Moroccan drama season and endless pain …?

Mustafa Qotbi – Africa News Portal

April 22, 2022

The follower of the drama series on Moroccan satellite channels finds himself in an astronomy outside of time and place … The stories of our drama series have been waiting for us year after year … without ever waiting for us to become history. .. However, as if nothing has changed …! The dramatic production in each season of Ramadan predicts that there are no financial or technical problems, but unfortunately devotes effort to serials that carry in their content aspects, characters and ideas separated from reality, ethics, education, environment and authentic historical and intellectual heritage. Moroccan. and is focused on the negative impact that can be left on the formation and construction of subsequent characters for that drama, both adults and children.. The drama is Reflecting on the ideas presented earlier, some of our writers are still immersed in their thoughts, despite the plurality of personalities they present, but we often see them as presenting a monologue that speaks to itself, away from fate or misfortune. that was told. or told about …!

The Ramadan drama scene for the current season has sparked much criticism, either on the basis of a critical opinion or the spontaneity that was released by the audience itself – and this is certainly the truth – to fill social media pages with a wave of unprecedented dissatisfaction. and the mockery of the state of domestic drama, what appeared in this season of dramatic works, the least that can be described is its complete detachment from Moroccan reality, even the move towards virtuous options that do not depend on content and quality its artistic, but rather destroys the issue from the ground up, so all the dependence on shape, joy of colors, fashion, accessories, luxury furniture, luxury cars … and one or two works, the details of which can not to be placed critically, given that the events in them revealed only partially … I ask many others: Do the topics that concern the Moroccan in the details of his life and in their wide contours in these soap operas, which occupy all the hours of broadcasting of Moroccan channels, have room for dialogue?

I just think these theses have been the same for decades in dealing with topics, especially social ones, and the other talks about the emotional relationships that people connect with each other, as if the development of the era and what happened to it. do not enter the lives of these people who move on the screen within a life that is one of them. The weaving of the imagination … as if the reality of these people is not like the reality of other human beings in their life relations in all societies The world. I’m surprised that our themes on our Moroccan screens do not develop in line with the development of the era and its developments … I’m surprised that we find fixed concepts that do not change or change over time, while values ​​Definitely and persistently … I wonder how we are interested in the image at the expense of the idea, that appearance has precedence over substance …

I am surprised this season, which is the guest of the season of asceticism and devotion, to take the ascetic worshiper out of the world of contemplation and soul and return him to the world of matter instead of leaving him in peace and the rope of obedience is i connected between earth and heaven. As the press announces the ignition of social networks talking about these serials, the man thinks that these are the issues that concern every Moroccan and looks at his endless crises, starting from the problem of high prices and not ending with the problems that appear. , or that they are the conscious addition of what deserves to be in the light of the media. It’s not all that, but what requires surprise and denunciation are the huge budgets that monitor Ramadan TV shows every season. The media market in Moroccan screens … Entering it counts as profit before loss … A market that opens its doors every year to attract attention from every direction and to steal time, even at the expense of persuasion … Temptation, and I want to say the temptation to see and follow, is great and catches the old in front of the young. And the fun is abundant in its variety and charm. So we all sit together with our kids in front of these screens, to come out after all this with a result that is no more than what we would get if we made a few visits to family or friends.

In the face of the “junkies” of our Moroccan soap operas appearing throughout the holy month, we have a communicative spirit that lives through the internet that changes the mood of the viewer, eagerly awaiting a renewed thought as a quick thought. the river … No longer accepts that naivety transmitted by the small Moroccan screen … and say honest: It is between building a Moroccan drama and raising its status and employing the opinion of another to link our values, and to obscure our problems and thus liberate the Moroccan citizen from many differences, the first and most important of which is that in Morocco we are not the creators of our drama on which our silence rests … Maybe the time has come for Moroccan drama supervisors to reconsider the drama as a whole. They are still catching some of the gaze patterns because of habit, not only … but as we live under the influence of a mood swing. .. There is no doubt that their star will gradually retire … Whether the drama plays the melody of change, or abandons it … Its dances continue, a quiet battle between the media that hardly escapes our hands …, and between art and literature as a whole and not just drama, only time will tell where the true direction of the human compass will be.!

Be safe, that The viewer, receiver and spokesperson of a large segment of Moroccans are interested in elevating Moroccan drama to a level worthy of it. He who developed with the development of drama is now able to distinguish good material from bad, and to criticize it, and is able to evaluate it as if he were a good journalist or critic, and he is faced with a message for writers and playwrights. in Morocco that, that Art is a state of sophistication and grandeur, so be at the level of this sophistication and have mercy on the condition of the people and their sufferings and advance through this noble art the dialogues for the future and tomorrow of Morocco.

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