Rahma Al Muhairbi promotes UAE maritime heritage with a special touch

From the maritime heritage of the United Arab Emirates; Rahma Fadhel Khadem Al Muhairbi was inspired by her “Baha” project to produce beachwear that reflects the national identity of the country, after noticing the lack of this type of product and that all offered in the market are international products, with directed designs for different categories, with the ambition to expand the project and achieve new windows, and open its own factory.

Rahma told Emirates Today: “Through my project, I wanted to introduce products that reflect the culture of the Emirates and the close relationship of their people with the sea, especially since most of the Emirates overlook the coast, and the father is a sea urchin. , and he took us on a cruise when we were little to go fishing with him.As for the name (Sailor), he includes all those who have to do with the sea, be they amateurs, lovers of water sports, fishermen, or even those who want to walk by the sea “, emphasizing that the creation of the project began in 2017 and lasted two years, as she had to gain Knowledge of all the details of the product design phase and challenge the specifications of precise of each design, in addition to agreeing to a factory to produce them with the same quality as international brands, steps that were not easy, but that they could accomplish.

During the founding period, I was also inclined to survey the opinions of those who are interested in water sports to find out what they lack and what specifics they require for these products.

Rahma Al Muhairbi explained that the launch of the project was at the end of 2019 and the first mass event in which he participated was the exhibition “Fish and Dive Expo”, which was organized in January 2020 in Dubai, and over time, the Demand for “sailors” began to grow, and it was able to bypass the domestic market and reach the Gulf market in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain, and aided by the fact that maritime heritage is a common denominator in culture and history. of the countries of the region.


Rahma, who has studied applied communication at the Abu Dhabi High College of Technology, and is also a plastic artist and photographer, explained that she designs the pieces she produces herself and is inspired by designs from local marine life and situations that sailors can face and the sea creatures they love, like rare fish. Al-Shuwaihat Island, which has a distinct volcanic terrain, and Al-Qaboba, which means crab and group fish, are two of the best-selling models. among young people.

She added that her project is based on three elements: quality of materials, privacy of designs and marketing through social networking sites, taking care to provide distinctive content about the sea and marine life in the region and working to spread culture. of the UAE and its maritime heritage through social media sites.

She has indicated that she started designing beachwear for men, then turned to designing clothing for children, and has now launched designs for women and girls.


Regarding the marketing of her project, Rahma stated that she relies mainly on e-marketing, and participates in major events and exhibitions, such as the Maritime Heritage Festival held in the “A ‘Al Bahr” area in Abu Dhabi Corniche . organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi last March, when it exhibited its products.At the festival, along with old photos of her father while fishing, including a photo dating back to 1977 during a fishing trip, a another of her nine -year-old brother, a photo from the country celebrations of the Fourth National Day of the Union, and other old photos and designs that adorn their products, expressing their pride Al-Kabir with these photos as he was the beginning of her love for the sea.

Rahma Al Muhairbi indicated that the Covid-19 pandemic was a challenge for the project, as the deal was limited to electronic sales, and at the beginning of the pandemic there was a clear increase in sales, but it began to decline over time. until events returned again last September.


Rahma Al Muhairbi expressed her hope that the forthcoming period will witness the expansion of her “Baha” project to reach the Gulf and Arab markets, and to compete vigorously in them, and to be able to open the factory of its in-house production, and a store to display production instead of relying entirely on electronic marketing.

Rahma Al Muhairbi:

“I design our own parts and get inspired by local marine life.”

“The pandemic (Covid-19) was a challenge for the project, as the deal was limited to electronic sales.”

• 3 elements on which Rahma relies in her project: quality of materials, privacy of designs and marketing through social networking sites.

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