Dubai Women Raid Investigation Team … Experience and professionalism in security tasks

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The security work of the Dubai Police is not limited to qualified men, but the female component has contributed to proving its value in all security disciplines, including the Women’s Ambush and Raid Division at the General Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigations into the Dubai Police, which was established in 2016 with the aim of using the female component in communications and cases, which includes a female or child component to achieve the highest levels of privacy, in addition to greatly benefiting from the ability of women to negotiate, and the group has achieved great success over the years by intervening in many different shifting issues, especially given the fact that it has taken basic, advanced and specialized courses in control, charged and dealt with all nationalities, thus gaining experience and professionalism in dealing with various security tasks.


Brigadier General Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, Director of the General Department of Investigation and Criminal Investigation at the Dubai Police, told Al Bayan: The Dubai Police consider the female component an integral part of its work. She has become a revered role model in security work, not only in the country but also in the region and the world.

Brigadier General Al Jallaf stressed that the Dubai Police is inclined to support the female component in criminal work by recruiting and training them in various specializations and tasks. dangerous situations and other preventive measures applied to protect them.


For his part, Brigadier General Muhammad Aqeel Ahli, Deputy Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation for Investigation and Investigation Issues in the Dubai Police, said that the role of the female component in the investigation is no less important than the human role of security. , especially after the woman managed to penetrate the field of raids and criminal investigations, and worked as an officer.Alternately, in addition to office work, which is no less important than fieldwork for recording evidence, analyzing cases and resolving. their riddles.

Brigadier General Ahli indicated that the raid team within the General Investigation Department’s salary is based on movement and interference in communications and in cases where there is a female component, whether the accused or her relatives or relatives of the accused, as well. as well as in the case of children, where the raid team performs all tasks after obtaining all permits Security needed to achieve the highest levels of privacy in a society that includes more than 200 nationalities, having achieved success and distinction in all matters. for which it has been worked.

Brigadier General Ahli indicated that upon completion of all necessary training courses, they are assigned to the job, which includes field and administrative work, as well as crime safety analysis, data analysis and conclusions drawn.


On the other hand, Lieutenant Abbas bin Harz, Chief of the Raid Team in the General Department of Criminal Investigation at the Dubai Police, said that in 2016, the female component was assigned to work in the reception and raid department; With the aim of achieving privacy in society by offering female members to face the accused or their families or the accused and their families by the female element, or children, as well as a mask and protective clothing against bullets, stab wounds or unpleasant and toxic odors. were provided to save their lives, as well as underwent basic, progressive and specialized training courses, which take place throughout the year, in addition to passing fitness tests and difficult tasks and dealing professionally with all dangerous cases. .

Lieutenant Abbas bin Harz pointed out that there are many challenges faced by elements of the raid, including the presence of police dogs, predatory animals, closing doors and others, where elements from the City of Dubai are used to control and anesthetize these animals, or rescue team to open doors and others.


Sergeant Naima Hamid Al-Riyami, from the Ambush and Raid Division, noted that she joined the General Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation at the Dubai Police in 2012 and became one of the elements of the raid team shortly after its creation, upon its completion. required courses and passing all tests.

Sergeant Naima indicated that her mission is to relocate to homes, apartments, warehouses, boats or any place where a crime is reported with the possibility or confirmation of the presence of a female component, where all necessary permits have been issued and dealing with each case begins separately, noting that in the context of the situations she faced when the mother of one of the accused, an elderly woman in her seventies, beat us with sticks so that her son would not be arrested. She calmed down and treated professionally after understanding her position as a mother.


Sergeant Hikmat Essam also pointed out that she joined the Dubai Police in 2012, while on the raid team in 2016, where she took basic, progressive and specialized courses, which included the basics of raid and many other topics that contribute to success of work, noting that the training has completed Road to control the group of more than one person and negotiate with them. She pointed out that among the cases handled by one of the defendants of African nationality, she has been strong in structure and has tried to resist and is controlled, as well as some of the defendants have claimed to have fainted or become ill for t ‘avoided the case.

Sergeant Fatima Essam stated that she joined the raid team in 2016 after completing the necessary courses, where she managed, over the years, to overcome the various difficulties she faced, including the art of communicating with several women, the ability to self-examine women. , and the expectation that they may have a weapon, or lighter or any sharp tool that can be used, tied up and transferred to the police station or the General Directorate of Investigation to complete the investigation, noting when faced with representation cases and alleged for inability to breathe, an ambulance is called to save his life and if it is found to be healthy, the procedures are completed.

Sergeant Fatima indicated that in addition to the fieldwork, and after each raid, we write a detailed raid report and send it to the team leader.


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