In the photo … Johnson’s “pet” dog is running

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not leave his pet dog “Dylin”, whether in the election, or during a walk or exercise.

This time, Johnson, known for his love of animals, appeared with his dog “Dylin” as he was casting his ballot in the UK local election at Methodist Hall in central London.

The election comes amid the Gate Party scandal in Downing Street, the government headquarters where Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak were fined for violating rules to fight the Corona virus.

Johnson had accompanied his dog, also on December 12, 2019, as he was voting in the snap parliamentary elections in Britain at the time.

At the time, Johnson launched a “campaign” under the hashtag “Dogs at polling stations”, after which the British shared photos and videos on social networks of dogs accompanying their owners to polling stations while voting in elections.

animal crises

Although more than 10 months have passed since the largest evacuation in history in Afghanistan in Afghanistan, Britain is still trying to justify its positions at the time, following reports that the government had given priority to evacuating animals from a shelter in Afghanistan. through an air transport in August.

The allegations have recently been renewed for the British prime minister with the revelation of official documents confirming that he had given special permission to rescue cats and dogs from Afghanistan.

A prominent member of the British Parliament spoke of a leaked letter indicating that Johnson and the Foreign Office may have covered up the British Prime Minister’s involvement in the deportation of more than 150 dogs and cats from Afghanistan.

tax money

Johnson also sparked much controversy over the optimal use of British taxpayer money when the prime minister posted pictures of his dog “Dylin” playing in the snow, which later turned out to have been taken by newly appointed government photographer Simon Dawson.

Many talked about Downing Street hiring three photographers to take pictures of Johnson and his ministers, his dog and pets, reflecting a poor image of the use of taxpayer money.

In the midst of that controversy, Downing Street was forced to defend the size of its frame of photographers and in response to a question about the description of the “Downing Street” cat, Larry, sitting in front of a photograph of Queen Elizabeth and Dylan. , the spokesman said, “Photographers document not only everything related to the Prime Minister, but the entire cabinet,” referring to the fact that “pets are considered part of the crew.”

Historical criticism

Johnson is not the first prime minister to be criticized for taking care of his pets with a professional photographer, having been preceded in death by former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Andrew Parsons, Johnson’s official photographer, who works part-time as a special adviser on Downing Street, earning 100 100,000 a year, originally worked for former Prime Minister Cameron.

Cameron gave Parsons a job in government after he became prime minister in 2010, but was soon forced to cancel it, following criticism for misuse of taxpayer money.

Parsons moved to the Conservative Party payroll. At the time, he was earning between 36 36 and 44 44,000.

British elections

The British people started voting on Thursday in the local elections that will reveal the extent of the damage caused by the party scandal for the Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson and will appear decisive for Northern Ireland, where the Republicans of the party “Sin Fein” hope for a historic victory in it.

Thousands of seats in local councils are being contested in England, Scotland and Wales, allowing voters to express their views for the first time in months after the party scandal.

Away from the divisions of parliament, a political quake is approaching in Northern Ireland as Sinn Fein leads in local council opinion polls for the first time in a hundred years in the British province of 1.9 million in a tense atmosphere since the outbreak of Britain. from the European Union.

Voting continues until 21:00 GMT, with the first results announced in England in the early hours of Friday morning and then in the following days.

The popularity of Johnson, who took over the post of Prime Minister about 3 years ago, collapsed after the “Partygate” scandal, for which he was fined and calls for his resignation began.

He has so far withstood the storm by stressing his major role in Western support for Ukraine, but if the results of the vote are disastrous on Thursday, that could change.

Labor, the main opposition party, hopes to take advantage of its weaknesses and win seats in London, including traditionally conservative strongholds such as Westminster, Wandsworth, Kensington and Chelsea.

Labor also wants to restore their former strongholds that became conservative in the last elections in 2019 in northern and central England.

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