200 cultural, artistic and entertainment events adorn May agenda in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Cultural, artistic and entertainment venues across the country will host more than 200 cultural, artistic and entertainment events this May, including the Abu Dhabi Cultural Summit and International Book Fair, as well as a food festival, an international design exhibition , decoration and furniture, historical heritage competitions, in addition to modern and international musical and artistic events, and performances For fireworks, drones, indoor photographic trips and charitable sports activities.

Among the most important cultural events that will be held during the next month in Manarat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi, specifically from 16 to 18 May, is the Cultural Summit 2022, which will be held by the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi . cultivating cultural ecosystems and embracing culture as a living experience.

The summit welcomes policymakers, scholars, artists and cultural professionals to consider urgent contemporary issues, including the impacts of digital media, artificial intelligence and creative ecosystems. Discussions also shed light on people, societies, future, culture and identity..

From May 23 to 29, Abu Dhabi will witness the holding of the Abu Dhabi Book Fair and its accompanying activities, as the exhibition attracts more than 150,000 visitors each year and brings together writers, intellectuals and philanthropists. of literature and technology..

From May 7 to 20, Abu Dhabi will witness the holding of the historic Dalma Race Festival for 60-foot sailing boats, which contributes to the promotion of tourism for permanent folk festivals for traditional sports in the country, while it is the only one race that

It departs from the island of Dalma and touches 8 islands, including Sir Bani Yas, Ghasha, Umm al-Kurkam, Fatayer, Al-Bazem, Alfi, Marwa and Janana, before ending up in the city of Mirfa..

The event aims to support the productive families of the Emirates and revive the traditional maritime traditions. It also offers the public and visitors the opportunity to experience and appreciate the event, as well as to promote economic development by highlighting Dalmatia and the Emirati islands surrounding the Al Dhafra region. highlighting its historical value and natural beauty..

The event is accompanied by exciting traditional and aquatic activities, including a casting competition, domino races for men and women, wheelchair tours, cycling, jogging, fireworks, theatrical events and other folklore performances, as well as a heritage market that includes traditional stalls gathered Between the Emirates maritime heritage and popular food, in addition to the children’s village and the theater, there will be daily races at valuable prizes..

As for the Cultural Complex in Abu Dhabi, it will organize a series of cultural and artistic events for free and not free with prices ranging from 30 to 630 dirhams, while these entertaining, educational and cultural events are aimed at children, young people, families as and individuals..

Cultural and artistic events include a series of workshops in the field of sewing, sculpture, three-dimensional fashion design, three-dimensional drawing, silk drawing, fabric and glass, mosaic art, as well as a seminar on the basics of ceramics and other related terrazzo ”or what is known as“ kashi ”is one of the oldest types of tiles used in Italy..

The list of workshops includes workshops for drawing and face painting, watercolor and oil painting, making “laser” artwork, learning Arabic calligraphy skills and crafts for children, and a workshop for learning the basics of decoration. and Islamic decoupage and mosque painting. ..

As for the complex performing arts program, it will include a dance performance titled “Crying” prepared and performed by choreographers Kon Agustinen and Rosalba Torres Guerrero, in addition to a hip-hop dance workshop with Kader Atto, Acrorap..

Meanwhile, 3 art galleries in the complex continue to receive visitors during May, including the photography and film exhibition “Farah Al Qasimi: Public Actions” and the plastic art exhibition “Mohammed Al-Ostad: Another Perspective”, and one free . The exhibition of the complex will host virtual tours with guides Cultural exhibitions, including the exhibition of Moroccan plastic artist Mohamed Shebaa.

On the other hand, the Emirate of Dubai will host about 100 events that include comedy, theatrical and cinematographic performances, festivals of modern art and music as electronic, in addition to various sporting and entertainment events, most notably the Dubai Comedy Festival, which will start from May 12 to 22, where he will be part of a large group of the most famous stars of international humor, such as “Russell Peters” and “Joe Quig”. “

Artistic concerts include the concert of Ragheb Alama and Saad Lamjarred, as well as Nassif Zaitoun and Rahma Riyad, and the concert of Pakistani star Atif Aslam, in addition to the concert of artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah, and a theatrical performance will be organized to narrate the life of Umm Kulthum “And another movie for the movie” Bab Al Hadid “.“.

Among the art exhibitions that the Emirate of Dubai will witness next May is the “Colors Garden” exhibition by artist Hamra Abbas, which will be held by the “Laurie Shabibi Gallery” on Alserkal Avenue, and the exhibition will include works of art decorated with marble. with concepts that translate her ongoing study of garden colors, architecture, and design..

Meanwhile, sports and health activities include the Wings for Life World Run charity race, which will take place along the Palm Deira coast in Dubai, while participation fees will be reimbursed entirely to support research projects on diseases affecting the marrow. while for photography enthusiasts a special trip will take place. In the desert of Qudre on May 10.

Art and entertainment events in Dubai will host a number of international musicians and performers, including players from the “Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra” led by the famous Russian maestro “Dmitriy Yablonsky”, who will present a group of the most famous pieces of the room. music..

From May 2 to 15, Dubai will witness the launch of “Dubai Restaurant Week”, which highlights the most prominent restaurants that create special menus at reasonable prices, during the “Dubai Food Festival” , which celebrates the arts and cuisines of the kitchen. world..

Ticket prices for concerts of music, music and comedy in Dubai range between AED 80 and AED 4000 per person, while the most prominent free shows and entertainment events include the Time Out Market celebrations, which will include face painting and balloon games for kids. , as well as live music performances with local musicians.Talented and talented artists like R&B and pop star and artist Danny Aridi.

The World Trade Center in Dubai will host the 31st edition of the Middle East leading design exhibition, Index, which offers visitors the opportunity to purchase furniture, accessories, decor and limited edition pieces..

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