The split of Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry is causing a stir in Egypt

The split of Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry is causing a stir in Egypt

After two years of marriage

Friday – Shawwal 5 1443 Hijri – 06 May 2022 AD Case no. [

Ahmed Abu Hashima and Jasmine Sabry

Cairo: Abdel Fattah Farag

After a marriage that lasted only about two years, they were dominated by “happy romantic photos” posted on social networks, Egyptian media confirmed the news of the separation of Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima from artist Yasmine Sabry, in an atmosphere described as ” quiet”. “.
The news, which was not officially announced by Abu Hashima or Sabriu, aroused the interest of the media and social networks, which were filled with various comments about the event.
Abu Hashima celebrated his marriage to Yasmine in April 2020, in a family atmosphere, in the presence of members of both families, at the beginning of the “Corona” epidemic.
Abu Hashima issued a statement at the time, in which he said: “In appreciation of the love of the people and those who care for us, we are pleased to announce our marriage contract in a family atmosphere with full commitment on the part of ours for all health. measures and instructions. ”
Over the past two years, “Abu Hashima” and “Yasmine” have appeared together on several occasions, the most recent of which was this year ‘s joint celebration, and Yasmine has posted photos of them through her account on the site. ” Instagram “.
In April last year, they celebrated their wedding anniversary and Yasmine Sabry posted photos of them on her Twitter account and commented: “Happy first year, my love.”
The pair were exposed to successive waves of rumors of their split over the past two years, and these rumors started in early 2020 and a quick response to these rumors, but Sabriu last confirmed the news of the split, saying in press releases. “Everything is a division and a division, and thank God the division. “It was done in silence and I respect Abu Hashima.” The duo deleted their photos from their social media accounts.
Yasmine Sabry has already started her artistic career as a model in commercials, before participating in the program “Devil’s Steps” with Moez Masoud and introduced the role of “Rasha”, the heroine of the program and in 2015 participated in the series ” Chess “, then the series” Al Ostoura “with Muhamed Ramadani, she played in the series” My Story “and” Second Chance “, before missing the art scene recently, which led followers to conclude the decision to share her from Abu Hashima to the period of abstinence from acting during the past months.
Abu Hashima posted a comment on his official Instagram account after the news of the split was published, saying: “I never lose, or win or learn,” a statement from Nelson Mandela.
Sabri is expected to return to the art scene in the coming period, through the film “Saqr Al-Mahrousa” opposite star Ahmed Ezz, alongside the series “Al-Shader”. The series consists of 15 episodes. , in which Yasmine Sabry introduces for the first time the role of a popular girl.
Some love stories and separations between artists and celebrities in Egypt often start with gossip and of course officially end. Similar to the story of the connection between artist Yasmine Abdel Aziz and artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, and Amr Youssef’s association with Syrian artist Kinda Alloush in 2016.
And in October 2018, artist Ahmed Flux, on his Facebook page, announced his relationship with artist Hana Shiha, as they categorically denied the existence of any emotional relationship between them, but their marriage did not last long, as we did. announced that they divorced in July 2019.
Abu Hashima first married Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe in 2009 and their marriage and separation after several years of marriage has captured public opinion in Egypt and the Arab world.
Art critic Muhammad Refaat, author of “Love Sweets më The Most Beautiful Celebrity Love Stories”, attributes the postponement of the official announcement of the connection or separation between celebrities to the fact that they have not concluded some agreements related to marriage. , most of whom are family members, noting that “most of them have sons from their previous marriages and want to check their children before the marriage ends and ascertain their feelings towards each other, in addition to waiting for their families. approval of the marriage or not, or other decisions regarding the continuation of the association. He explained, in statements to Asharq Al-Awsat, that “the widespread spread of news of emotional relationships between artists or celebrities on news sites and (social media) contributes to the acceleration of the decision to marry, which has a negative impact on marital life. which often ends in divorce. ”Refaat believes that“ artists are ordinary citizens who have the right to choose their life partners with the greatest ease, but fame imposes on them care and silence, or exile if necessary “.
“Marriage is written on the divorce letter to the artistic community in Egypt”, a statement believed by the author of the book “Love Stories”, which confirms by saying: “Cases of long marriages of artists or celebrities are very rare , and they are the exception, not the rule, and the reasons for the separation are different. ”
The story of the split of Abu Hashima and Sabri occupied the Egyptian public opinion in the last few hours and their news topped the list of most read on most local sites in Egypt and communication sites were in trend.
Egyptians ‘interest in news of artists’ marriages and divorces has been a regular occurrence since the 1940s, according to Refaat, who believes that social networking sites, satellite channels and the short duration of marriage are among the differences. prominent. between the time of the old and modern generation of artists.




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