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Knowing the quality of wood used in the manufacture of the door and its characteristics is one of the necessary things in the process of choosing the right door for your home or office, so we will help you in our article today by identifying the types of wooden doors and how to choose the most suitable according to your need.

types of wooden doors

There are many types and models of wooden doors used in the home

There are many types of wooden doors used in the home, but are all wooden doors the same? Certainly not, as the quality of wooden doors varies according to the type of wood used in their production and the place of use, but we find that they are similar to their famous features, among which we mention their ability to insulate heat and sound. ease of formation and decoration, light weight and durability In the following paragraphs we will learn about the most famous types of wooden doors and how to choose the right type.

1- Classic wooden doors of the room

Wooden doors designed in a classic style are one of the most popular types of doors

The doors of the classic wooden rooms are made of natural wood, which varies between beech wood, oak wood and arched wooden doors, as they are luxurious and usually heavy in weight and expensive, so we find them used often in villas and mansions, because of their being. top in the list of the latest models of wooden exterior doors 2021. And wooden interior doors 2021, and one of its most famous designs are Moroccan wooden doors, which add a touch of luxury to the interior decoration and exterior of the house.

Wooden accordion doors

Accordion doors are used in rooms with limited space

There are many designs and shapes of wooden accordion doors, as they consist of equal longitudinal pieces, each 10 to 15 cm wide, tied together within a frame and move smoothly when the door is opened and closed. These pieces are placed on top of each other. when the door opens, making the room look bigger. These doors are included in the list of wooden interior doors 2021.

3- Wooden filling doors

This type of modern wooden door is most commonly used in private residential villas. These doors are distinguished by their natural Swedish wooden frames and inside the frame the space is filled with German Phoenix panels continuously, which gives it the required durability. This type is characterized by its reasonable cost, and is considered one of the best types of wooden doors for interior rooms that are installed in homes and offices.

4- Wooden doors with handkerchiefs

Handkerchief printed wood doors are produced in the same way as previous wood filler doors, but are not carved like the doors of classic heavy wood chambers, due to the fragility of the exterior veneer, but can be painted with different. , and these pressed wooden doors can also be used in the interiors of homes and offices, Characterized by reasonable cost.

5- Wooden sliding doors

If you want to divide a large room in your home into two parts, we advise you to choose the sliding door.

Wooden sliding doors are simple and flexible at the same time, as they can be used for more than one purpose in the house, for example, they can be used to divide a large room into two rooms as needed, or you can be used for rooms with a small space, and the idea of ​​wooden sliding doors can be used in the wardrobe.

6- Teak wood doors

Teak doors are unique in their yellow-gold core, which turns dark brown over time and exposure to air, so it can reach the color scales of burnt brown wood doors. The most convenient option when installing wooden exterior doors for villas, due to the great ability to withstand weather fluctuations.

7- Modern wooden fan doors

This type of door is called a fan door

Modern wooden fan doors are usually made of natural wood or beech wood, and are considered one of the modern models of wooden interior doors and are used to separate the living room and kitchen.

How to choose the right wooden door:

When you finish the house and reach the stage of assembling the doors should be chosen with great care and attention because the main door is the front of the house and reflects the beauty of the interior. Below will offer some Important tips that will help you choose the most suitable wooden door for your home.

It is recommended to choose wooden doors made of natural solid wood, such as beech and oak, if the installation of exterior doors for villas or mansions is intended, due to their ability to withstand weather fluctuations and their ability to control carvings.

If you are planning to choose wooden doors for the interior, it is preferable to choose wood doors with padding or wooden doors with handkerchiefs, due to the light weight and availability in many neutral colors, such as white and gray wooden doors.

It is preferable to choose modern wooden fan doors to separate the kitchen and living room, but this type should be avoided if children are at home.

If the goal is to divide a large room into two rooms, to design a children’s playroom or to choose doors for small rooms, it is preferable to choose wooden sliding doors, because of their ease of use and because they do not occupy a large space. the amount of space.

Wooden accordion doors can be used in hallways to separate the interior of the room and the living room.

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