Etihad Airways unveils its new Airbus A350 “Estidama 50” aircraft, with the launch of its inaugural flight to Paris.

Major destinations in North America and India will be served by next-generation aircraft during peak summer voyages

“Estidama 50” program increases operational efficiency and supports the Union’s efforts to eliminate carbon emissions

City of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Saudi United: Etihad Airways today unveiled the new Airbus A350-1000, registered under the code A6 XWB, with the launch of a special inaugural commercial flight from Abu Dhabi to Paris. It is the first A350 to be operated by an airline in the UAE and the first of five other A350s to join the Etihad Airways fleet in the coming months.

The first flight departed from Abu Dhabi to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris at 7:30 am, with a delegation consisting of representatives of Etihad Airways and Airbus, as well as a number of diplomats, media professionals and other personalities. and business partners.

Tony Douglas, Chief Executive Officer of the Group, Etihad Aviation Group, said: “We are proud to include the Airbus A350 to serve the Etihad network. They are great aircraft. to create a unique product that will make every flight a pleasure.On board the Etihad Airways is an ideal choice for airline guests and the environment.With high operational fuel efficiency and carbon savings, the Airbus A350 supports our goals for reduce our carbon footprint and provide an unparalleled travel experience. ”

On this occasion, Michael Houari, Airbus President for Africa and the Middle East, said: “We are pleased to continue our cooperation with Etihad Airways, which is a long-term partner of Airbus in the UAE. A350-1000 decides new standards for air travel, offering unprecedented levels of value for operational efficiency, with a 25% reduction in fuel consumption and emission reductions. Today we are leading a promising new start for the country’s aviation sector through innovation and “Sustainability commitment. We look forward to many more years of partnership and working together to support Etihad Airways in expanding its network through our most advanced and efficient aircraft.”

durability 50

The aircraft carries the distinctive “Estidama 50” paint that celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the United Arab Emirates and Etihad’s commitment to zero carbon emissions by 2050. The aircraft will join Etihad’s campaign for industry-leading sustainability, as part of its sustainability program aimed at eliminating emissions, carbon emissions related to aviation sector operations.

The program was created in collaboration between Etihad, Airbus, Rolls and Race in 2021 and will see the use of the Etihad Airbus A350 as a laboratory for innovative, innovative products and technologies focused on reducing carbon emissions, relying on in what has been learned and acquired through a similar “Greenliner” program that was applied to the company’s Etihad.Boeing B787 aircraft.

The Trent XWB engine for the Airbus A350 is one of the most efficient aircraft engines in the world, with fuel consumption and carbon emissions up to 25 percent lower than the previous generation two-line engines. Etihad recently established a formal framework with Airbus to collaborate on sustainability in all areas, including the promotion and marketing of sustainable aviation fuels, waste and weight management, and the development of data-driven analytics.

In this regard, Douglas says: “We designed our sustainability program to be an engine of mutual cooperation and our strategic partnership today with Airbus comes to allow us to take advantage of the Airbus A350 qualifications and competencies in terms of sustainability. through the “Sustainability 50” Program as we continue our efforts to achieve our Common Goals in reducing the carbon footprint of the aviation sector in the environment.

Destination network

The new Airbus A350 will serve a range of short- and medium-distance destinations in the second quarter of this year, including Mumbai and Delhi, before being introduced to service destinations such as Chicago and New York from July.

Guest experiences

The new aircraft will be the first to offer the latest Abu Dhabi-inspired Etihad cockpit design, which is more efficient, stable and guest-centered. The Etihad has always been known for the high quality of its aircraft and the interior of the Airbus A350 is loaded with thoughtful and deep details to offer exceptional comfort and improved privacy.

The lighting patterns for Al Ittihad were inspired by the nuances that Abu Dhabi palm trees emitted into their environment. The cabin lighting mimics the natural lighting of the place and is designed to enhance the guest experience, provide an ideal sleeping environment and reduce the effects of the time difference between the seats. The Airbus A350 offers the quietest cabin environment for wide-body aircraft.

Another feature of the cabin is the ability to reduce various lights from other devices, e.g. the dark night mode function for the E-BOX in-flight entertainment system interface. Wi-Fi and a mobile phone are also available on the plane.

The young Etihad stars will be able to enjoy the family travel experience just launched by Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi World for new guests. A special feature of this aircraft is the new interactive flight map function, which helps children discover maps with the help of their dinosaur friends.

Business degree

The Business Class luxury cabin features 44 studios, each with its own sliding door, allowing for a high level of privacy. The seats are turned forward and all offer a direct exit to the corridors. Seat width over 20 inches, fully flat bed 79 inches, with ample space for more comfort.

Noise canceling headphones and 18.5-inch screen provide a cinematic experience for the Etihad in-flight entertainment system. The seats also feature a professionally integrated wireless charging patch with the ability to connect headphones via Bluetooth.

Business class guests can choose their own dishes from the menu created for each flight and on long-haul flights they can choose the “dining at any time” service.

economy class

The economy class Etihad’s spacious cabin is designed to accommodate 327 3-3-3 intelligent seats, 45 of which are extended ‘Economy Spacious’ seats with an additional 4 inches of legroom. The Crystal Cabin award-winning class seats were selected after extensive customer testing, on which Etihad based their comments on comfort and durability. The seats feature Etihad-branded headrests, USB charging ports and Bluetooth headset connectivity, as well as a 13.3-inch display screen to enjoy Etihad’s in-flight entertainment system.

All guests receive blankets and pillows for extra comfort, as well as a comfort bag for long trips and can enjoy the free food and beverage service provided by our award-winning guest staff.

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