Follow safety requirements to avoid the risks of accidents and home fires

The General Directorate of Civil Protection seeks to play its role in protecting life and property, while efforts are being intensified to face the risks to which citizens and residents may be exposed, especially when they are in their homes, where fires are involved in electrical and air equipment. suction fans, pool hazards and car fires. Requires parents to adhere to guidelines to prevent the risks of accidents and home fires. The administration calls on all citizens and residents to work with the famous saying “better to prevent than to cure”, taking on the responsibility of protecting their homes by providing fire alarms and equipment.

Safety in the kitchen

The kitchen is the most vulnerable place from the first spark of fire, as most kitchen fires occur as a result of negligence, so the wife or chef should consider safety requirements when cooking and using gas, including:

• The cylinder should be placed outside the house in well-ventilated places and away from flammable materials.

• Use of pipes and fittings with specifications conforming to quality and checking them to ensure that there are no leaks.

• Make sure there is a gas regulator and a safety valve inside the kitchen.

• Do not wear loose-fitting clothes while cooking.

• Maintaining the order and cleanliness of the kitchen, especially the floors and around the stove.

• Taking care of educating (house servants) about safety issues in the kitchen and instructing them on how to deal with some accidents to which they may be exposed in the kitchen in particular.

In the event of a fire in the oil in the fryer, the following steps should be taken:

• Do not move the pan and turn off the gas source.

• Use a cooking handle for extra protection.

• Close the fire using a fire blanket, if any, or a damp cloth.

• Avoid spilling water on the fire.

In case of gas leakage, you must take measures to avoid igniting fires, namely:

• Close the gas valve from the main source.

• Evacuate all persons to a safe place immediately.

• Ventilate the area by opening windows and doors.

• Do not open or close power switches and suction fans.

• Avoid using a cell phone within the site.

• Determine the source of the leak and adjust it by a competent person and avoid using matches to look for the location of the leak.

Overload of electrical equipment:

One of the dangers that can occur when charging electrical appliances regardless of the voltage specified in the user manual is a short circuit in the appliance, which often leads to fire, especially during the summer when the temperature rises and is a catalyst for the occurrence of fire.

Safety requirements for air intake fans:

It can be said that one of the most serious negative effects of leaving the exhaust fan running for a long time is the appearance of fire, so we advise that the exhaust fan not work for a long time, especially in summer, as there are General tips about the exhaust fan, which are:

Perform periodic maintenance on the air intake fan, taking care to clean it periodically with a cloth and a substance that helps clean dust and grease deposits, especially for kitchen fans, where there is a lot of accumulation of grease and fumes that come from the cooking process, and these fats and fumes with prolonged use and negligence of maintenance and constant cleaning of the fan wings from Things that help the occurrence of fire.

Avoiding washing the fan with oil or highly flammable chemicals is also considered, and the General Directorate of Civil Protection organizes awareness-raising lectures for housewives to educate them on this aspect in coordination with governments, associations and clubs.

Risks of charging electrical equipment throughout the day:

One of the things to keep in mind when charging any electrical appliance is to adhere to the user guide when purchasing any new electrical appliance, be it the paper manual or the appliance manufacturer’s website, during which available all information and instructions regarding safety and conformity with device specifications. Violation of these instructions leads to a malfunction of the device and here lies the risk and damage resulting from negligence of the implementation of these instructions, thus leading to the occurrence of fire accidents.

Smoke detector and its importance

To avoid fires:

The smoke detector is an important way to protect lives and property as it responds to dangerous smoke and sends an early warning, so the General Directorate of Civil Protection recommends its installation inside villas, houses and apartments.

The importance of receiving smoke detectors appears due to their positive role in detecting the outbreak of fire at an early stage of its occurrence, sending warning sounds for the emergence of danger and limiting human and material losses, God Almighty , Powerfull. markets, shops or companies that sell safety devices, and these devices give a signal when the battery is nearing the end to replace it with a new one and that it is working in the event of a power outage.

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