Strong Egyptian participation in the Tourism and Travel Forum in Dubai, May 9

Taher El-Qattan

Posted on: Wednesday 4 May 2022 – 15:13 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 4 May 2022 – 15:13

• Sinai investors hold meetings with leading international tourism and aviation companies participating in the forum
The Egyptian tourism sector is participating in its official arms, represented by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Tourism Promotion Authority, and the private sector represented by the Chambers of Tourism and its General Federation and tourism investment associations in governments. various tourist. with a high-level delegation to the Arab Tourism and Travel Forum (ATM 2022), scheduled to be held in the Emirate of Dubai during the period from 9 to 12 May.

This comes after a break from participating in this forum, which was held as a default over the last two years. due to the spread of the Corona pandemic.

The South Sinai Tourism Investors Association, led by Tamer Makram, announced its participation in a delegation led by Major General Khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai, at the Tourism and Travel Forum to be held in Dubai on 9 maj; To promote various tourism products in the province and to communicate directly with the major international tourism and aviation companies participating in the forum, emphasizing that the forum is an opportunity to enter into new agreements with foreign tour operators to attract more a lot of tourism entered Egypt during the next period with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic leaving.

For its part, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, represented by the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Activation, has launched in recent hours a new promotional campaign entitled “Your vacation with us” on various social media pages for to Promote Egyptian Tourist Destination | for the 2022 summer season in Egypt and major Arab markets exporting tourism to Egypt, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Jordan.

The new Arab campaign focuses on the most used social networking sites in the target markets. It also comes in connection with the participation of the ministry represented by the authority in the Arab Forum for Tourism and Travel (ATM 2022); This reflects the interest of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities for the Arab market.

Amr El-Kady, CEO of the authority, indicated that this campaign aims at the Arab market to promote the various Egyptian tourist destinations and their attractiveness and diversity, which contributes to attracting more Arab tourists to the Egyptian tourist destination, in addition to the fact that This campaign was also directed to activate domestic tourism.

Lamia Kamel, Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for promotion, explained that this Arab campaign comes as a continuation of the international campaign that started in mid-March, entitled “Follow the Sun”, which has achieved tremendous success and positive results in direction of spread and visibility in the target markets of the campaign, which are the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. , France and the United States.

The Egyptian General Authority for the Promotion of Tourism had decided to cancel support for all international exhibitions aimed at stimulating and attracting tourism from the exporting tourism markets in Egypt and to set the participation fee for exhibitions for tourism companies, hotels and all tourist facilities. in the real cost of the pavilion For the exhibitions in general, and consequently the depletion of authority resources and its inability to afford additional costs, which were represented in the support previously provided to hotel and tourism companies.

For its part, the Chamber of Travel and Tourism Agencies and Companies sent a letter to members, owners and managers of its companies, confirming that the reason for the high price of participation in the ATM exhibition to be held in Dubai during May, is that the Chamber is not the contracting authority with the organizers of the exhibition, it has the right to determine the price of participation in any international exhibition, but circulates to companies only the price received from the Tourism Promotion Authority, which decided to cancel support for all international exhibitions, then the Chamber collects the participation value from the companies and supplies it directly to the Authority.

The Chamber stressed that it could not support international exhibitions in any way; Due to its lack of resources, especially the Dubai exhibition in particular; Due to the demand for participation in the exhibition from companies operating in the Arab market.

The Chamber of Tourism Companies confirmed that the main reason for the increase in fees for participation in the Tourism and Travel Exhibition in Dubai from 1500 euros to 2500 euros, despite the difficult conditions experienced by the tourism sector over the past two years, is the lack of approval. . by the Tourism Promotion Authority to support the participants in the exhibition, which raised the anger and dissatisfaction of the owners of tourism companies, especially those operating in the Arab market, with the decision of the authority, emphasizing that the Arab market is a safe haven for Egyptians . crisis tourism, and that its tourists are distinguished by high spending and a high percentage of tourist nights compared to many other markets, which was evidenced during the Corona pandemic crisis, which caused huge losses to the sector for two years in a row. but the Arab market was a strong buffer for Egyptian tourism during this crisis.

The Tourism Promotion Authority in previous years supported the corporate and hotel sector at a rate of nearly 50%.

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