“Jami Market” in Abu Dhabi .. When the aesthetics of spirituality and the pleasure of shopping meet.

The UAE has many distinct tourist heritage markets, but the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque’s “Jami Market” has a number of distinctive features, particularly its distinctive location in the heart of Abu Dhabi, in addition to its attractive exterior design as is topped with two glass domes that glow with light.At the same time, they simulate 80 domes that adorn the mosque.

Since its inauguration two years ago by His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, the market has witnessed a continuous expansion through the opening of more shops and retail stores that meet the wishes and needs of visitors. of all kinds, knowing that it is located on the south side of Jameh Center Sheikh Zayed the Great in Abu Dhabi.

The “market”, which covers an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters, welcomes its visitors every day throughout the week and gives them the opportunity to buy many special pieces of heritage inspired by authentic local and Arab Islamic heritage..


The mosque market also includes about 50 shops and retail stores that include a distinguished group of the most famous cafes and restaurants in the region and the world, in addition to an entertainment area for children, giving parents the opportunity to leave their children them to enjoy in a safe place before leaving to pray in the mosque in peace and quiet.

“Vision” visited the market area, which attracts believers, state visitors and tourists all year round from various destinations around the world, as well as explored the most prominent destinations and distinguished services within, including the coin and souvenir design service. with 4. various slogans reflecting the beauty and splendor of the design of the Great Sheikh Zayed Mosque, while the value of a gold commemorative coin is 10 dirhams..


Ittihad Modern Art Gallery is the main destination in the market for the purchase of souvenirs, heritage pieces and rare models with attractive and unique designs and offers its visitors more than 100 different goods, including clothes, hats, traditional costumes. for women and children. antiques, petting gold and silver and many other antiques The art of home decoration, which comes in the form of horses, camels and elephants, to reflect the features of the ancient Arab civilization.

Other distinctive collections in the gallery include “Sabi” with different and attractive colors and designs, bright chandeliers and decorated with unique shapes, in addition to cups, “cups” and plates containing prominent Emirati monuments, such as Emirates Towers and the Etihad Towers, and reflecting the peculiarities of the Emirates desert environment..

The Etihad Modern Art Gallery also includes a number of outstanding literary publications in several languages, most notably the publications of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, God bless him. , in addition to local, Arabic and international literary works by prominent writers, including the book “Who Dare to Dream” by journalist Raed Barkawi.

Camel milk products

Among the distinctive goods available in the store are the cleansing and sterilization products extracted from camel milk, which come in various and attractive colors and designs, while the body cleansers contain musk and Himalayan salt together..

The most prominent cafes waiting for visitors at the present time have been monitored, including, for example, the Tim Hortons Café, whose design was inspired by the Emirates heritage and offers its visitors special folk sessions, as well as the famous café Starbucks, Costa, Cinnabon. and Coffee Club..

As for restaurants, they offer the most delicious international cuisine, including Asian, Arabic, European and American cuisine, including Papa John’s, which offers a special selection of pizzas, Barnes and McDonald’s, which offers its customers a variety of fast food options, and “Maroosh”, which offers its visitors the opportunity to eat the most delicious oriental dishes, in addition to each of “Pinkberry”, “Haagen-Dazs” and others..

Visitors can not wander the Jami market without taking a quick tour of the prestigious “Earth” store, which offers basic family needs at competitive prices in other popular Abu Dhabi commercial markets, and shares an area to eat and soft drinks like “Karak”. , which is available for one dirham per cup..

Spaces of light

For lovers of art and photography, they can enjoy viewing a group of winning paintings in the “Spaces of Light” competition, which is periodically launched from the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to attract photographers from all over the country and the world to get the most out of it. beautiful photos of Islamic building with a creative design out of the ordinary and its richness in visual elements.

Paintings exhibited in various market places highlight the aesthetics of Islamic architecture and its arts, while the award provides support for the cultural movement in which the UAE in general and the capital Abu Dhabi in particular are rich, while the award is considered as an international cultural event that attracts the attention and attendance of a wide segment of the public at home and abroad..

Visitors’ journeys do not end there, but they can visit a unique set of shops to buy clothes and necessities for children, mothers and the whole family, including “Mother Care”, “Kani Home” and “Momuso”, which was famous. around the world in a standard period of time.

Arabic perfumes and tobacco

Souk Al-Jami is a destination that attracts lovers of authentic Arabic and charming French perfumes, as tourists, fans and all members of society can visit each of the famous perfume shops, including “Ajmal” and “Anfasak Dokhoon”. except for the Shop “Bath and Body Works” which offers commercial offers. Constantly on its aromatic products.

Among the heritage products that visitors can buy at Al-Jami ‘market, saffron, which gives food, food and sweets a special taste and aroma. Different types of saffron can be found at competitive prices in the “Saffron Valley” store located in heart. of Jameh Market.

The market also includes Boots Pharmacy, Ibn Sina Pharmacy and Doctor Nutrition Center, which all work to meet the needs of visitors and prompt medical and specialist consultations and those specialized in maintaining fitness and health..

Mosque Walk

On the other hand, visitors to the mosque market, residents and tourists, have the opportunity to wander through the aisle of the Great Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which gives them an extraordinary experience in one of the most important religious and cultural buildings..

The walkway, which stretches for more than 3 kilometers, is a unique destination to practice sports while enjoying the stunning aesthetic landscape mixed with the splendor of the distinctive architectural and civilized scene and the vast green spaces..

One of the advantages that the market enjoys is that parking lots surround it on all sides and help visitors to reach it easily..

From the outside, the mosque market has a range of stalls offering a variety of hot drinks, fast food and snacks..

The mosque market gives visitors the opportunity to meet family and friends in a calm atmosphere of trust, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it also offers them numerous opportunities that meet their needs and impress them..

Free cultural tours

Visitors to the mosque market can make free interactive educational cultural tours organized by the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center, making it one of the most popular cultural activities for all age groups..

During the visit to the mosque, visitors have the opportunity to learn about its civilized message that calls for coexistence and tolerance..

The duration of the tour varies from 30 to 45 minutes, and is usually organized throughout the week and includes a tour at 11:00, 4 tours in the period from noon to before the time of the afternoon call to prayer and then 5 tours in the evening, while cultural tours are limited on Friday mornings and evening tours.

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