Emirates Chief Hend Al Raisi: I’m fascinated by programs that make everyone love cooking

She considers herself from the good generation, as she is a painter and interior designer who does not like modern technology, the love for drawing is inherited from her father and uncles, but the passion for cooking goes to her Bahraini mother’s family. gourmets discover the ingredients of every recipe after trying whatever it’s. searched on Google and YouTube.

You got a culinary degree from Armenia … Why did you choose this country?

She has been selling bakery products from her home for eight years

I was selling baked goods from my house for eight years, then I met a Bahraini chef skilled in Spanish cooking, and he studied in Armenia and advised me to go there, to improve my talent for studying, I was the first Arab to enter their school, where they appointed translators, the age of the chef who taught me was only 26 years old. He has been working in the kitchen since I was 16 years old and there I got a degree and bought the most beautiful cookbooks.
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We do not limit ourselves to Gulf sweets

How was your dessert table for Eid?

Bring “Panacotta”, without which Eid is not fun

We are a family that loves diversification and we are not limited to Gulf sweets, but usually when my uncles come from Bahrain, they have to bring Bahrain sweets, the first day we gather at my grandmother’s house and the second day is my mother’s house. , where he brings two types of sweets, “cheesecake”, the day before From the party, which I change the taste every year, and brings “Panacotta”, without which Eid is not fun. It does not waste much time to decorate the dish; Because I’m afraid that people around me will like it and then be shocked by the taste.

What bothers you from the comments of those around you?

I can take advantage of some comments, but others bother me, I am sensitive to something, such as lowering sugar, lowering salt or acid, they like my dishes, but the word “simply” is always present.

me and jazz

What are your rituals in the kitchen?

Jazz music accompanies me in painting and baking

Jazz music accompanies me in painting and baking, relaxes and inspires me in preparing my pastries.

Do you develop Emirates in cooking, in your own way?

I offer the Emirates recipe based on its origin, like pumpkin porridge and persimmon porridge, but I can put in it and Indian touches and offer it a little liquid and light, and those around me love it more.
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What other cuisines inspire you?

My playground is sauces.

I like Italian dishes of all kinds, but my play corner is “sauce”. the dish, and usually on Instagram I write about the most delicious dishes that contain details.

My passion is to be a famous character

What is your weapon to face the competition?

I do not compete with anyone, but I like to develop myself, I have a passion to be famous and famous, I am fascinated by international programs, which make cooking a passion for everyone; Also Emirati chefs working in hotels, are few, hotels learn management, where it becomes easier to open a private business, that’s my weapon I think.

What are the raw materials and tools you like to have in your kitchen?

I’m curious to try everything I see new on the market.The kitchen utensils are innumerable, all the more so as the sweets need accessories to cover their details and I do not allow anyone to touch, wash and adjust them myself; To be organized at work, I also put books on a shelf where they can be easily eaten.

Do you roll your plates?

I usually prepare my dishes according to people and in certain quantities, avoiding too many dishes and can cut the remaining cake, e.g. balls I put on sticks and introduce to children. I usually ask them what kind of sauce they like.

Write down what you want to prepare for Eid

Do not change the ingredients

Are there any practical tips you can give to women who follow Eid sweets?
1 – Do not change the quantities, because excessive trust can have an unproductive result and only the expert is the one who can see.
2 – Do not add any of your additives; Because the taste can change a lot.
3 – Get organized and ready, and record what you want to prepare for Eid, to avoid buying things you do not need.
4 – Check the appliances in the kitchen in advance; To make sure it works well, also make sure the ovens are ready.
5- Check the serving dishes in your kitchen, arrange any type of dishes you have chosen in advance and sterilize all the dishes before using them.

Cheesecake with banana

Cheesecake with banana

The amount is enough for 8 people
The preparation and baking time is an hour and a half

Basic ingredients:

1 half banana
. Cup of muscovado sugar + 6 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 egg + vetë cup of self-growing flour
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon +. Cup chopped nuts

Ingredients for the cheesecake layer

1 cup cream cheese +. Cup mascarpone cheese
. Cup of fine sugar
2 ripe bananas + 1 cup double cream
. Teaspoon vanilla butter + 1 teaspoon vanilla powder
. Teaspoon ground cinnamon
. Cup of dark chocolate sauce + ¼ cup of caramel sauce
2 eggs

To prepare the base of the cheesecake

1 – Grind the bananas with a fork, then mix the butter with the sugar in a blender, add the eggs, sifted flour and the rest of the ingredients.
2 – Spread the mixture in a cherry bowl 32 cm, after placing the wax paper, then place well and place in the oven for 15 minutes. Then let cool.
The main ingredients of cheesecake
1 – With a fork, grate the bananas and set them aside, then mix together the rest of the ingredients, except the chocolate and caramel sauce, add the bananas and place the mixture on the layer of biscuits.
2 – Place the chocolate and caramel slowly on the face and extend it artistically using a fork and then place the mold in the oven for an hour at a temperature of 180 degrees.

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