In exchange for attractive sums, American companies are looking for fighters and guards for Ukraine News from politics

Washington- The death of a former U.S. Marine while fighting alongside Ukrainian forces has shed light on the dubious role of a growing number of private security companies, usually with contracts with the Department of Defense and State or intelligence services, that advertise employment opportunities in Ukraine for those with previous combat experience.

Willie Joseph Kansel, 22, was killed while fighting in Ukraine, according to what his mother, Rebecca Cabrera, told CNN, explaining that a private security company sent her son to Poland on March 12 and he spent some days there. entering Ukraine.

Al Jazeera Net has seen ads and requests from private American companies asking ex-combatants and those with combat experience to apply for attractive job opportunities in Ukraine in exchange for large salaries ranging from one thousand to two thousand dollars a day. .

The US State Department is discouraging citizens from traveling to Ukraine after calling on all Americans there to leave the country before the start of the Russian attack on February 24.

The ministry declined to comment on the killing of the former Marine, saying: “We reiterate that American citizens should not travel to Ukraine because of the armed conflict there and the targeting of Americans in Ukraine by the Russians.”

Ukrainian forces on the border of the city of Donbas (Anatolia)

Tempting amount

Silent Professionals job post has announced job opportunities for military and private security professionals to work in Ukraine. US companies are taking advantage of growing demand to offer their services amid ongoing fighting in Ukraine, offering security and military jobs.

The specialized platform presents opportunities for ex-combatants to its clients within Ukraine, without indicating who they are or whether they are Ukrainian military government agencies or private entities.

The amount of the daily salary depends on the practical experience of the applicants and the notice states that the financial compensation for each case will be discussed and calculated separately, provided that it is from one thousand to two thousand dollars per day.

The company stated that its contractors would perform defense duties and evacuate individuals and families, and encouraged men and women who have these experiences to submit their applications quickly.

The company announcement states that only highly experienced candidates who have at least 5 years of military experience will be considered, provided that the candidates are examined and their professional and educational background.

Military engineers carry unexploded ordnance left over from Russian occupation near Motyzhyn village
Ukrainian forces use volunteers in their ranks (Reuters)

Duties and duties

Job advertisements detail many of the tasks required by applicants, the most important of which are:

  • Conduct pre-mission surveys based on local intelligence and personal judgment.
  • Connect and use friendly forces, local authorities or Ukrainian resistance fighters to gain intelligence on the battlefield, roads, safe havens and aid points.
  • To carry out trips and movements within Ukraine by any means necessary to support rescue and defense operations.
  • Work on weekdays, weekends, late hours and during holidays.

Skills and experience

The security company also requires contractors to have a minimum of skills and experience, including:

  • Applicant must have 5 years of military experience including at least one year of service in combat units outside the United States.
  • The applicant must have a good working knowledge of how to use light weapons used by Russian forces and the armies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
  • The applicant must have critical thinking skills with the ability to work in challenging conditions, with great skills to support life. Ability to navigate using maps and compass.
  • The applicant must have the necessary physical ability.

The notice did not refer to the request of holders of specific nationalities, but expressed a preference for holders of American, British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand or Polish passports, or those who have dual citizenship with one of the European Union countries. who are members of the Schengen system.

Ukrainian soldiers photographed in their tanks as they move along the road, in the midst of the Russian occupation of Ukraine, in Bucha, in the Kiev region
Ukrainian forces on one of the battle fronts (Reuters)

Terms and welcome

The jobs did not require any language skills, but said they welcome people who can speak Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian or Moldovan.

The Declaration also welcomed those with experience and knowledge of the identification capabilities of vehicles, aircraft and naval vessels from Soviet and NATO-era military armaments. In addition to those with previous experience as a military driver, especially driving through hostile territories as an individual or part of a very small convoy.

It is worth noting that there are hundreds of security companies in the United States, most of which contract with government agencies, and their role has been significant since the September 11, 2001, attacks.

At the height of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US Department of State and Defense sought the help of tens of thousands of private contractors, whose tasks ranged from armed duty to protect convoys and guarding bases and prisons, in addition to non-military duties. such as feeding soldiers and cleaning and maintenance work inside military bases.

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