32% increase in business travel expenses in the Middle East in 2022

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A report released by the World Travel and Tourism Council published in November 2021 expected that the rate of spending on business travel in the Middle East will increase by 32% this year 2022, following an expected increase of 49% during 2021 .

On this occasion, Danielle Curtis, Director of the Arab Travel Market Exhibition in the Middle East, which will be held at the World Trade Center in Dubai from 9-12 May 2022, commented: “These positive data will give a additional incentive to once again welcome business and tourism professionals across the region. The Middle East region, where economies around the world have begun to ease travel restrictions despite the turmoil caused by the outbreak of the Omicron mutant.

“Throughout 2021, full-year business spending growth is already expected to exceed leisure travel spending by 13%, 10% and 1% respectively in the Middle East, Europe and Africa,” Curtis added.

And Curtis added, “Aviation experts who spoke at last year’s edition of the Arabian Travel Market expected business travel to lag behind leisure travel, but this 32% increase comes on top of the expected increase of 49 % during 2021, although 2020 was a year full of challenges and difficulties caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the business travel sector is already clearly recovering to reach pre-pandemic levels.

The report ranked the Middle East region first in terms of business travel spending in 2021, with a 49% increase, followed by Europe and Africa (36%), Asia Pacific (32%) and America (14%). %). According to the report, the Asia-Pacific region will lead the world in 2022 with an increase in spending of 41%, followed by America with 35%, the Middle East with 32%, Europe with 28% and Africa with 23%. .

In this context, Curtis commented: “Business travel will be one of the most prominent topics to be discussed on the global Arab Travel Market scene this year, as the World Trade Organization, the leading global organization in the field of travel. and business meetings, will discuss the latest content and research on business travel, during the two main sessions entitled: “The Future of Business Travel” and “Building a Sustainable Business Travel Program”.

The WTTC report, “Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Business Travel Perspective”, was prepared in collaboration with McKinsey & Company and is based on in-depth research, analysis and interviews with travel and tourism business executives to enable tourism and travel companies prepare for corporate travel in the post-pandemic phase.

Now in its 29th year, the live version of the exhibition will be held in collaboration with the World Trade Center in Dubai and the Dubai Tourism and Trade Marketing Department from Monday 9 May to Thursday 12 May 2022 on of Dubai World Trade. Center, and a virtual version of the event will be held again Similar to the 2021 edition of the exhibition next week of its participation version on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th May 2022.

Highlights of the 2022 edition will include Destination Summits that will highlight the major resource markets of Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and India, and the Arival Dubai Forum, where the world’s leading travel, tourism and hospitality professionals gather to explore the next generation of trends and innovations. for tourist activities within a single destination.

ATM 2022 will also host dedicated summits on the global stage, highlighting the aviation, hospitality, sports and retail sectors, and a special symposium on hospitality investments, and the World Association of Business Travel, the leading travel organizations business and meetings meetings, will Once again participate .. In the world in the Arabian Travel Market, where the Global Business Travel Association will present the latest content of business travel, research and education to foster recovery and for support growth in business travel.

Arabian Travel Market 2022 will once again be an essential part of the Arab Travel Week, which will take place over 10 days from 9 to 19 May 2022, in which there will be exhibitions, conferences, breakfast sessions, awards, product presentations and network events held.

The UAE remains one of the safest countries in the world, despite the recent outbreak of the Omicron mutant in connection with the recording of consistently low case rates and strict measures to ensure tourism safety and travel procedures at every stage of arrival in departure, and the Emirates. of Dubai, like its neighboring Emirates, is committed to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety, with the World Travel and Tourism Council commended for successful pandemic management and for providing the city with the stamp of safe travel based in strict city procedures and public health and safety protocols.


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