Violence against women: Indian society and what it reveals about the murder of a woman due to excess salt in food

  • Gita Pandey
  • BBC News – Delhi

published photo, Tasveer Hasan

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1 in 3 women in India experience gender-based violence, most of the time from an intimate partner

Last month, Indian police arrested a 46-year-old man for killing his wife because he thought the breakfast she had prepared to contain too much salt.

Police officer Milind Desai told the BBC: “The man, Nikesh Gag, a bank employee in Thane, near the western Indian city of Mumbai, killed his 40-year-old wife Nirmala in a furious attack because Sabodana Khashidi (made from sago: starch). Indian palm) was very salty. ”

The son told police, when he was twelve years old and witnessed the crime, that his father followed his mother to the bedroom complaining about the salt and started beating her.

Officer Desai added that the boy “was crying and begging his father to stop, but the accused continued to hit his wife and then strangled her with a rope”.

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