KITCH expands by launching its operations in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

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Kitch, represented by Walid Al-Haj, a well-known businessman in the restaurant sector and founder of Cavia, announced: In partnership with Fahad Al Hokair, Saudi businessman and founder of Vida Holding Group, which supports emerging projects in the technology, real estate, retail, logistics and currently restaurant sectors, it formally launched operations in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Kitsch is the first company in the region to present an integrated business model that combines the concept of cloud kitchen and restaurant operation, and today it is making a strong entry into the restaurant sector based on a $ 15 million private equity.

The company has taken its name from the two main areas of activity in English, cuisine and technology, with an extensive portfolio of virtual restaurants enhanced by traditional technologies and equipment. Thus, Kitsch provides brands with the latest channels needed to enter new markets, in addition to enabling them to diversify and expand their services and interact with customers with minimal investment.

Aiming to support the restaurant sector, which is a cornerstone of the cultural identity of cities and a major driver of the economy, Kitch offers an outstanding portfolio of culinary products and services and a range of new and well-known brands. in the region, in addition to international franchises. In addition, the company team will test new restaurant concepts, menu ingredients and seasonal labels in an effort to deliver a unique customer experience.

With its integrated business model combining food and technology, the startup focuses on key markets such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with plans to open four distribution kitchens in Riyadh during the first quarter of 2021, in addition to 15 kitchens at GCC during the year. Delivery kitchens range in size from 450 to 500 square feet and will be fully equipped to accommodate around 10 restaurants.

Kitsch will enable restaurant owners to enter and succeed in this new field with the support of its expertise and world-class infrastructure, and will also seek to consolidate its position as the best company in world to operate franchises. The integrated KITCH model aims to take advantage of the operational efficiencies offered by the cloud kitchen business model, in addition to providing key locations to create and expand franchise headquarters.

integrated model

Walid Al-Haj, co-founder and CEO of KITCH, said: “We are pleased to launch (KITCH) as the first company in the region to implement an integrated business model that combines the concept of cloud cuisine and the operation of restaurants in light of capabilities promising offers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE for this innovative concept and we look forward to contributing to this sector, which is estimated to be around $ 3 billion.

“Based on my experience of more than two decades in the restaurant sector, I believe that today it is necessary to develop and transform services and products to keep pace with the demands of the future.”

He added: “Our operating model and carefully selected brand portfolio add a new dimension to the restaurant experience and allow customers to enjoy the best food in the comfort of their own homes, in addition to providing a platform for homeowners. restaurants to explore markets and expand. their customer base outside of their physical locations. We will certainly make sure to offer ready-made and scalable markets for all the brands that join our portfolio. ”

investment opportunities

For his part, Fahad Al Hokair, co-founder of KITCH, said: “I am pleased to work with Walid Al Hajj to move forward together in this new era of innovation and transformation in the restaurant sector, which is witnessing an ongoing set of developments and changes, especially during this year.

This step comes as part of our ongoing search for new investment opportunities and we are confident that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will offer a bright future and promising growth potential for the cloud kitchen model that characterizes KITCH.

Moreover, we look forward to introducing innovative concepts that keep pace with changes in consumer choices and the growing demographic diversity in the region, which today affects the entire restaurant sector.

Whether for young investors who want to open their own restaurants in the field of restaurants, or for well-known brands that want to expand their presence in the restaurant sector, (KITCH) offers a flexible and integrated business model that helps everyone to achieve their aspirations. ”

Kitsch includes a professional team in the restaurant sector, brand strategists and technology experts, led by Director of Operations Youssef Al-Barqawi, and they will all be eager to help interested restaurant owners step by step until brands to successfully enter the market.

The multi-channel cloud kitchen framework offers an unparalleled advantage to investors, allowing them to test markets before setting up restaurants and committing to projects.

“Kitch” is the fruit of the efforts of Walid Al-Haj and Fahad Al-Hokair to promote innovation in the field of restaurants and to advance the concept of cloud cuisine to new heights through a more flexible approach to the clouds.

The company aims to achieve operational excellence and set new standards in the sector by offering an integrated new generation model, focusing primarily on quality rather than quantity.


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