The 11 are cooking on a low heat. The Al-Ahly Quartet terrifies competitors for the African League

In a match that could not be described as heroic, the Al-Ahly club managed to beat the Algerian ES Setif with four clear goals in the match that gathered them last night, Saturday, at the Al-Ahly Wei Salam stadium, in the match first of the semifinals of the African Champions League.

With this result, Al-Ahly went very close to the final of the African Championship for the third time in a row.

Al-Ahly dominated early in the match in an attempt to control the pace of the game and open gaps between the visiting team’s lines. , considered it an objective at first.

ES Setif took the first corner kick in the tenth minute and played the ball into the boundaries of the sixth zone, before Hamdi Fathi, the Al-Ahly player, removed it from the dangerous areas.

Hussein El-Shahat hit a direct ball into the goal of ES Setif in the 18th minute, but he left three goals and Percy Tau missed a goal opportunity for Al-Ahly in the 20th minute after being separated from ES Setif’s shot hit the left post of the goalkeeper, but he passed near the left post.

Ahmed Abdel Qader made a great shot, but it hit the crossbar and returned to the field, and a minute later, Hussein Al-Shahat fired a shot in the same way that hit the post and returned to the field, but the assistant referee showed that he calculated an offside in Al-Shahat.

Percy Tau scored Al-Ahly’s goal with a header after a perfect cross by Ali Maaloul in the 30th minute of the match, taking advantage of an error by the Algerian team defender.

The famous Tasmia for the red exclusion, Amir Karoui, the player of ES Setif, after returning to the mouse technique, due to the carelessness of Hussein El-Shahat’s foot in the 33rd minute of the match, in order for the Algerian team to finish the match. with 10 players.

Al-Shahat missed the opportunity to score the second goal in the 38th minute from a counterattack and hit the post directly to the left, but he passed near the left post and Al-Ahly received a penalty kick from outside the penalty area in the 42nd. -ën. minute as a result of Al-Shahat’s blocking, but Al-Ahly players did not cope well and the ball bounced back to Al-Shahat who hit the post but away from three woods.

Abdelkader shot straight into Setif’s goal in the 45th minute from inside the penalty area after avoiding the Algerian team defender, but he crossed over the crossbar and ES Setif missed the opportunity to equalize in the 46th minute among Darbaka defenses . of Al-Ahly after a direct free kick, and the first half ended with Al-Ahly advancing with a clear goal.

Al-Ahly continued to dominate the game at the beginning of the second half and threatened ES Setif’s goal on more than one occasion, but to no avail. Percy Tau shot towards the Algerian team’s goal, but he hit the defense and easily reached in the hand of the goalkeeper.

Taher Mohamed scored the reinforcing goal for Al-Ahly in the 54th minute, after passing Percy Tau and hitting his head on the Algerian goal. Tao threatened ES Setif’s goal in the 57th minute, but he hit the post and turned into a goal kick.

Taher Mohamed hit a hard shot against ES Setif in the 61st minute, but Sofiane Khadarya caught it as the assistant referee showed an infiltration into Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly made the first changes by landing Mohamed Sharif and Louis Michison in instead of Taher. Mohamed and Hussein Al-Shahat in the 68th minute activate the offensive part.

Mohamed Sharif scored Al-Ahly’s third goal in the 72nd minute from an attack organized by Al-Ahly from the left, which Sharif completed after receiving a magic pass from Percy Tau and placing it on the ES goalkeeper Setif, attended by Mohamed Magdy Afsha. in the 73rd minute instead of Hamdi Fathi.

Al-Ahly made a new change in the 80th minute when Walid Suleiman collapsed in place of Abdel Qader, and Afsha missed the opportunity to score the fourth goal in the 87th minute after receiving a magic pass from Walid Suleiman after he directed it over the crossbar. .

Percy Tao added Al-Ahly’s fourth goal in the 90th minute after Mohamed Hani’s magic pass from inside the penalty area and hit it with his left into Al-Khadayria’s net.

Al-Ahly’s first coach, Pitso Mosimane, announced the formation of the team that will play against ES Setif of Algeria in the first semi-final match of the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly’s formation consisted of: Muhammad Al-Shennawi in goalkeeper, Muhammad Hani – Yaser Ibrahim – Ayman Ashraf – Ali Maaloul in defense, Aliou Diang – Hamdi Fathi – Taher Muhammad Taher – Ahmed Abdel Qader – Hussein Al-Shahat in in the middle, Percy Tau on the attack.

Meanwhile, Serb Darko Novic, coach of ES Setif of Algeria, announced the formation of his team against Al-Ahly in the match that unites them at the Al-Ahly and Al-Salam stadium in the first match of the African semifinals. Champions League.

The formation of ES Setif against Al-Ahly was composed of: Sofiane Khadarya in goalkeeper, Mohamed Zeyti – Hisham Belkaroui – Houari Farhani in defense, Abdelkader Botish – Hussein Laraibi – Akram Djahnit – Amir Karaoui – Ahmed Kandoussi in the middle and Abdel-Moumen Gabo – Riyad Ben Ayad in attack.

On the bench, the reservist wrote: “Bohalfaya, Dabari, Brahimi, Namdil, Hashoud, Farhi, Boudbous, Dagmoum, Matrani”.

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