6 Steps You Need To Know About Hajj Lottery Applicants

The Ministry of Interior has set the date for the Hajj lottery for the year 1443 AH / 2022 AD in the regions after the completion of the application work at the police stations, on the website of the ministry, or through the website of the General Administrative Administration. Issues on the portal of the Ministry of Interior, or by calling the voice service at 02-27983000.

In the following lines we will review the instructions for organizing the lottery pilgrimage for the season of Hajj 1443 H / 2022 AD, as follows:

First: Application Instructions:

The required data is completed by the applicant’s national identity card, provided that it is valid (for a period of at least six months).

Those applying for Hajj must be of Egyptian nationality and have full legal capacity to perform rituals and the age of men among them must not be less than (25) years old to less than (65) years old. parents, as far as women are concerned, are required to have a legal mahram not less than (18 years old) on the 1st of Dhul-Hijjah of the current year, with the exception of women aged (45) and above. from the 1st of Dhul-Hijjah of the current year, provided that those Comrade must never have performed Hajj before.

The request for Hajj is submitted only to one party (lot – tourism – solidarity) and the application is submitted once. Cancellation and application to any other party after the lot has been drawn is not allowed, and no other request is allowed. to be accepted for him in every organization that organizes Hajj.

Performing Hajj is limited to those who have not performed Hajj in their entire life.

3% of Hajj visas are allocated to senior applicants in each directorate separately and their companions (if any). Where the unified Egyptian Hajj portal collects applicants’ data and sorts them in descending order by age in each district. lottery for the possibility of Hajj or his death, the accompanying person is obliged to notify the directorate, which in turn will notify the General Administration of Administrative Affairs, while the Hajj visa issued to the companion remains valid if it agrees with rules and regulations. included in the periodical

Those with diseases described by the Ministry of Health mentioned in the statement indicated in the application should not travel without any responsibility on the part of the Ministry of Interior.

The request for Hajj is submitted by the citizen personally to each department or police station at the Republic level without being limited to the place of residence.

The destination of the winning pilgrim’s trip is determined according to his place of residence marked on the national identity card.

Hajj requests submitted by police officers working in the service as part of the Hajj lottery will not be accepted.

Second: Lottery:

The electronic public lottery is conducted through the unified Egyptian portal for Hajj in all directorates (to be determined and to be announced later) according to the number of applicants in each directorate, except (50%) of the directorate’s weight to be a reserve for cases . (forgiveness for travel, death, non-payment) Assignment, sale or donation of the opportunity to perform Hajj to others. It is not inherited in case of death. The son who wins the Hajj lot can be assigned to one of the parents and not the other way around.

Third – Documents requested by the winners:

1- A mechanized international passport for each winner and companion (if any) with a validity period of not less than one year from the date 1 Dhul-Hijjah. Attached is the original + copy of the international immunization certificate. approved by the Ministry of Health for taking basic doses (at least two doses) of the virus (Covid-virus). 19).

2- Two last personal photos 4 × 6 with white background, in which are written the details of the passport holder on the back.

3- Health card for receiving vaccination against (seasonal flu vaccine, quadrivalent vaccine ACYW135 “meningoencephalitis”) or any other vaccination determined by the Ministry of Health.

Submitting a negative test result (PCR) for the new Corona virus (Covid-19) to a sample taken within (72 hours) before the date of travel to the Kingdom.

5- A mechanized sheet of the criminal case (Hajji fish).

6- A statement of the recruiting position of lottery winners and their companions (if any) who are of military age.

7- Travel approvals for those whose travel requires obtaining approval from their employer.

8- Medical report certified and stamped by a state hospital under the Ministry of Health.

9- Certificate of circulation issued by the General Administration of Passports, Immigration and Nationality.

10- Any other document or control requested by the Egyptian or Saudi authorities.

Fourth – Cost collection phase:

The value of Hajj expenses is determined taking into account the accommodation, services performed and transportation of pilgrims between Mecca Al-Mukarremah, Al-Medina Al-Munawarah and the holy places, in addition to the value of the plane ticket, gift certificate, and the fees set from the Saudi side.

Payment of Hajj expenses starts in all branches of national banks (Al-Ahly – Egypt – Cairo) and post offices scattered throughout the Republic as soon as the security directorates are notified of the exact date of payment after the public lottery My national card number

Failure to pay the Hajj expenses within the deadline for payment is considered as waiver by the winner of the Hajj opportunity and in this regard the general rules of waiver will apply.

Hajj expenses can be covered in cases of appointment and death before the departure of the deceased and the heirs of the deceased after the end of the Hajj season and after the submission of the required documents. Administrative expenses and approved services are deducted.

Fifth – The winner of the chance to perform Hajj is obliged to:

1- Compliance with all conditions and instructions issued by the Office of Pilgrim Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt from the date of travel until the return of the pilgrim to the country, in the safety of God.

2- Not to disturb public order in accordance with the instructions of the Saudi Ministry of Interior for the maintenance of public safety, as well as the instructions of the civil protection and fire authorities during stays in hotels, camps and means of transport between the cities of the country. Kingdom and holy places.

3- The pilgrim is obliged to include the declaration of health condition during the application for Hajj, the pilgrim who has won the lottery has no right to request any medical equipment required by his condition if it does not include the declaration of health. status in the application of Hajj .. as it has not been prepared in advance-knowing that its mention does not affect the position of the applicant.To perform the pilgrimage by lot, without any responsibility on the part of the Ministry of Interior.

4- Pilgrims accompanying medications for their treatment should keep reports and medical prescriptions that benefit from the use of these drugs in person and under the supervision of the attending physician, as well as the necessity of presenting them to customs officials at entry points in. Kingdom.

5- Disclosure of amounts, negotiable assets, precious metals, precious stones and the like, with a value not exceeding (10,000 thousand dollars) only ten thousand dollars or its equivalent in foreign currency.

6- The maximum weight allowed for the pilgrim to carry on the plane according to what has been set by the civil aviation authorities on the exit and return trips (23 kilograms) thirty-two kilograms, and the dimensions of the bags as follows (length 56 cm , width 45 cm, height 25 cm)

7- The Hajj journey includes the grouping and accommodation program and the program is prepared according to the dates provided by EgyptAir in relation to. Meetings for booking hotel accommodation designated by the Presidency of the Office of Pilgrim Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt The program includes an inter-trip to visit Medina. It is forbidden for the pilgrim to change the travel dates unilaterally because this is related to the transport quota. Pilgrim can not enter into any agreement or contract personally with any party within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

8- Not to accompany the pilgrim with one of his relatives residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia inside the hotels of the pilgrims in Mecca and Medina, and not to be present. In the camps in the areas of Arafat and Mina

9- The obligation to keep the identification card (card) and the hand strap on which the Hajj data are shown, in order to avoid the presence of a number of unidentified accidental victims, which requires great efforts to reveal their personality.

10- Obeying the instructions of the Saudi authorities not to take pictures inside the Two Holy Mosques at any cost.

11- Follow the instructions issued by the Saudi authorities regarding the precautionary and preventive measures and social distancing that must be followed to prevent the Corona virus (Covid-19).

Sixth – Specifications and conditions of the lottery pilgrimage:

A – Accommodation in Mecca and Medina: accommodation is provided for lottery pilgrims equipped with lifts, air conditioning, hotel refrigerators, beds, bedspreads and pillows and a toilet attached to each room in the Al-Haramain area. Women and men are divided into living rooms in accordance with the terms of the Saudi authorities

B – Holy feelings (Mina, Arafat):

* Only pilgrims carrying business cards and wristbands will be allowed to enter the Mashaer area.

* Lottery pilgrims will not be escalated from Mecca to Mina on the day of Tarwijah, as the escalation will take place directly at Arafat on the 8th of Dhul-Hijjah.

* Air-conditioned and equipped camps are allocated for accommodation in Mashari Arafat and Mina.

* The program does not include the presence of overnight places in Muzdelife, where buses stop to gather the Jama’at and perform my prayers (Magrib and Jaci) and then go to Mina.

* Accommodation in the camps of Mash’ar Mina is very specific, so the pilgrim is obliged not to bring large luggage on departure to perform the rituals.

* The tents are furnished with carpets and sofas in the shrine of Arafat and Mina – food and drinking water are provided for every pilgrim during the days of the holy places in Mina and Arafat.

* Hajji adheres to the instructions of the Saudi authorities as he sends pilgrims from the camps to the Jamarat Bridge to perform the stone ritual, not sleeping on the roads surrounding the Two Holy Places, the holy places and the Jamarat bridge. prohibited from accumulation and exposure to direct sunlight for long periods.

* The group of pilgrims will be organized from Shaari of Mina to Mecca Al-Mukarramah in appropriate numbers in accordance with the capacity of the court of the encirclement and the Grand Mosque at 50% every day.

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