From a cultural phenomenon during the sixties to a model of clothing that appeared in catwalks

Think surreal and out of the ordinary, and you are on the right track to this trend! The cyclamen model, known as dopamine clothing, is the fashion that stimulates the happiness hormone, so who among us does not need an extra dose of happiness? Undoubtedly, this trend requires a little courage, but it will make you more fun through colors, shapes and patterns with the effect of optical illusions. Are you ready to enter the world of cyclamen?

What does the word cyclamen mean?

It is a word derived from the ancient Greek language, Psychē means soul and Dēloun means revelation, which means manifestation of the soul. Psychology is a group of sensations, phenomena and hallucinations caused by chemical stimulants and became a cultural phenomenon during the 1960s.

1960s models are cyclist fashion

How was Cycladic culture born?

During the mid-sixties, the emergence of cyclamen art, which was a form of graphic art, inspired by optical illusions caused by narcotic and hallucinogenic drugs. The most striking features of Cicadian art are the spiral patterns, the glowing colors, the kaleidoscopic patterns, and the strange shapes. All of these elements were present in many artistic movements that preceded this psychedelic, such as the Art Nouveau, the Vienna Secession, and Surrealism. So the true origin of this art dates back to the nineteenth century, the last ten years of this era were considered a flourishing of Art Nouveau, and the best example of this are the arts of Alphonse Mucha. It has been proven that Op Art, the art that relies on optical illusions, has had a major impact on the development of cyclamen art, as the method achieved great success, utilizing the principles of optics and illusions, so that the works of art seemed to tremble . and moves. Pop art also had a great influence, which paved the way for the emergence of this culture by creating massive versions of identical and popular images.

Saikdeliah in the fashion wardrobe of the seventies

In addition to the visual arts, this art was directly related to music and its development was mainly influenced by the hippie movement, the peaceful ideology of the power of flowers and the interest in Far Eastern culture. The term psychedelic music was first used in 1966 by 13th Floor Elevators as a way to promote their debut album, The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators. Hippie culture allowed this art to grow and expand, until it developed internationally, and San Francisco became a hub for it during the 1970s and its influence reached plastic artists who began to incorporate cyclamen designs into their works.

On the other hand, the Cicadian art movement of the 1960s had a strong influence on comic book artists at the time, creating an alternative and revolutionary comic book genre known as Comix Underground. These books have prompted the release of concert posters and album art for bands and artists such as The Who and Jimi Hendrix.

Psychedelic included various creative fields such as rock music, album covers, concert posters, wall art, comic books, light shows … and all were related to their joint effort to create colorful spin patterns that provoke dizziness and create illusions.

How did cyclamen mix with the fashion world?

During the sixties, many social and political transformations took place in the fashion world. Despite the contradictory feelings associated with the development of Cicadian arts, many companies linked their work to the aesthetics of this art. With their bold patterns and vibrant colors, these arts enhanced the experience of the fashion world and the fashion of the new generation attracted great attention, influencing high fashion stylists. By the early 1970s, more and more advertisers began to use cyclotymic art features as an attempt to sell their wares. This resulted in the transformation of the evidence of this art to symbolize youth culture. As for the world-class fashion world, the cyclamen revolution began in the hands of stylist Emilio Pucci, who was called the prince of prints because abstract and cicadal decorations and drawings covered his designs.

Fashion clothes with cyclamen prints from the Emilio Pucci collectionFrom the Spring-Summer 1967 Emilio Pucci collection

Fashion clothes with cikadal patternYayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton

How did the cycloid inscription appear on the catwalks?

With the arrival of Spring Summer 2022, liberate your free and courageous soul, an expression of hippie culture! This season, designs with optical illusions and geometric patterns are back on the fashion scene. It is the favorite trend of bold women who likes to stand out and appear with a look that does not resemble any other. This print will make your look fresh and fun, and is definitely a part of the statements. As for the real beauty behind this trend, there are many contradictory colors and inconsistent patterns! You can not go wrong when coordinating it, choosing uniform colors with it or adopting different prints.

Cycloid model, fashionable clothes in Oya offersCycloid model, fashionable clothes in Oya offers

Cycloid model, fashionable clothes in Oya offersCycloid model, fashionable clothes in Oya offersCycloid model, fashionable clothes in Oya offers

Cycloid style features

Colors: Art Nouveau artists used soft pastel colors, while Cycadian artists preferred strong and contrasting colors. These colors attract the viewer’s attention and bring it to a unique visual experience.

printing: Cycloid patterns are used in an innovative way and are characterized by zigzag lines that are difficult to read. The goal was to hold the audience’s attention as long as they read the post.

Stella McCartney psychedelic danceSweater, by Stella McCartney

cyclamen shoesShoes from Nike

Prada psychedelic bagPrada bag

The most prominent artists who became famous for Cycladic arts:

– Wes Wilson

– Alton Kelly

– Stanley Mouse

– Bonnie Maclean

– Victor Moscoso

– Rick Griffin

model cyclamen

Celebrities wear cyclamen clothes

model cyclamen

model cyclamenmodel cyclamen

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