In the series “Hayil El Hob” the judiciary intervenes … What is the story?

The series “Living Love”, which has won the admiration of a good percentage of the audience since the presentation of its first episodes in the dramatic season of Ramadan 2022, as the series is free from scenes of events and effects of the Syrian war in on the one hand, and the stories of the series are presented in a warm and calm way away from the current sufferings of the Syrians on the other hand.

Also, working in the framework of those works that have appeared in the past and liked by viewers, such as the series “Four Seasons”, the series “Falja”, the series “Shkopi lot” and others, where the work contains history. love and affection and a warm atmosphere for the reunion of Syrian families, and of course this is what Mungoi for a period of time from the Syrian drama in the past years.

The series also sheds light on the form of emotional relationships that are from the womb of the Syrian reality, but it does not seem that the end of these stories has come as the writer of the series “For the love of love” wrote. , the production company and the director of the work changed the fates of some of the characters of the series, according to a comment by the writer of the work.Last Sunday.

The last episode of the series sparked a wave of controversy and criticism for the poor quality of the last episode, which was somewhat “shocking” for some viewers, as the love affair ends in separation and illogically for the events that occurred during the episodes of the series, and that separation and return to emotional relationships The passage and superficiality that was in the context of the events of the last episode of the series does not represent the content of the title of the work “For Love”, according to the critics it touches. last episode.

The writer of “Alive in Love” wants the episode deleted

After the appearance of the last episode of the series “For the love of love”, last Sunday, the writer of the series Fadi Qushoggi immediately published on his personal page on the platform “Facebook” shocking statements against the director of the work and the director. of the production company for him, saying: “After watching the last episode, I say: This episode was completely rewritten by the two ‘great writers’ Diana Jabbour and Bassem Al-Salqa .. knowing that this is their right through a “protocol”. “I do not know in which container they found it !!

And Qushoggi added, in his comment on the rejection of this change at the end of the series, “Based on him … I am looking for Diana Jabbour (without titles) officially and publicly and in her capacity as director of the production company. , to delete my name from any subsequent job offers. “

He added: “And to my dear readers: As soon as my nerves calm down after the crime committed against my work, I will publish the original script of the whole series to whom I can refer until then .. I am missing from listening, everyone love for all those who believe in me .. and all forgiveness from all those who bet on me. “I was disappointed with my bad choice of” partners “.

He closed his comment by saying: “Note: There is no freedom of thought for a crime committed against me. “Anyone who protects these two objects will be removed and suspended.”

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Changes that occurred

Hours after Syrian writer Fadi Qushoggi criticized the events of the last episode, he published another edition explaining the changes that took place at the end of the series and stated: “In the original text: the couple (Kanan and Hala) are inseparable. , and the end of the pair (Nimer and Kinda) is open. He can not forget and Alia urges him to “forgive”.

And he continued in his post, “Farsa to allow a woman to enter the rival’s room alone in the hospital and spend a few minutes with him … does not exist. “They invented it.”

Qushoggi added, “The farce dialogue between Nimr and Canaan and its summary,” let us return to the notebook … that is, to the transient superficial relations “in a series called” On the love of love “… I repeat: Love. This dialogue does not exist. “They invented it.” And he concluded in his publication that there are some additional scenes from the invention of the director of labor and the manufacturing company.

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The manufacturing company vows to eliminate!

In the same context, “Imar Al-Sham”, the company that produced the series “Hayed Al Hob”, published an explanatory statement in response to the words of the writer Fadi Qushoggi, who stated that the director and director of the production company. rewrote the last episode of the work “.

The statement said: “It is not new to emphasize that the television work is a collective work and additions and modifications can be made to the director and because this procedure is of the nature of television work, it is contractually documented in a way that guarantees the company manufacturing to do what it deems appropriate in terms of modifications, especially when new job requirements do not respond technically, productively or structurally, although the Iliad may in each new diagnostic version or an acronym, an addition. , or a specific interpretation for the creator, ”as he describes them.

And the company continued in its statement: “This text has not been written for seven or nine years, as has been said. On the contrary, from it a summary and six episodes of Imar al-Sham were presented, and then written after contracting. the writer … But maybe these episodes were actually written years ago, but no company approved the script. ” “Although we found the first episodes encouraging to approve the project.”

The production company indicated that observations and suggestions came later in connection with the issuance of the censorship rating, which considered the text below the level of our usual products (for those who want the document to be present). Here, the writer’s attitude and psychology towards the company began to change from partnership to rivalry, as if it had shifted to the writer’s mind. In a proactive or orchestrated step to sabotage the text.

She explained: “In fact, we spared no effort (and this effort was appreciated by the writer in the first period) to develop the work and complete it in a way that suits the company firstly as a legal entity and secondly with statues participating in the work ”.

The company closes its statement by saying: “The difference is a right … but the personalization and use of insults are morally and legally unacceptable, therefore and for all of the above, the company will take the necessary legal action against the author . “

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