Zahrat Al Khaleej – Andrea Buccellati: Our brilliant jewelry reflects the craftsmanship of the house

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Buccellati, the famous brand of fine jewelry, has opened the new boutique in The Dubai Mall. It presents the high level and distinctive collections of the most popular jewelry, such as: “Hawaii, Makri, Ramage, Rumbi and Opera”. In addition to creations of a special kind, they excel in handmade craftsmanship and reflect the true “Made in Italy” style. The opening was attended by Andrea Buccellati, Chairman Emeritus and Creative Director, along with other family members who hold key management positions. “Zahrat Al Khaleej” interviewed: Andrea, Lucia, Maria Cristina and Philippe Buccellati, who gave their valuable information about the heritage and style of the “brand” and the details of the new boutique:

• What about the details of the boutique interior design?

It is a combination of this concept that we develop, and the decor expresses the modernity of the brand, but always with a touch of home history. This is why the design of The Dubai Mall boutique was inspired by the traditional Buccellati interior style, with traditional antique gold showcases, as we want to give a touch of luxury to any touch that is interpreted in a more modern way. As for the floor, it is called “Versailles Parquete” after the Palace of Versailles and is the same in all our boutiques.

• Are there any differences from other boutiques?

– The difference lies in the VIP room, which is typical of the house, and the distinctive original wooden designs. Maybe in New York it is more modern, but here we wanted to stand out, with the excellent woodwork in our boutique in Place Vendôme. There is a great history to this woodwork; Because we bought it from an antique dealer. And this bronze piece of “Parliament” or “The Gemar” was a fan of Louis XVI. And it is 300 years old, and when we bought it we did not know and when we cleaned it, we found out from the label on the back. So it’s like a treasure trove of jewelry that now appears as a classic, and every part of this store represents a touch of modernity, a touch of history.

Festive parts

• What jewelry collections did you want to include in your first boutique in Dubai?

– First, the high jewels, which translate Maison’s high quality and workmanship; Because everything is handmade. Then we have all the combinations we consider our bread and butter, our iconic combinations. And the new “Opera” collection, which is a much-coveted pendant from the younger generation, and a light one-touch “Buccellati” jewelry is not too expensive for young people and works very well with the “Opera” collection. , as well as the collection “Macri” which is very popular, as well as from other groups, all these are going well.

• Are there any festive pieces for the boutique opening?

– Yes, part of the “Giardino” collection, which was realized for the high fashion week in Paris last year. We have made a continuous collection and continue to produce in the same way. Giardino enlivens the Buccellati garden and we see this flower color repeated here. And all the beautiful colors were originally inspired by “Monet” paintings. But then we decided to name the business “Buccellati Giardino”. This group is always traveling, they have been to Paris, they have gone to London, then to New York, now they are in Dubai and then they will go to Asia.

• Is there a part that relates, in one way or another, to the Middle East?

In our particular models, there are many small details reminiscent of the Middle East. One of our inspirations, for example, is the architecture of Venice and Venice has always been the gateway to the Middle East. There are some architectural designs that are characteristic of the Middle East, namely mosaics. And when I design parts, especially when I think of the Middle East, I try to get inspiration from the architecture of the region.

• Can it be said that there is a greater sense of creative freedom in Buccellati?

We have complete creative freedom in time; It takes a long time to produce each part; Some parts may take two and a half years to produce. We are not in a hurry and time does not matter to us on the contrary what matters is to take out the complete pieces after making sure of all their details from A to Z and this takes time and if we are not satisfied with the result, we i we reproduce them.

  • Andrea Buccellati: Our brilliant jewelry reflects the craftsmanship of the House

the feeling of the woman

• You keep the art of carving alive, through your famous crafting techniques. What about new designs?

All family members keep alive the heritage, style and spirit of the home, each in their own way. We offer new designs, but they are always Buccellati, where I can make pieces that are more modern, more coated, in a softer or more geometric way, but you see that this style is always there, and there a task, but it is normal sometimes to ask me how I can do this, I really do not know, I grew up that way, it could be genetic and I keep it in my DNA.

• You, as a family and team, come together to create modern designs that are attractive to the younger generation, respect the past and preserve traditions and craftsmanship. How do you do all this cool stuff?

Lucia: We basically do not make new designs. And we have a development, I say, but in fact we are a team, it was my father and before him his grandfather and his daughter. There is an evolution in style, but they are not new designs, but a new interpretation of our style.

Andrea: I think it is important to get closer to the younger generation and that has helped me a lot, even my daughter, who is the first woman to be on the creative team. There are a lot of contradictions between me and her when she designs, but I learned a lot from her, especially the concept of how to wear jewelry; Because women’s feelings are different. For me when I design jewelry for a woman I want to make the most beautiful jewelry in life and my daughter has a different perspective, she tells me it is beautiful but when I get to wear it, she showed me different horizons; So I try to follow it in a certain way. The collection I designed as Blossom is a very wearable thing and it was very surprising; Because we decided it was designed for a new generation; Because they want something they can wear every day.

  • Andrea Buccellati: Our brilliant jewelry reflects the craftsmanship of the House


• What marketing plans will you follow? To continue with the opening of the first boutique in Dubai?

We will open boutiques in several countries in the region: Qatar, Kuwait and soon in Jeddah and Riyadh, to raise brand awareness in the region. The location is always rich, matched with splendid jewelry, with the possibility of more worn pieces.

• Are you planning to open another boutique in Dubai?

– We do not know yet, but maybe yes; Because we tend to raise awareness of the “brand” in the UAE. It is very important to develop the brand, in balance with its ability to increase production. As we said before, the problem is not time. If I open 20 stores, I should be able to produce; So I have to offer a middle ground. Of course, we are growing, and we have the ability to increase production growth every year, but a balance must be struck between developing the trade side and the ability to produce.

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