Redemption Newspaper Hama – The participation of people with special needs in building society

We recognize the importance of caring for people with special needs and the need to provide specific and limited needs that help them complete their lives and integrate them into society, as we have lost a great deal of their emotions and their special need to form a family, and their right to love and have a close partner at all times, who pursues their life with them as their companion, especially if we know that people with special needs make up a large segment of any society, they can not be ignored at all, so we organized this article keeping the names clear at the request of the majority and out of respect for their feelings.

For their rights and society is ruthless

(FA) overcame her own circumstances and achieved what the girls of her generation could not achieve. She graduated in geography and had her own job. She began her speech: Love and marriage are a universal right of every human being because it is a necessity like food, drink and warmth, so satisfying passion is a necessity. With a person, the disabled person does not differ from the ordinary person except by the level of disability, but our eastern society looks to a narrow extent and is generally supported. and common conditions, such as the beauty of form, height, and color, and not seeing what is within man, is a special liberty, and all should respect it, and the feeling of each party for the other depends on honesty and comfort. Of course, these are relationships that bear fruit and live long, when it comes to the marriage of people with disabilities, we face two things: that one party is negative and this results in the rejection of family and society. and faces many rejections, and if the work is done, this marriage can not be spared from long tongues, with the possibility of the failure of a very beautiful relationship due to frivolous interference, and the other issue is the marriage of persons with disabilities. to each other, and I personally do not like it, because the formation of the family requires the help of one party to the other, with my knowledge of areas Many of the two forms It has been successful, but this is my opinion in general, success is generally with overcoming problems related to disability and such cases are supposed to occur, especially successful ones, to set an example for others.

Love and success are twins

(KG) works in the field of people with disabilities and he is one of them. He said: The existence of a gap between people with disabilities and society is clear and this is a result of the lack of confidence in the ability of people with disabilities to create and care for a family, so there is no courage on the part of families to understand and accept the question, and the initial answer is (your view is better), whether it is for a man or a woman, and the question is, which side is better, from a formal point of view or from an emotional point of view, if it is from a point of view emotional, then we want like others, maybe better and more sincere, and if it is from the formal point of view then fate is imposed on us and do not forget that every human being is exposed to being disabled, through a car accident e.g. so it is love that defines, maintains and protects the relationship, in addition to the presence of healthy people, but life with them is unbearable. People with special needs in society from the beginning of their lives and, to be educated together (with others) in kindergarten, elementary school and all stages of life, in this way we eliminate the gap that exists in the first place. And I tell you: We want better than others.

of our lives and theirs

(A. Q) Abu Mahmud, who has special needs, is a very hardworking person, has created a good family and raised kind children, he started his speech with determination and seriousness when he said to me:

Invalid is the one who can not do his job, we are able to do everything and everything, and no obstacle can stop us, and I have had several attempts to get married and with the consent of the other party, but strong rejection came. from the parents until I got to meet my current wife, who was very happy, and her family blessed our wish, we started a simple life, but understanding, determination and love helped us achieve the best and I tried my best time. lives to take responsibility to the maximum and it seems to me that I succeeded, happiness lies in forming a successful family and thank God things are fine now and I got married my eldest daughter is happy so I am happy and when I asked her if she would to accept your daughter’s marriage to a person with a disability, he did not hesitate to accept, if there was nothing dangerous about the marriage other than disability and wanted to provide a job for the disabled, because that solves part of the problem . basis for success, and of course my right to marry.


Siham Dawoud, a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology, says: “Recently we have noticed an interest in people with special needs, through a variety of charities, and sometimes involving them in public parties for various occasions, but the other thing is that the interest for them it is through schedules and a (continuous) process, which means each according to his psychological and physical needs and the transition to the next stage based on the individual’s final responses between them n until we reach a real beginning of life. , on the other hand, a place must be found for them in all social strata, showing the importance and the way of dealing with them and the real integration that leads to excellent results, and here the role of the media is indispensable.


Your freedom ends when the freedom of others begins, and perhaps our fundamental problem is that we allow ourselves to be rudely interfered with in the lives of those around us and our reprehensible attempt to sniff our thoughts, with our constant sense of correctness. of our own opinion and the mistake of others.Sometimes the unjust calls for values ​​and does not act according to them.The individual justifies with himself what hinders him from others and how beautiful it is to help even with a word. to achieve a beautiful goal such as creating a family, especially with the presence of love that creates miracles, and as Plato said: Love nullifies all boundaries.

Sherif El Yazigi

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