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Choice and Decision … a noble series

It’s the first time in my life that I write about an Arab ruler outside of (Jordan / Arab Hashem) … Even the martyr Saddam, may God have mercy on him, wrote an article in which a martyr with the title (We will return to you in his shroud) at the time of his assassination and I have previously written about Iraq .. and I have always seen writing about rulers The Arabs are an issue that belongs to the people of every country because the people of al. -Bakka are more knowledgeable about its rocks.

This introduction, I wanted to start, is not an excuse for what took me out of my context, but rather to explain how much hope this person (Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi) gave me in which he removed me. a principle and a position in life because it is worth writing about the Arabs, not just the Egyptians … Egypt is the fan and the blessing of the nation, and when Spinning, the world around us spins

This happened in the times of the Ayyubids and Mamluks. I can hardly wait for a moment when this president can breathe from within. To be able to remove this nation from its fragmentation and division …

With patience and perseverance I watched a series in the month of devotion and worship, as always, and chose the series (Decision R / Choice), which aired on Egyptian Mehwar Station … and the series brought me. we return to those horrible moments, during which the earth was stretched out under the Arabs as a nation, race and entities.

And all the horror we had experienced at that moment from the fall of Egypt as an entity, God save us, in the sea of ​​civil war chaos .. Because every country goes as long as Egypt exists, it will return … !! But if Egypt goes, God save us, then the whole nation will become a fortune and hope in question .. and this is the role, importance and danger of the army that was (Dora seeks a hero, and he was the role and the hero)

I will write the story as it happened in that difficult time …

I met Sharm El-Sheikh for the first time in my life in mid-January 2011 AD, on an official mission within the official Bahraini delegation headed by His Highness, the Crown Prince of Bahrain, on behalf of King Hamad, to to attend an Arab-Islamic Economic Summit, chaired by the late Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak … The scene in front of the hall is surreal and suggests sadness for those who love Egypt … and I do not always hide my love for Egypt ..

The guard dogs were at the entrance (half asleep !! The Republican Guard officer crushed them, so they quickly got bored and bent down again.The drivers, escorts, guard officers and the wool sergeant Sazan were performing the task naked. ordinary enthusiasm in these conditions.

Inside the hall, the situation was even more bitter, as the president who led the most dangerous and important alliance in the lives of Arabs to kill Baghdad in the neck in the 1990s war, and of the three he divorced from the membership of his in Arab Cooperation. Council, and threw all the weight of Egypt into the Gulf Cooperation Council and its alliance (Wilvobbits Ahmed Chalabi and Dick Cheney Rumsfeld. .life.Not just that !!!

Indeed, (dyeing the president’s hair, hiding his gray hair) was frustrating and some spots were darkened by the dye, so his condition was not the case of a president ruling Egypt … and on the outskirts of the hall , eyes pass to a tired group (sheep) Bouteflika, al-Bashir, even Amr Musa was an old man. ….

And two delegations in which the young people were the patent mark, the Jordanian delegation … and the Bahraini delegation.

The Crown Prince of Bahrain was not yet forty years old and with him was his chief of staff, the noble Al-Khuleifi, distinguished in his wisdom, demeanor and sweet appearance (Sheikh Khalifa bin Duaij Al Khalifa, and the delegation included some members of the royal family, all young people and some ministers)

As for the Jordanian delegation, it was led by the most dynamic and youthful statesman and the movement of Prime Minister Samir Al-Rifai and with him was the Jordanian ambassador, the son of origin, the refined, of course, handsome Dr. Hani Al-Mulki and only a military escort and I did not find in me any reason to shake his hand the moment our eyes met,
We are waiting for the planes to arrive on the runway and after a few days Al-Rifai was out of the presidential office.Aman has completed the first phase in that crazy jump and has started to leave for the difficult four night season.

The Bahraini media delegation included Noureen Al-Thawadi and Maysa Al-Thawadi, the keynote speaker at TV Bahrain, and I (Wanna) as they entered the wing where Professor Osama Saraya, Al-Ahram Editor-in-Chief, honored us with a courtesy Visit … The conversation was all about the future and the caliph (Jamal Mubarak or the army) and the situation of the Muslim Brotherhood and the situation of Egypt Professor Saraya has shown his contempt for my observation of the president’s hair dye, guard dogs and dominated performance out of boredom.

I remember responding in the manner of the Egyptian brothers with gentle arrogance and I swear to God Your Excellency Chancellor your blood is very easy Bahrain has a lot of luck in you !!!! And he started with a dazzling display of how Egypt is a deep, well-established, strong state and ended (as long as the head of Egypt is good, we are good and the president is good, rest assured, Mr. Ahmed)
Between meeting Professor Saraya and those who came after him… Noreen asked me (What do you think of what Professor Osama said) !?

I ate …
Unfortunately, Noreen, my mind tells me it will be the last time we will see Professor Saraya as editor-in-chief. What we have heard is appropriate for a speech of praise before the president, but it is not appropriate for an analysis among neutral media professionals … We left Sharm El-Sheikh and two days later Egypt exploded in the president’s face, i who calmed down a lot that Tunisia, Libya, Jordan and Syria is not like Egypt and was unfortunately the first victim of the historic raid that Obama planned and carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood.
The incidents took place in the streets of the Arabs, the obituary was walking in a wedding house, according to Ahmed Shawky … On a February day, we were in a meeting with fate, after which Egypt entered the east that brought the late Mohamed Morsi. presidential headquarters.Khairat Al-Shater) After 500 years, come talk to us about your requirements !!!

And in an instant the hearts reached the throat and the reception was awful. A leader and a leader jumped on his fate and said, “Oh, save Egypt from rebellion.”

I had the opportunity to meet him remotely twice as he consolidated his rule and fixed Egypt on the map of the future again when he visited Bahrain for the first time and His Highness the Crown Prince laid a dinner for him. Who said that, and I found in him the leader of a nation who came up with a project aware of all its details, and the second time he came to Bahrain as an honorary guest at the Manama Dialogue and she was taken care of by (Ursula) , German. The Minister of Defense at the time and the head of the Continental Confederation, who was confused between her past and her dependence on Washington later. He was humble and of the size of Egypt.

Al-Sisi is the first Egyptian president after the royal era, the son of a city and his family is rich among the khan merchants.

Throughout his glorious reign, his tongue uttered no cursed words against his fiercest, warmest, master of his sublime language, and that is what made him the new president of Egypt in relation to Abdel Naseri, Sadat and Mubarak, but they have taken insults as a means of persuasion.

Also, President Sisi has entered into some machinations and traps, so his opponents and enemies of Egypt are fools and he is not avoiding war in Yemen, in fulfillment of the eternal memory of Egypt and overcoming the painful ordeal of the neighborhood. in Libya, but he avoided it wisely and in that dignity of a historical leader

President Sisi concluded the miracle of development by opening the door of reconciliation before Eid and whispering in Hamidin Sabahi’s ear and accepting him with radiance and brilliance.
… ..
The Choice and Decision series is a historic document and is not a promotion for a stage or a victory for a trend
And the Egyptian drama proved its effectiveness again
Every year, Egypt is closer to joy
And to the Arab role faster
And pray to God Almighty
to protect the protected
And to save her son, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi

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