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Basrawi news encyclopedia written by Hind Muhammad, the man of the sign of Taurus He will try and persevere until he succeeds and you will rarely find him frustrated or desperate. He may seem slow and calm to some people, but if you see his bad face or make him angry, you will surely regret that he will make you give up his love for you.

Displaying Burri Demi He is diligent and possesses great strength and determination, but he is nervous and is not afraid to unleash his nervousness in front of others. He takes on every challenge he faces, no matter how great, because he is always confident that he will succeed in any discussion.

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It is considered Burri Demi He is also a stubborn person, especially when it comes to making decisions. In general, he is patient, loyal to his knowledge and has no problem making an extra effort today at work and reaping rewards later. He values ​​comfort and luxury, loves food and is the type who would open the car door for you. His demeanor is tactful, he enjoys gentleness, tends to be steady, and likes to set constant expectations for his life, work, and personal relationships.

The Story of the Bull

April 20 – May 20

Planeti Demi


The signs with which Taurus is consistent

Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn

Signs incompatible with Taurus

Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries

Taurus Characteristics

1- He is always confident in himself, because he has most of the qualities that can qualify him for success.

2- Taurus male is diligent at work and always likes to work long hours to achieve the success he seeks.

3- Taurus male is a kind person who always offers help to people in need.

4- The most honest person you can face, especially in romantic relationships, because he will not betray you and will not disappoint you at any moment.

5- A Taurus male is extremely patient and calm, so you should not find him angry except in rare cases.

6- A person with a good heart can find comfort and happiness and this is one of the rare qualities you can not find.

The disadvantages of Taurus

1- A very lazy person who always prefers to spend most of his time on the couch watching TV.

2- A Taurus male is very stubborn and it is not easy to convince him of your opinion.

3- A materialist of the first degree who seeks a luxurious life in every detail of his life.

4- A Taurus male is very jealous, especially in romantic relationships.

5- She likes to control and control things, whether at work or in romantic relationships.

Taurus husband in love and romantic relationship

Taurus male is one of the types of men who love love! It is a subtle sense, though it is good at hiding it. Lust and the sensual side of the relationship are very important to her. Male Taurus hates playing games with women to get into his heart, so if you try to play with his feelings, you will only drive him away from you. This guy loves quiet romance and you will find him looking for the woman he can consider as his best friend. The Taurus male does not say a word that expresses his feelings if he does not have the mind and expects the other party to return the same feelings. The Taurus male cares for the needs of his lover, is polite and takes into account the feelings of others. Sometimes he becomes very jealous if he feels threatened. Taurus male also likes to take time before entering into a romantic relationship.

Taurus husband in marriage Taurus husband is an excellent husband who likes to take care of his family and wife and leads a compassionate life. A Taurus man does not marry until he is financially secure and has the ability to provide for his family without difficulty. Once he decides to marry the love of his life, there is nothing and no one to stop him from holding her close. He is a very loyal and reliable partner, but expects the same from his wife. A Taurus male can be very possessive and possessive in marriage. He thinks that his partner is a property, so when the peace of the relationship is endangered, he becomes very jealous.
Taurus man in a sexual relationship

Sex is an essential part of a Taurus male life, he loves and needs it. However, he can live without it even when the right partner is not around. One of the reasons for his desire to have sex is his love and passion for women. The look of a stylish woman is what it takes to ignite her and make his mind preoccupied with sexual thoughts. If he could, he would be happy to have sex every day of the week.

bull man father

The Taurus male is the type of person who has his values ​​and morals to live. He will not hesitate to teach his children these values ​​because he wants his children to be honest and faithful and to live in the right way. He wants his children to grow up and always be good to others and do the right thing no matter what, making him a better father. Taurus husband is great at teaching his children the importance of staying close to their family during difficult and good times. He will always be close to his family at their best and worst.

Taurus husband and work

The Taurus male succeeds in every task he performs. He has a creative eye and takes every project on a sustainable path as he loves the routine. He loves art, so you find him working in fields such as music, acting, directing and engineering. He loves money and stability and there is nothing that can stop him from achieving his goals. Although the male Taurus has a practical personality, he has an imaginative sense that allows him to get acquainted with many different details in his field of work.

How to arouse interest in a Taurus man

1- Become a strong and confident woman and the most important thing is to show your femininity.

2- If you are a well-groomed and organized woman and you like that everything around you is clean and tidy, then you have a great opportunity to impress the Taurus man.

3- Being wise in spending money and managing financial budgets will make you an attractive woman in his eyes.

4- Be honest!

5- Practicality is important for a Taurus male and he will be happy if he feels that you are an inspiration to him and help him find solutions to the various problems he is going through.

6. If you like him, he will not bother if you first show your interest in him.

7. Make him feel he is the leader in the relationship and respect the way he thinks.

8- Taurus man adopts the principle of “go slowly but surely”, so do not try to hurry or ask him to hurry.

9- Make sure you follow some special customs and rituals with him, he will love you for it.

10- Keep his pride, it is important to him.

11- If you do not feel comfortable with the way he expresses his feelings, just tell about it.

12- Work to gain his trust and build a strong relationship with him.

13- Be sexy and exciting!

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