To choose the right curtains for your home..Important tips you need to know

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Home curtains give a magical touch to the interior design of the room, especially in their compatibility with the carpets.In this article we will give important tips for their selection and the latest models of curtains 2021 of different types and shapes.

First: Pay attention to the color of the paint and furniture pieces before choosing the right curtain

To adequately answer this question, we must first know the types of curtains that vary in different designs, colors and even the quality of the fabric, be they silk, cotton or velvet, as the use of velvet in home decoration reflects the art of paper design, however simple.

Chiffon curtains occupy the first place among modern curtains in 2021, especially those containing organza, which is distinguished for its cheerful colors. It is preferred to use such types in children’s rooms to allow the passage of sunlight into the room , but if you If you want to control the lighting, you need to put a layer of silk on them, as they make a special double for modern curtains.

Turkish curtains are the latest models of curtains 2021, whether stamped or gentlemen, they add to the house the sophistication and luxury that everyone admires and is considered one of the most beautiful models of curtains on which interior architects have relied. last, especially as it is in line with classic and modern decor.

If your goal is to choose the latest curtain patterns for 2021 for the guest room, you can choose velvet fabric, as it gives the house a special luxury with drywall, so you can place it in the guest room. or the waiting room to give it an aesthetic touch.

To choose the decor of modern curtains for the hall, it is preferable to choose simple curtains that are far from the inscriptions, as well as should take into account the size of the window and the space of the hall and it is preferable that they hang. in a metal or plastic hanger, instead of wood for easy cleaning and re-installation.

Second: Things to consider when choosing modern curtains

The choice of home curtains comes in the final stage after choosing the rest of the furniture, according to what is customary in the foundations of home decor, as they should be suitable for the colors of the paint or the type of wallpaper and furniture, but before you think about going to the store and buying the latest curtain patterns, you need to know how to use the curtains at home and what is the most suitable design to finish the artistic decoration painting in your home according to the sizes of windows and room type.

When choosing decorations for modern curtains you should look for curtains that meet your needs. If you want sunlight to enter the room you should focus on curtains with transparent fabrics, but if you are looking for privacy you should choose thick or dark curtains. . We also advise you to first use simple, easy and affordable options in home furnishing, in order to renovate your home decor at the lowest cost anytime you want.

Third: the colors of the curtains

In terms of colors, it is better that the colors of the curtains are in line with the rest of the furniture, for example, if you are looking for curtains for assemblies, it is preferable that they be uniform, such as white. beige or cream, and they should be simple inscriptions if any, and this is what applies Now in the art of choosing modern curtains for planks.


Fourth: the curtain according to the room:

For children’s rooms it is recommended to choose curtains in soft colors

You have to choose the latest models of curtains suitable for each room, if your goal is to complete the design of your children’s room or choose modern curtains for the mosque or even choose curtains for the kitchen, as each room is unique in privacy her. no matter how similar the furniture is, but when we talk about the latest models of curtains 2021, we must focus on the following:

Light curtains with one layer are enough.

Prefer monochrome curtains that fit into the decor of the room.

Avoid heavy or thick clothes.

You can use chiffon fabric, which is the most popular pattern of curtains this year.

Keep the tools used to hold the curtain simple.

Here’s how to choose the latest curtain patterns to suit each room individually.

1- Salon

It is the most colorful place in the house and to choose modern curtains for this corner, you should always avoid choosing a multi-layered fabric curtain, especially if the room is small.

2- Dining room

Curtain patterns 2021 do not depend on the placement of dense curtains in the dining room, unless it contains more than one window or balcony, preferably light and simple and does not contain exaggerated decorations, given that it is a few centimeters above the ground .

3- Interior rooms

It is necessary to take into account some important things when choosing modern curtains for the interior rooms, they should give a feeling of relaxation and comfort, with the possibility of blocking light and maintaining privacy, so it is preferable that they be simple with consistent warm colors. with the colors of the bedspreads and pieces of carpet.

4- office

Choosing 2021 curtain patterns for offices and work halls is an easy matter, as it is almost limited to the roller, zebra, bamboo, porridge, sunscreen or wooden blind pattern.

5- Kitchens

The curtain is one of the important elements that should be taken into account in the process of preparing the kitchen, as it should be very simple, short and made of a clean and non-flammable material.

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