Monochromatic trend in summer collections 2022 Monochromatic

The rich color palette was the highlight of the 2022 summer show, especially as they varied in scale between bright and strong, and between softness and refreshment. The lion’s part in fashion this season has had the monochrome look, or what is known as monochrome painting, which has not been absent in any of the international roles.

Light and clear
note without stains

Monochrome trend in Spring-Summer 2022 collections

Pure white color and cream tones appeared prominently in the 2022 summer fashion collections, adding to them vitality and brilliance. The color white is considered one of the most popular colors that adorns the ladies wardrobe this season, as it mimics hot weather and gives freshness to the look.
Choose white with a monochrome look and shine with a refreshing option this summer. You can coordinate with accessories of the same color, or increase the pleasure of your look by choosing some colorful accessories in prominent shades such as orange, yellow or red …
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The main rules
White dress rules

Monochrome trend in Spring-Summer 2022 collections

White may seem like a simple and easy option, but there are still some rules and guidelines you need to follow to get a successful monochrome white look.
1- Avoid choosing a white dress when you go to a wedding, as the only look that should mean white in this case is that of the bride.
2- For your day trips and casual looks, choose a white dress with a modern and simple design and leave for your evenings and evenings luxurious dresses or made of rich fabrics like satin, velvet and guipure.
3- Avoid black accessories with your monochrome look unless you are looking for a clear contrast in your look. Alternatively you can choose accessories in nude shades to keep the look calm or give it a little freshness by choosing colored accessories in soft pastel shades.

Bold colors
Bold colors

Monochrome trend in Spring-Summer 2022 collections

It is the strong nuances that draw attention to your appearance. You will find warmer shades like red, orange and yellow, or cooler shades like blue and green. International houses introduced the strong color palette in a variety of costume and dress designs, which you can wear on different occasions.
If you choose a monochrome look with one of these colors, coordinate with neutral color accessories to keep the look balanced and to protect it from noise. You can choose a similar look during the day or take care of lunch or dinner with girlfriends. But if you are looking for an evening look, we advise you to choose a strong monochrome dress, but with a fabric that suits such occasions as shiny velvet, tops or satin.

In work
Strong colors in the workplace

Monochrome trend in Spring-Summer 2022 collections

Strong colors may seem redundant to the look of the job, but there are some steps you can take to shake these shades all the time.
1- Choose a practical and simple fabric like cotton or linen and avoid luxurious fabrics that make the look look exaggerated.
2- Avoid bold designs and adopt simple formats like pants, shirt, suit or even skirt, but with a discreet design.
3- Decorate your strong and bold colors with accessories in neutral tones like black or white, or with nude accessories to look balanced.

Soft pastel
soft pastel palette

Monochrome trend in Spring-Summer 2022 collections

The soft pastel color palette has dominated the catwalks for the past few seasons and now they are confirming their presence in this summer’s collections. We saw pink, yellow, blue, green and other colors that enchanted him with their soft tone. Whether you are a fan of this color palette or prefer the classic options, pastel colors will not be missing in your closet this season, especially since the designs presented by international houses will put you in front of a rich guide in different formats.
We saw pastel degrees in formal and casual costume designs to suit different occasions and some international houses presented them with elegant and luxurious designs for evening dresses.

How to
How to coordinate pastel colors in your look

Monochrome trend in Spring-Summer 2022 collections

1- Choose a monochrome look in one of the soft pastel shades and coordinate with it the accessories of the same color to enjoy a soft and refreshing look at the same time.
2- Choose two different colors from the pastel palette in one look to give vitality to your look. For example, you can combine a light blue bottom with a pink top or shirt.
3- Coordinate with the pastel look, accessories in nude shades to highlight your wardrobe and remain the basis of your look.
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