Anxiety of separation of spouses .. 7 signs that indicate this disorder

homelandHow do we know if we are suffering from separation anxiety disorder as an adult? What are the signs that the pain of separation from the partner is a disorder?

Spending time away from your partner can be challenging. In fact, it is normal to feel lonely and anxious because of the separation over the days. But when your feelings and actions are overwhelmed by anxiety, nervousness and emotional negativity, you suffer from separation anxiety. How do we know if we are experiencing separation anxiety disorder?

What is the anxiety of marital separation?

Separation anxiety is a condition that affects children’s mental health and stems mainly from the fear of abandonment.

In previous editions of the Mental Disorders Diagnostic and Statistical Manual to Diagnose Separation Anxiety Disorder, there was an assumption that symptoms begin before the age of 18, according to the Spanish site Mundo Psychologos.

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Currently, various investigations support the idea that adults may experience separation anxiety. In fact, it is included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5). In this way, the anxiety of spouse separation can stem from the fact that through this connection we recall family experiences in our childhood.

Because of these feelings of connection and fear of losing so much of this person, we can feel separation anxiety to the point that we turn into a disorder. People suffering from this type of anxiety may end up suffering from a range of symptoms that affect their mental health and social relationships.

Symptoms of separation anxiety

Separation anxiety disorder can be recognized by one key sign: the feeling of strong and intolerable shock and suffering, especially in the thought of separation from the partner. In addition, people who experience separation anxiety as adults may experience the following symptoms:

Ongoing concern: Separation anxiety can make you feel recurring anxiety about your partner’s death, injury or separation.

unpleasant: Faced with this disorder, people often have an irrational fear of not being with their partner.

tightness: People with separation anxiety disorder often experience worries or anxieties when their partner leaves home.

need to check: Another sign of this particular disorder is the constant control over their partners, which means that they feel the need to know where they are and when they will return.

Difficulty sleeping without them Separation anxiety also means feeling anxious about not being able to sleep with your boyfriend. In fact, it can also cause insomnia.

lack of focus Difficulty concentrating at work, school or university can also be due to the anxiety of separation between spouses.

Fear of partner separation: People with this disorder may also experience a separation anxiety or anxiety about low levels of love between spouses, which includes the fear of feeling that their partners may abandon them.

In addition to experiencing these symptoms, people with separation anxiety disorder may have other physical signs, such as upset stomach or headache. If you think you have many of these symptoms, you are likely to suffer from this disorder.

How does anxiety affect separation?

Although these feelings may seem “normal” at first, doing them consistently can affect our mental and physical health:

Impact on mental health: Living with this constant state of fear makes us more interactive with others. As well as making decisions for fear of losing a loved one. Since they involve anxiety, these types of situations can affect our mental health.

Impact on relationships: Trust is important in any relationship. In the face of feelings of separation anxiety, a lack of trust can occur, such as an attitude of possessiveness, control, and jealousy.

How do you deal with separation anxiety?

In the face of this disorder, it is necessary to work on improving the negative feelings and emotions that may arise due to it. To deal with separation anxiety in your relationship, we recommend the following tips:

Recognize the signs: The first step is to recognize the signs of separation anxiety in a couple. To get to know them, you can talk to family, friends or even your partner.

Accept your feelings Instead of trying to deny or eliminate the negative feelings that can arise from a separation, we recommend that you try to accept them without judging them or trying to eliminate them directly.

Learn from other healthy relationships: Observing other couples in healthier relationships can help you identify what could go wrong with your behavior with your partner.

Work on your self-assessment: People who usually suffer from separation anxiety in their relationships may suffer from it due to lack of self-esteem. Based on this, we recommend that you try to work to increase your personal value and also take advantage of your free time without your partner in a way that is beneficial to you.

Have a good daily routine: Following a routine or setting personal goals without a partner can help you cope with separation anxiety.

Go to therapy: If you feel that the symptoms of separation anxiety disorder are affecting you more than you should, it is important to see a psychiatrist for treatment.

The site concluded by saying that separation anxiety can cause the couple to face many problems with each other and in foreign relations.

In fact, sharing this type of behavior and attitudes that depend on your partner from your life and your social relationships will make you feel good and your relationships with others will become more enjoyable.

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