They asked Nelly why she was divorced from her four husbands and she found out what her husbands were looking for every morning without shame!

Like a butterfly flying in the sky of the hearts of her lovers, no one can compare to her lightness and her cheerful appearance full of liveliness and activity, captivating the hearts of everyone who sees her.

She is the artist Nelly, who fell in love with the camera and highlighted it in her most beautiful images.

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“Nelly” is of Armenian descent, born on January 3, 1949 and began her artistic career at a young age, and her extraordinary talent heralded the arrival of a big star grabbing the spotlight, and she introduced many outstanding works that confirmed them. expectations.

For her emotional life, she in her statements said that there were only married men with whom she had true feelings of love, but her fate in love was very bad; Because she met men full of selfish thoughts, to every man she loved she asked him to give up acting and dedicate himself to her, but she refused and abandoned them.

teenage love

The first love of “Nelly”, a fourteen-year-old girl in Al-Mamoura in Alexandria, with a young boy with blue eyes, while riding a bicycle and he began to flirt with her. The first love story of an innocent teenager was born who felt with him the first meaning of pure, pure and gentle love.

her first marriage

When “Nelly” matured, she married director Hossam El Din Mostafa, but the divorce happened; Because of the age difference, and his extreme jealousy.

“Nelly”‘s relationship with the late director Hossam El Din Mostafa began when he directed many of her films at the beginning of her artistic career and stayed very close to her; She was fascinated by him and after he directed five films about her; He has confessed his love and she has fallen in love with him, despite the age difference between them.

Mustafa was able to snatch Nelly’s heart, so the bouquet of roses he brought her every day – as an expression of his strong love for her – played a big role in her deception.

He loved her in Cairo and asked for her hand in Beirut on Hamra Street in the center of the Lebanese capital. In an interview with artist Nelly in Al-Shabaka magazine in 1971, she said: “Hossam El-Din” asked for his hand in a nightclub there and gave him an engagement ring worth 1500 1,500.

The magazine revealed that Nelly’s father was against this marriage; Due to the age difference between them, but the collaboration that brought together the two stars in “Devil’s Gang”, “Word of Honor”, “Devils of the Sea”, “Kings of Evil” and “Forest of Feet”, made that to be recognized. prevail in the atmosphere, and the charming girl agreed to marry a brilliant director.

Separation and grief

“Things go differently according to our will”; After the marriage, Nelly discovered that Hossam El-Din is a man who likes to control his wife and stay in his service, and she was sure that life after marriage was completely different from what was before her.

“Nelly” refused control and restraint, and a lover of stars and self-affirmation, and eventually realized that she was a woman who has duties to her husband, who in turn insists that he always be “As El- Sayed “and asked for it. to leave art and devote himself only to it.Leave art.

Neli did not accept or take Mustafa’s order seriously. This issue was strongly rejected by Neli and at that moment it was proved that life between them became impossible, so separation was the only solution and the marriage did not last long. .. and the first marriage failed.

Despite the bitterness of failure, she always admits that the separation experience made her think about diversifying and developing her roles and that it was time to step away from the young teenage girl roles.

From the point of separation, the young adolescent embarked on a special kind of work of art depicting the life of mature youth, as she embodied the lead roles in the films “Youth Adventure”, “Youth in a Storm”, “Memories of Miss Manal “. and others.

her second marriage

As for the second marriage, she came after she came out of the crisis of separation from her first husband, where she fell in love with the composer “Modi Al-Imam”, but it did not take long and the experience failed as her first marriage, so she decided not to marry from the artistic community.

her third marriage

But for the sake of marrying the Egyptian businessman “Khaled Barakat”, “Nelly” withdrew from art, and traveled with her to London, and only two years later the divorce took place between them to return again to her art.

At the time, Nelly said that when she traveled with “Barakat” she wanted to start a family and have children, but her dream did not come true.

her fourth marriage

Nelly secretly married businessman and travel expert Adel Hosni for the fourth time, but they broke up for the same reason her previous marriages failed, which is his desire to leave art and retire. .

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