Designer Joanna Laura Constantine: My jewelry celebrates femininity and is environmentally friendly

The handmade models of the Lebanese stylist Joanna Laura Constantine are known for their unique craftsmanship. The pieces are plated with gold and rhodium and coated with Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and pearls, to create stunning pieces. She chooses every design and owns it down to the smallest detail. It offers a mix of materials and colors that evoke pure and clear feelings in whoever chooses it. Each collection features a wide range of designs, from pendants, earrings, cufflinks, rings and more. Her eclectic collections range from glamorous and delicate to bold. Embracing the duality of women, Joanna’s work illustrates feminine sensuality as well as the most modern urban sense of fear that emanates from the core of each individual.

Designed by Joanna Laura Constantine

Write us in the details of your beginnings in the fashion world.

My passion for fashion, jewelry and accessories led me to the Parsons School of Design, where I earned a degree in Fashion Design. After graduation, I underwent a series of internships at a number of famous design studios, working for fashion houses like Donna Karan New York, Lanvin and Nicole Miller, which led to my creative growth. In 2010, I started my own line of fashion jewelry and returned to Beirut to set up my own studio and workshop.

Tell us about the latest details of your group.

Feminine Waves pays tribute to femininity, comparing it to the fluidity of free-flowing ocean waves. Meaning the true definition of a woman, this collection brings out the enduring contrast of elegance and boldness with boldness – just like a wave that may be soft and smooth, but powerful and harsh. The collection consists of separate pieces, with gold filled with stones and pearls, creating a union that celebrates nature and femininity.

Where do your groups usually get their inspiration from?

What inspires me now is the return of vintage furniture and jewelry.

Are you inspired by travel?

I always get inspiration when I travel. I like to go to art galleries and museums, wander around and discover local products and learn about new things.

What is your favorite book?

The life story of Coco Chanel.

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Designed by Joanna Laura Constantine

What is your brand identity?

Brand DNA is our firm earrings, especially our bracelets and ears. I would say we are an earring brand!

Do you prefer classic or modern style?

I like the combination of both methods!

Which gemstones do you like to work with?

I like working with pearls and lapis lazuli.

Who is your icon?

My icon is Loulou de la Falaise, her style and love of fashion and jewelry are a big inspiration to me.

who is your favorite stylist?

Yves Saint Laurent jewelry models are my favorites!

Who is Joana Laura Constantine’s wife?

She absolutely loves jewelry and fashion, dares to try new styles and of course loves colors.

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Brand promotion

Designed by Joanna Laura Constantine

Design is a challenging field of work, so how do you cope with the competition today?

The biggest challenge for me is that I can promote my home with limited funding. My jewelry has been exhibited in major stores along with well-known brands of stylists.

Describe your jewelry in 3 words.

Sensual, clear and bold!

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Follow the trends, but always maintain the identity of the house.

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Designed by Joanna Laura Constantine

Each group aims to discover the boundless force that drains from a woman

We do our best to be proactive to the environment, first using craft production methods, environmentally friendly and low energy.

Does fashion inspire you?

Fashion trends are certainly important to me, and I look at them and follow their news, not to make them a source of inspiration for my jewelry design, but to create jewelry that complements these fashions, accessories that are a necessary addition to make. these trends or outfits look distinct.

How are your jewels made?

Each piece is handmade in our workshop in Beirut by a team of carefully selected local artisans, to bring to life the ancient traditions of jewelry design. Each piece shouts individually, as new materials and designs are constantly tested and explored as fully as possible. Each collection is developed on a seasonal basis to ensure it remains relevant and exciting. Joanna closely follows fashion trends, especially in the haute couture collection, and is often inspired by architecture and design. The end results are constantly evolving and moving with time, just like the modern woman.

Are your designs environmentally friendly?

We do our best to be proactive to the environment, first by using artisanal, ecological production methods, which require low energy. All parts are brass, 18 ki plated with gold or rhodium plated, without nickel and lead. We do our best to get stones and pearls from companies to be environmentally friendly and socially conscious.

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Femininity and strength

Designed by Joanna Laura Constantine

Each piece is handmade in our workshop in Beirut by a team of carefully selected local artisans, to bring to life the ancient traditions of jewelry design.

What is the purpose of your brand?

Each collection aims to reveal the femininity and boundless strength that drains from a woman. The pieces are playful and bold but delicate. They are created to meet the needs of the modern woman, preserving some of the traditional features that make each piece a timeless classic. The combinations combine the classic and the unconventional, in terms of lines, materials, colors and stones, to create pieces that resonate with the modern woman.

As an Arab brand, how do you reflect the taste of oriental women through your designs?

Reflect the taste of Arab women with unique and elegant designs.

Where do you sell in the Middle East?

I sell in Bloomingdales Dubai and Kuwait, as well as Harvey Nichols in Riyadh and Doha, and online at

Do you rely on social media to market your brand?

I want to increase our audience on social media, but promote jewelry more through magazine editorials and celebrities wearing my work.

Who are the celebrities that adorn your designs?

Recently, Alicia Keys has worn my pieces as well as Ann Joy Taylor, Mary J Blige, Lady Gaga and many more …

What are your plans for the future?

My next plan is to open my own line of fine jewelry.

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