The jewelry exhibition opens its doors to the public tomorrow

The 18th edition of the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition will open tomorrow at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center and is considered the longest-awaited and long-awaited exhibition in the calendar of annual business events in Qatar. Organized by Qatar Tourism, the exhibition days have been extended to open its doors to the public from Monday 9 May to Saturday 14 May 2022. The Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition in its eighteenth edition promises to feature luxury designs from classic collections and Contemporary designed by Besides brand stylists and internationally renowned stylists During this year’s edition, Qatar Tourism presents more than 500 brands from more than 10 countries, some of which are participating for the first time. Bollywood star Alia Bhatt is the face of the promotional campaign for this year’s Doha Jewelry and Watches exhibition. Visitors to the luxury exhibition will also enjoy first-time presentations, including seminars hosted by various brands and film screenings inspired by the fascination of the jewelry world at the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition Hall. Showcasing 10 unique local talents.
Located in the heart of the West Bay area, visitors can easily enter the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center via the Doha Metro, via a direct route from Terminal 1 to the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center metro station ( red line), which leads directly to the exhibition halls. The Doha Exhibition and Convention Center is certified by the Clean Qatar program for COVID-19 prevention and precautionary measures, giving visitors the security they need to enjoy a safe shopping experience at this year’s edition of the exhibition.
the first laboratory
On the other hand, the Qatar Chamber of Industry and Commerce sees the inauguration of the first laboratory in the state of Qatar for calibration of minerals and precious stones, examination and classification of diamonds and ensuring their quality and purity. great similarities between diamonds and the State of Qatar, which always shines in regional and international forums and organizes the most important and largest international sports and cultural events.Who lives in the land of this good land.
This step confirms Qatar’s global reputation in the jewelry and diamond trade sector, to increase trust between the gem trader and lovers and by opening a calibration laboratory for minerals and gemstones. Through a state-of-the-art laboratory latest used globally; To examine diamonds by a group of technicians and professional technicians trained at the International Gemological Institute, which is the largest independent institute for the certification and evaluation of gemstones worldwide. In this context, Mr. Ahmed Al-Obaidly, one of the founders of the laboratory, confirmed that Qatar is moving forward on the path of growth, development and opening up, based on a flexible and balanced economy, adopting elements of an attractive trading environment and overcoming challenges and turning them into opportunities. Qatar has a comprehensive vision that contributes to the attraction of international companies in all sectors, especially diamond companies, based on the National Vision of Qatar 2030, which aims to achieve diversification and growth in non-oil sectors, in addition to strong infrastructure, unlimited support of government. , and a pioneering global investment climate.
Al-Obaidli stressed that Qatar is characterized by infrastructure development and a high level of security, and he expects Doha to become the most important center of diamond trading and examination in the world and given the urgent need to establish a specialized laboratory. for diamond. examination, which would set internationally accepted standards and measures, to give industry and the public independent and objective assessments regarding the quality of diamonds, to gain the trust of traders and the public, and stressed the desire to set up the laboratory for ensure maximum accuracy and reliability, to protect the dealer and the customer.
In the same context, Ms. Enas Mohamed, pioneer in jewelry design and one of the founders of the Laboratory of Calibration of Minerals and Precious Stones, said: This laboratory, with its scientific and academic components, is a qualitative and qualitative achievement. achieving and supporting comprehensive economic and development plans of the country in all areas. Achieving the goals that the country aspires as part of its readiness to host a dazzling historic version of the FIFA 2022 World Cup, in addition to the jewelry and gemstone industry in the country, which positively affects the trader and the consumer at the same time.

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