Mobile counters for “Emirates Airlines” in Terminal 3 to facilitate travel procedures

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Emirates has provided 25 mobile control counters in all Terminal 3 lounges at Dubai International Airport as part of its commitment to continue excellence and innovation at every point of contact for customers and to enhance the flight experience.

Emirates employees, who work at mobile counters developed in the UAE, will handle customer travel procedures, weigh and label bags, issue a boarding pass, and answer customer questions. Once the labels are attached, the porters will place the luggage on a designated belt. Each mobile counter has a luggage rack attached to it.

Emirates is urging customers with two or fewer bags to check in for their business, business and first class travel using mobile counters, which helps reduce queuing times during peak hours.

Adel Al Redha, Emirates Chief Operating Officer, said: “We will continue to use advanced technologies and robotics in our operations to serve our customers.

We are fortunate to work with partners who share the same vision for using digital platforms and advanced technologies to improve operations and the customer experience. As part of our commitment to continuously improve our services and provide a smoother experience and better travel for our customers, mobile counters are a new step in this direction and we are working on other technology-based initiatives and artificial intelligence that will soon be made. located in different regions.

Emirates initiatives for continuous innovation and unique customer experience recently included launching an integrated biometric route at Dubai International Airport and working with various relevant pairs at the airport to provide a completely contactless experience. The Smart Tunnel was the world’s first passport control facility, where passengers simply pass through a tunnel and are authorized by immigration authorities without human intervention or without the need for a passport stamp.

Ramadan Service

Emirates Airlines, on the other hand, will resume providing the usual services to its fast-flying air and ground passengers during the blessed Ramadan, which will relieve them of the hassle of traveling and meet their special requirements. in the holy month.

From today, passengers in all classes, on selected flights, can eat specially prepared and nutritionally balanced breakfasts, served in boxes designed by Emirates staff in collaboration with local artists at Mawaheb Art Studio. The food includes fresh salads, sandwiches, seedless dates, yoghurt, water, small Arabic bread and other ingredients.

Airline crews provide iftar boxes on flights to specific destinations at times coinciding with Iftar or Syfyr, and on flights to and from Gulf Cooperation Council locations, as well as on flights serving Umrah pilgrims to Jeddah and Medina during Ramadan. Cold meals are served to people who do not fast instead of the usual hot meal on all trips to Jeddah and Madinah, including day trips to Umrah.

The boxes are designed to be easily carried if customers wish to do so. It will also be served to complement the usual hot breakfast service, which includes traditional soup for first-class passengers on selected flights. Emirates will update and diversify the contents of the boxes on a weekly basis to ensure the best customer classroom experience for this month.

Emirates Airlines uses a unique tool to calculate the Istiq and Iftar times aboard the aircraft, depending on the aircraft’s latitude and longitude, and altitude, to ensure the highest levels of accuracy. These times the captain notifies the passengers.

The in-flight information, communication and entertainment system provides content for Holy Month, including programs such as (Know that there is no god but God), Life Card, Religion of Tolerance, and Minarets of Light, in addition to verses from The Holy Quran recited by a number of famous reciters.

Ramadan special programs represent a portion of the diverse content on board with more than 5,000 channels on demand, including 595 Arabic channels featuring movies, TV shows, podcasts, music, dramas, and popular Ramadan series.

dates and water

Emirates Airlines offers passengers to specific destinations, whose boarding coincides with Iftar and Syfyr hours, dates and water at the gates. Dates and coffee, as well as delicious Arabic desserts, are served in Emirates Airlines lounges at Dubai International Airport throughout the holy month. The halls also have hats and light facilities.


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