy was his participation in the film “The Case of Adolescence”, which was released in 1990, starring artist Fouad Al-Mohandes, artist Mohamed Sobhi, artist Ashraf Seif, artist Mohamed Abu El-Enein , artist Aida Riad and artist Minerva.

Marriage of artist Zain El-Ashmawy

Artist Zain Al-Ashmawy was married only once, by artist Houria Hassan, after a very long history of acquaintance and had his only daughter Hanan, who emigrated with her husband and after a period of marriage decided to separate, and that was a few months before her death.

Houria Hassan, who was nicknamed the “Flying Singer” because of her frequent trips to perform concerts in Arab countries, is the author of the songs “Ya Abu Al Taqiah Al Shubaikah” and “Who I Love You, My Neighbor”.

Death of artist Zain Al-Ashmawy

After a major battle with the disease, the artist, Zain Al-Ashmawy, died after suffering a severe heart attack that killed him on April 23, 1991.

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