We introduced “Sutts in Arabic” with a purely Egyptian flavor. Comparison with American origin did not bother me (dialogue)

I sat down with lawyers to prepare Adam Mansour’s character .. and absolute heroism does not bother me

We erased controversial sex stories and filed lawsuits from reality

Aser Yassin, “Mesh Benfsun” .. We chose “Evihat” from the well-known movies that the public knows

With steady steps, the artist Ahmed Daoud continues his progress and writes his artistic history, mastering his roles that started in small spaces and then, thanks to his talent and diligence, was able to turn them into signs of extraordinary that the public will not forget.

Daoud’s efforts culminated in the current Ramadan season with his friend, star Aser Yassin, through the Arabic version of the famous American series “Suits”, where he embodied the character of “Adam Mansour”, who studied law for a short period, but did not. completed the study and therefore did not receive a graduation certificate.Official and because of his talent in resolving cases, he is hired by a famous lawyer named “Zain”, who uses it to resolve major issues. For the shooting scenes, the toughest scenes, the way he was preparing for his role and his artistic plans for the upcoming period in cinema and drama, Al-Dustour had this dialogue.

■ What attracted you to participate in the series “Costumes in Arabic”?

The truth is that the work attracted me from the beginning and I was excited to take part in it after reading the first episodes, I realized that the character represents a technical challenge because the audience will compare him to the character “Mike Ross”, who. was embodied by the famous Canadian actor and director Patrick Adams, in the original American work.

In fact, I started studying the character and writing down some notes so that I could draw it well in my imagination and make it stand out on screen and different from American origin.

I entered into constant discussions with producer Tariq Al-Janaini, Mohamed Hefzy and Yasser Abdel Majid, the authors of the work and the director Essam Abdel Hamid, to find the most suitable form of the character, because I had never seen the original work.

Among other reasons to agree to take part in the work is that I have found that the combination of actors is very excellent, and each actor is very suitable for the role he plays and from the beginning of the first shooting scene, we are felt very good. satisfaction and understanding among all members of the work team, and I think this was clearly displayed on screen.

Je Are you sure you want to see the original work after agreeing with the character?

– The truth is that I did not want to see the original version of the work, but some advised me to watch it, and I really saw some episodes and did not finish watching because I wanted to draw the character with different details and shape that fits our spirit Egyptian, so much so that the events are full of details that give room to renew and add to your soul.

I think each role is an artistic painting that shows our differences, our difference, and our particular fingerprints, even if it has to do with the same theme.

In terms of comparison, it did not bother me, because I always try to present the role I play and leave the rest to God Almighty.

The only thing that bothered me was the end of filming in Ramadan along with the presentation of some episodes, because we get into a fight with time that adds to our tension, which I do not prefer, as I like to work very comfortably, but. thank God that things went well and the series won the admiration of the public.

■ You introduced the character of a young man with many emotional relationships .. How do you see this description?

– It is not so, Adam did not combine more than one female character in his relationship, but the situations forced him to do so and the dramatic line of the character did not show that Adam was multi-relationship, but circumstances forced him to enter into a relationship after the other, but he is not the character that happens after women.

The creators of the work agreed to delete the controversial sexual relations of American origin and we chose romantic relationships familiar to our Egyptian society and customs because there are many intertwined relationships and bold scenes that do not fit the Arabic version and the month of Ramadan. .

. You say you deleted and modified romantic relationship scenes. Have you done the same with the lawsuits?

– Indeed, the Arabic version of the work deals with various lawsuits that are in accordance with our society and Egyptian laws, because the court proceedings and the types of cases found in the original version are not known to the Egyptians, and we have used also a law firm to review the work scenario to make sure there are no errors in the legal proceedings regarding the lawsuits handled by our law firm within the events of the series.

■ Did you use legal references or lawyers when preparing for the character?

– In fact, several sessions with some lawyers brought me together to learn some psychological and social details of the lawyer’s personality, as the personality of “Adam Mansour” does not require full knowledge of the law, but rather requires who it will be his reaction. some specific situations within work events.

Adam The character of “Adam” is characterized by her love for movies and memorization of “episodes” … Was this part of the plan to Egyptianize the action characters?

– No, the original character really likes movies and memorizes the “alphabets”, but we chose comic sentences and situations that serve the dramatic context, in addition to some improvisation that helped Aser Yassin, as we tended to choose the closest. works for the audience, and the most famous “afhats”.

■ According to Aser Yassin, what is your assessment of the experience of working with him?

– This is the first time we meet together through a work of art, but we are friends on a personal level and I consider him one of my best friends and I am lucky to work with him because he has a great actor energy. , radiates vitality and joy, is very cooperative and has a beautiful ingenuity, leaving room for anyone an artist in front of him to highlight his best, and is one of the characters I prefer to work with and hope. to repeat the collaboration with him in other works, because “I am not selfish and I am not selfish.”

■ Is there anything in common between your true personality and the personality of Adam Mansour?

Indeed, Adam Mansour is very similar to me in many respects, including challenge, determination, respect for opportunity, and striving for continuous self-development.

Jeni Were you affected by the withdrawal of director Maryam Ahmadi at the beginning of filming?

– Absolutely that her decision did not affect the progress of the work, as we were at the beginning of filming, and Essam Abdel Hamid was the director of the second unit and we worked together before on the series “Aho so it happened”, and he is a director of distinguished that he is good at his tools and loves his work and does not lack any details or notes regarding photography or montage and selection of places and decorations.

. The audience interacted a lot with the scene of your grandmother’s death as part of work events. What is your comment?

– The scene has been one of the most difficult scenes I have experienced during work events, because during it I have brought back memories with cases of death and loss of relatives and friends I love.

We shot the scene from the first time “One Shot” and during the filming I felt that I was actually saying goodbye to my grandmother, because I had previously experienced this scene in all its details and was very touched by the feelings of sadness and cried sincerely , were not contrived feelings.

■ Why did you modify the details of the relationship between the lawyer and his grandmother of American descent?

– I think that if the relationship of the assistant or “Adam Mansour” with his grandmother we would take literally from the foreign version, some would have accused me of ingratitude, because in the original version Mike Ross gets rid of his grandmother by placing that in. a nursing home, which is normal and natural in the west, but in our societies we are emotional, and we are connected. The family is very affected, so it was difficult to convey the details of the relationship with the letter because it does not fit. our eastern customs.

■ How did you expect the reactions for the series?

Thank God, the feedback was positive and distinctive for the performance, photography and image and I found great hospitality from the audience with the characters of the work and their interaction with the series I noticed through the “comics” taken from the series, which is a success big.

■ You have a famous saying in which you say that “one more than one does not necessarily have to be number one.” Do we understand from this that absolute heroism does not bother you?

– Indeed, since my participation in the series “Sen Al-Nisa”, I have been introduced to the absolute championship, but I am more busy with the project, the idea and the role than to win the absolute championship.

■ After the great success achieved by “Suits in Arabic” … are you thinking of presenting a second part?

– Producer Tariq Al-Janaini has already received the rights to Egyptianize two parts of the series, and this means that the creators of the work are thinking about it.

■ If we talk about your cinematic activity, you participate in the films “Youm 13” and “Heisa” .. What are the latest developments in both films?

As for the movie “Day 13” I expect to be shown during the Eid al-Adha season, it is a thriller and exciting movie and the first Egyptian movie “3D” with Dina El-Sherbiny and Sherif Mounir. written and directed by Wael Abdullah.

As for the film “Hejsa”, its events revolve around football and music in popular neighborhoods, written by Muhammad Nayer and directed by Othman Abu Laban, while filming will begin after the end of the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

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