How do you find out about your partner’s infidelity? 8 keys to knowing if he is loyal to you

homelandMarital infidelity is the cessation of emotional and intimate engagement between spouses. Below, the Spanish magazine Estelo Next examined the key signs that may indicate that your partner is unfaithful to you.

different signals

Loyalty is a pact and respect between spouses. In the case of infidelity, the established norms are broken by one or both spouses.

As translated “Watan”, determining when someone is unfaithful to us can be difficult because the individual himself will try to hide the betrayal from us. This is why we need to evaluate and pay attention to the different signs that together can indicate that something is wrong. What we will notice is a change in behavior in our partner. Either in the way they treat us, or in the way they take care of themselves, or in changing habits.

However, no behavior or change can be fully related to infidelity and there is no indication that it is infallible. Therefore, in the face of suspicion and before attacking the partner, it is better not to raise suspicions to give them the opportunity to explain their position. As there can be many other reasons related to change. In this article we will talk about betrayal, what behaviors can serve as signs and help us identify it.

What do we mean by adultery?

Infidelity is defined as the breach of a fidelity agreement undertaken by the spouses. This agreement proposes a set of rules that must be followed to respect and agree on the relationship. There are two main types of infidelity: infidelity for the sake of intimacy, which consists of having sex with someone who is not our partner. Or an emotional relationship that arises with another person who is not our partner.

The magazine says that we should understand that infidelity as a complex concept, influenced by various social, personal, family and sexual variables. These variables interact with each other and cause betrayal to occur more or less. In this way, the causes of betrayal can be many and varied, and it is even possible that there is more than one reason for the betrayal behavior to be the result.

Some of the most common reasons may be: lack or poor communication, communication problems are one of the main reasons for relationship erosion as well as routine and always doing the same thing and not being innovative. This leads to stagnation of the relationship and creates a feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of motivation to continue, which increases the possibility of seeking satisfaction outside the spouses.

Reasons for sexual betrayal

Moreover, adultery is usually caused by sexual differences and preferences, such as the desire or type of sexual practices desired. When a partner does not match his partner in terms of his intimacy and details, they are more likely to seek out of the relationship what the partner does not offer.

Finally, neglecting the relationship and not devoting time to it leads to her gradual death. On the other hand, it is necessary to spend some time taking care of the relationship if we want it to continue to develop properly.

How do we know if our partner is unfaithful to us?

Revealing that our men have betrayed us is not easy, because if they hide it from us and do not want us to reveal it, they will find a way to make sure we do not notice it. However, while it may be difficult to understand that they are unfaithful to us, there are some signs that can indicate the possibility of betrayal.

The magazine advises that when you are in doubt and do not feel comfortable, it is better to tell your partner how you feel and talk about your concerns to find a solution. Under no circumstances should you directly attack the other person, as this behavior will make it difficult to rectify the situation.

What are the signs that can indicate possible betrayal?

  1. habits change

A sudden change of habits for no apparent reason can be a sign of betrayal. We are not referring to a change once that occurs in a day or even a week, but changes that are constantly held and have no real justification. These schedule changes mean that our partner spends less time with us, justifying in many cases that it has to do with work.

Marital infidelity

These habits can also be related to actions performed at home, for example, we see that they spend much more time with their computer and cell phone, without being due to work.

  1. Giving evasive answers

When we ask him about new behaviors or behaviors, for example when we ask him how he makes his boss stay up late, he does not know the answer clearly and tries to avoid giving answers. He usually expresses short and concise answers or tries to avoid the answer by claiming that he does not know or that we are very interested. He will try to change the subject quickly.

  1. acting restrained

It is important to compare and contrast the changes, as they were before and as they are now. Betrayal can push our partner to act further, especially when it comes to emotional betrayal, so we will notice that he is less in love with us, does not seek contact, does not try to communicate and shows little interest in knowing what we are or I feel. We will notice a cool attitude, different from what it was before or how it was with others around them.

  1. irritability

As it turns out, infidelity means that something is not going well between the spouses. This is why we are likely to see in the other a more passive attitude, showing less patience and that every action angers them.

Marital infidelity

  1. Prefer to be alone

We understand that you are looking for some excuse to do the activities yourself, whether going out with your friends or shopping alone. As we said before, doing these behaviors on time is normal, everyone needs their own space. The problem arises when we do not see that he wants to spend time with us, he does not devote time to his partner.

This isolation behavior can also be observed at home. They prefer to be in another room or be in the same room but do their activity, such as playing on the computer or looking at the cell phone.

  1. It regulates itself more

This is not an indication of betrayal, but it could be if we notice that he is taking more care of himself. He takes more care of himself physically, fixes his hair well and looks extravagant or unusual, in addition to exercises. This may indicate that you are dating someone or at least want to be more likeable.

  1. defensive behavior

As we said before, he knows that he (she) is behaving badly and that at any moment we can catch him (her). This is why even though we do not attack him, he can act defensively, saying that we ask too many questions, that we demand too much attention, or that we change and act differently.

Marital infidelity

When someone knows he is guilty but does not want to admit what he has done, they tend to act defensively and try to change roles and make the other person look like the “bad guy” in order to distract and do not notice. their betrayal.

  1. loss of sexual interest

Sexual interests can change without being associated with infidelity. As we age, sexual appetite can decline, in the same way that periods of stress and extreme anxiety can also affect the desire for sex.

However, the loss of our partner’s sexual interest can be a sign of possible betrayal. It is possible for him to avoid physical contact because he already has an intimate relationship with another person or because he wants to stay loyal to the other person with whom he is cheating.

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