“Bigger than a drop” … Why do women get angry when Elisa sings with Saad for excuse?

Lebanese singer Elissa shocked her fans when she released a duet with Saad Lamjarred, the Moroccan artist accused of several crimes of sexual assault on women.

In the promotional poster of the duo, Elissa appears smiling with her eyes closed, showing her sense of calm and happiness, while she is in the “arms” of Lamjarred. It may be a normal scene in any poster for a romantic song, but it was “From the First Minute” – which ironically is the name of the song – a double shock to Elissa’s audience, from which he spoke in the language of defending women’s rights and opposing violence in all its forms.

Over the past two days, voices of criticism and expressions of anger from Elisa have been raised through several hashtags, including # Elissa_supports rapistsAmong the charges are “normalization of sexual violence against women”, “promotion of a second chance for bullies and rapists” and “stabbing survivors and questioning their testimony and pain”.

The Moroccan artist has a long record of accusations and testimonies against him related to sexual assaults on women in America, France and Morocco since 2010, when his name was linked to allegations of rape and physical assault on a girl in the United States. After a French woman accused him of raping her inside the Marriott Hotel in Paris in 2016, a French woman of Moroccan origin accused him of assaulting and beating her in the city of Casablanca in 2015.

Elissa did not pay attention to the criticism and did not comment until the publication of these lines. Note that she has been active in sharing news and positive comments about the song through her social media accounts over the past 24 hours. And a few hours ago, CELEBRATE Elisa’s song has passed five million views.

foretold Commenting on the danger that “you see the victim of her rapist famous, no matter what he did to her” and that “men watch the rape being forgiven”, andadd “As long as someone like her supports bullies and rapists, unfortunately sexual harassment will continue.” There have been many calls for a boycott of the song.

ANDconsidered Lebanese feminist and human rights activist Hayat Mirshad said the participation of the “Queen of Sensation” by the artist accused of several rape incidents is a “knife to survivors of violence and sexual assault”.

“A knife for the survivors” … #Elissa “fails” women “from the first minute”, and a warning about the danger that “she sees the victim of her famous rapist no matter what she did” and that ” men see how rape is forgiven ”

Many accused her of praising women’s rights to gain the support of women she did not deserve. Tweet Egyptian journalist Wafaa Khairy: “Why is an artist like Elissa doing a duet with a rapist! Hey! What is she missing to collaborate on something so offensive? It’s true that I came out of my perspective today. Do not stick to that principle, yes! “

The source of resentment against Elise and attack on her is not because she is female. Unfortunately, not all women are advocates of women’s rights in the true sense of the feminist movement, but there are a group of them who oppose these rights. . Along with the announcement of the duet between Elissa and Lamjarred, Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama performed the Eid al-Fitr concert in Dubai with Lamjarred. The former described the latter as “young man It’s all alive, vibrant and full of art. ” the fondling At the same time, he described it as a “delicious treat”.

Alama was not attacked as a result, which is understandable, as he has never declared himself a defender of women’s rights and is not expected to understand the impact of normalization with the rapist / bully on women. But Elisa did and still does. In her profile on her verified account at TweetElissa describes herself as a “defender of women’s rights”. The profile has not changed in hours.

From the same point of view, one can almost assure that if another artist sang not known for defending women’s issues, or rather accused of patriarchy or abuse of women, like Najwa Karam and Sherine Abdel Wahab or others, attacking them. would not be on the same scale.

Also, it can not be claimed that Elissa was “forced” to sing with Lamjarred in accordance with contractual or similar circumstances. Numerous photos and pictures that displayed Passion and complete harmony with the atmosphere of the romantic song during the recording and behind the scenes of the duet work, and the great celebration of the “success” of the song through its official accounts, and sharing comments only about it and the song, all. these things refute this hypothesis. On the contrary, she confirms that Elissa is satisfied with this experience and is indifferent to the accusations of normalization with the abuse of women.

After urging women in her songs to “break the silence” and reject and report partner violence, and claiming she is a “women’s rights defender,” Elissa sings with Saad Lamjarred, who is accused of several incidents of sexual assault, and completely ignores. critics.

I wrote Lebanese journalist Diana Makled: “Elissa has repeated in more than one song and in more than one statement that she encourages women to break the cycle of violence, face the abuser and not be silent. Today, Elissa sings with Saad Lamjarred, i “He is connected. in some lawsuits in France on rape charges. We are not talking about a slip or an opinion.”

In 2009, Elissa urged women not to admit to domestic violence in the clip for the song “Min Unsuitable”. He repeated the experience in 2012, in the song “Tired of You”, which talks about a man’s jealousy for his partner’s success, so he uses physical violence to compensate for the failure and to satisfy his manhood and the relationship ends .

In 2014, in the song “I myself”, she also expressed the rejection of male control and the feeling of insecurity of women in romantic relationships. On the same album, “Halet Hob”, she filmed a clip for the song “Ya Mrayati” on the effects of domestic violence on women. The song ended with a clear message: “Break the silence … Silence does not cure pain. Do not hesitate to call the ‘Enough’ line”.

I would like Elisa to reconsider herself, take this step, and take full responsibility for herself as a woman who claims to defend women’s rights.

After these situations, I think it is logical for women, who have become part of Elissa’s audience, to feel disappointed, because they saw in her the true expression of their problems and sufferings, and to express their anger at her behavior that is completely. contrary to what he had previously claimed, especially since these women stood by Elissa and vehemently defended her in recent years on several occasions, especially when she was attacked by the Saudi public because of old Twitter posts that were considered offensive to the Kingdom, and times when she was teased because of her appearance, age, and lack of marriage.

Elissa is currently in ecstasy from the “extraordinary success” of the duet with Lamjarred and is apparently committed to receiving blessings from her colleagues, colleagues and audience in light of the news for the escalating perspectives of the song. Perhaps, between her and the wailing criticism and comments her collaboration with an artist against whom allegations of sexual assault on women have been repeated.

I would like Elisa to reconsider herself, take this step, and take full responsibility for herself as a woman who claims to defend women’s rights. The question remains: Can this behavior be overcome at the time, or is it a “decline that will never be erased from its history?”

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