The garden of the house .. the new environment for the family

The difference between the interior of the house and the outdoor garden is narrowing, so the latter plays the role of family living area, which is reflected in its design and decor, in harmony with the activities that house people exercise in such as reception, cooking and rest, in addition to decorating it with prominent accessories no less than special. In the hall …
More about the contemporary home garden, in information from interior stylist Beatrice Moutran.
Outdoor spaces are witnessing a worldwide renaissance, as a result of long hours of staying home and the spread of the idea of ​​turning gardens into a living space instead of a living room, according to engineer Beatrice. who tells the “lady” that “the desire of homeowners to make gardens next to their homes look good. And refreshing, making them inspired by the fashion that pushes social media and the style of influencers in “Social media and magazines, noting the emergence of the language of design in every corner of the country and the creation of outdoor experiences through design.”
Finally, for trendy exteriors, the architect talks about the style of coastal “minimalism” and white paint with a Mediterranean or bohemian influence realized in natural colors, inspired by recent trips to destinations such as: Tulum, Bali and Ibiza. In the restored Bohemian style in the exterior garden design, there are decorations, carvings, multicolored natural wood materials and all the attractive imperfections visible in the bohemian accessories and objects, in addition to a mix of bohemian furniture and elegant and stylish signature furniture. by international designers.

home garden items

There are no significant differences between living room furniture and home garden furniture (Image through a project by engineer Beatrice Moutran)

As part of the design of a modern and lush garden, the architect calls for attention to be paid to the following elements:

  • plants: It includes large deciduous trees and succulents that retain water in their leaves, roots and stems to adapt to living in dry environments, small fruit trees for decoration, dark colored vegetation and attractive flowers. insects, plants and pollinating aromatic plants.
  • wild gardens: The engineer points out that “green house gardens are becoming more desirable, compared to solid landscapes. As part of this trend, the presence of artificial grass is declining.”
  • Garden paths: They are designed from pebbles that make the garden look “spontaneous” and concrete, wood or bamboo facing tiles for the surfaces. In this context, the architect calls for the creation of shady paths with dim lighting for a glittering exterior.
    Outdoor kitchen in the backyard (courtesy photo of a project by architect Beatrice Moutran)
  • garden furniture: For the Spring-Summer 2022 collections, the colors of the furniture are neutral and their textures are rich in texture: modern interwoven (or woven) elements, metal cut, woven rattan, rope and wood, as well as elements of updated “retro”. In this context, the engineer concludes that “there are no significant differences between living room furniture and home garden furniture, which have become an additional place to live”, noting that “many brands develop collections their designed for outdoor spaces “, explaining that garden accessories are distributed evenly inside the house, in the living and reception areas, such as: hanging textiles, carpets, pillows and outdoor coverings, which makes the space more attractive. In addition, large headlights lit by candles are an essential element. accessory. “
  • technology It is also present in the garden, similar to the interior spaces of the house, as the “mobile” devices control most of the contents of the place …

I have to get rid of it

The small size of the outdoor space does not stand as a hindrance or its design, in a way that turns it into a haven that allows escape towards it, using vertical gardens and good use of colors to create interest and dynamism, like and as a focus on night lighting that controls the mood of the sitting and adds value to the limited space. In addition, the engineer recommends adding a point for gathering the people of the house, even the guests, as well as the water element no matter how narrow the space, to attract the senses. Recent ideas, in this context, include a mobile underground pool, which is raised when needed at the push of a button.

home garden areas

Swimming pool area, in a project designed by architect Beatrice Moutran

A typical home garden consists of: living area with pergola (optional) or sun shaded tent, dining area with large tables for lunch and dinner, pool area with showers, BBQ area, cooking area with modern outdoor kitchen and living area around the Fire area, refreshment area or fast food area and playground. It is worth noting that the vegetable garden space is essential in any garden, regardless of its size.
Of course, the mentioned areas are related to each other, and are also distinguished by the presence of focal points, so that the angles and other sections are distributed around them. Water and fire play this role (focal point), as most activities revolve around them. The garden areas are decorated with works of art and sculpture.

3 basics of modern garden design

1 Use of local materials in the design of the home garden.
2 Respect the surrounding environment.
3 Focusing on the principle of sustainability by choosing premium and durable materials in addition to the use of recycled materials.

Engineer Beatrice Moutran

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