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The state of optimism, the constant smile and the glowing eyes are among the symptoms that accompany the first stages of love, in which each party tries to discover the other’s mystery and explore its depths. This period is considered as the cornerstone that determines the course of the relationship after that. There are a few things to keep in mind during that period, so that it passes peacefully and the relationship develops in a healthy way, according to the German site “Betsehungs Ratgeber”, which specializes in social relations:

sincerity, sinceritySincerity from the beginning is the most important foundation of the relationship and helps in its success afterwards, despite the possible difficulties. As for hiding some facts or even trying to “beautify” them, it can lead to the breakdown of the relationship, sooner or later.

Avoid trying to change the other: It is normal for a boyfriend or girlfriend to have some characteristics that do not fully suit you, but this is a natural matter to be accepted, as there is no person who meets all the specifications you want. For a man in particular, he leaves the relationship as soon as he feels that the woman is trying to change his qualities and set a line to walk on.

Preserving “free space”Engagement does not mean forgetting friends and neglecting various sports and hobbies. It is a bad habit for a woman to feel angry when she knows that her boyfriend wants to spend time with his friends, or when the husband refuses for the woman to go to the gym. Although the reasons for these things are usually due to the desire of each party to spend as much time as possible with the other, they are devastating to the emotional relationship. In terms of giving your life partner enough freedom to move a few things away from you, there is a huge advantage, which is to increase the condition of the merchandise.

I do not lie, but invent?: Trying to make a picture of yourself that is not reality, will put you in a frame from which you will find it difficult to get out later, so not to exaggerate your self-esteem is the best way to build a healthy relationship.

Slow down before you meet familyA woman’s request from a man to meet the family as soon as she meets him, issue that makes the man feel like he is under a certain pressure to speed up the marriage application. Despite the importance of getting to know the other party’s family, experts advise to wait before taking this step.

Do not plan for the next decade: One of the things that also raises the husband’s concerns at the beginning of the relationship is his discovery that the woman he has just started dating is planning the details of her future with him, the number of their children and their place of residence during These things stimulate man’s desire to escape to preserve his freedom, says German emotional relations expert Maximilian Finkler.

preserve the appearanceBoth parties’ attention to their elegance is an issue that both parties are interested in early in the relationship and often diminishes over time. It is okay to appear without makeup or in sportswear when meeting a potential life partner, but this should not turn into a negligence of appearance. The same goes for a man who should not neglect ironing clothes and taking care of his appearance just to make sure this woman has become his eternal partner.

Set boundaries from the beginning: Every relationship should draw some boundaries that the other party does not cross, so it is preferable for each party to draw these boundaries from the beginning and talk openly about it with the other party.

Learn to say “no”:It is important for each party to use the word “no” when the situation demands it, as this avoids many conflicts later.


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