12 workshops for the “communication station” in “Sharjah Children’s Reading”

The “Social Media Station” at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival opens the door for children, teens and young adults to learn about the latest contemporary technologies and the arts of coping with social media platforms and to take advantage of technological options in education , marketing, entertainment and fun, as held throughout the days of the festival.From 11-22 May, 12 technical and technical workshops will be held at Expo Center Sharjah.

The workshops come as part of an integrated program that includes more than 1900 activities and events organized by the festival under the slogan “Be your being”. Chen, programming and finally robotics.

The workshop “To use the means of communication” aims at children aged 10-15 who are active on the platforms “YouTube” and “Instagram” and teaches them how to follow with full responsibility the accounts on social networks and the cases in which accounts certain should be avoided, except how the account is valued.

The workshop aims to create a “trend” using the “Tik Tok” and “Rails” platforms to encourage young people to question the value of the “trends” of social media platforms and to develop their concept in evaluating “trends” in “Tik”. Tok Platforms and Instagram.

The “One Click Away” workshop aims to facilitate access to social media platforms and proves that a single click can open the doors of new worlds.

In the seminar to get rid of harassers and hackers, participants in this seminar learn how to maintain the security of their accounts on social media platforms and maintain their privacy.

The Internet of Things workshop introduces participants to the world of the Internet of Things and its importance in the field of design. The workshop includes a short dialogue followed by a hands-on session on how to come up with designs, prototypes and tools. for those.

make a car

The “Robot Labyrinth Challenge” workshop involves creating a racing car or a robot from the materials you provide to participants.

The “Social Media and Story Video” workshop highlights how video clips can be filmed and used to tell a story, and gives participants the opportunity to perform specific group scenes to capture video clips and monitor their editing process, using specialized software, and its publication on social media platforms.

Participants in the seminar “Animated Codes for Social Media”, which is presented by a group of experts, will be able to develop their programming skills to create an animated icon based on the logo of their favorite social media platform .

artistic symbols

The “Non-fungible Token Artist” workshop provides a guide that includes the steps of creating a digital portfolio, designing digital artwork, trading in virtual markets, cutting out immutable signs, and the most prominent types of non-interchangeable symbol art. for example. photos, animation, video and presentation Examples of work by children artists using these symbols to stimulate and inspire participants’ imaginations, as well as a mini-drawing session to demonstrate the process of drawing a work of art using the Procreate graphics app of the editor.

The “Crypto Kids” workshop and non-interchangeable tokens expand on the topic of non-interchangeable arguments, providing information about digital markets that children can safely use and how to use them. The workshop presents examples of children and young people from around the world who have succeeded in investing these symbols in charity. Participants will be encouraged to think about a humanitarian cause they want to support with the money they can earn through virtual assets, in addition to a demonstrating how to create digital artwork using Canva and PowerPoint, or taking pictures in festival halls and halls and then designing An art collage is one of them, so those wishing to participate in this workshop should bring a laptop or tablet.

programming course

The “Artificial Intelligence and Programming” workshop is an intensive course in computer programming languages, as it delves into the history of coding and programming and its various uses, which include mobile phone applications and the Internet. The workshop also sheds light on artificial intelligence and its impact on everyday life and its role in the cloud computing. The workshop concludes with a program A tutorial to introduce participants to the steps to master programming to become a professional programmer.

creative content industry

Participants in the “Creative Content Industry” session will listen to its creator, Muhamed Khalifa, who will discuss the reasons that pushed him to make the decision to start in this field, as well as the challenges he faced during this journey. . an open dialogue that provides the audience with a space to ask their questions and share their ideas about creative strategies and ensuring the safety of social media, in addition to the most important facts and misconceptions associated with it.

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