How to spend it in Arabic in May: Sophisticated art and startling elegance

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Elaf from Beirut: As for the May 2022 issue of Modern Luxury magazine, it has been published How to spend it in Arabic And it became accessible to any reader, here is a brief summary of the interesting topics it presents. The guest of this Arab issue is Laila Musa, the Saudi stylist of Lebanese origin, who brings glory from two sides: the Hijaz and Aghabany coats of the Levant.

May emit cover

In an interview with Ahmed Al-Ayyad, Laila Moussa explains her distinctive way of addressing the garment, “as if she had detached herself.” She does not trade anything new, but instead creates her own innovation and believes that abaya increases the elegance and prestige of the modern woman, so she calls on her to adhere to it and also makes a special appeal to save the extinct handicraft and with her death the cultures of the peoples die.

Layla Moussa has many talents: she is a stylist of clothes, coats and kaftans, antique collector, critic and mogul in interior design and owner of the Layla Moussa Designs brand, which she describes as saying: “It dates back to ancient times. . brought to life with modern features, and carries with it an innovation for every woman who stands out from her wives .. for every woman who has proven her presence in this world .. and for every modern woman who looks like me. ”

Saudi designer Laila Musa

According to Samar Abdel-Malik, editor-in-chief at How to spend it in ArabicIn her introductory speech on the issue, Moussa looks at men’s clothing with a modern vision and says she has the characteristics of a man here and the values ​​he values. Commitment to dress is an indication of collective adherence to heritage and history, as if it had been made from desert sand and its thread had been spun into one of its oases.

One of Laila Moussa’s models was inspired by oriental heritage

This month’s guest on the “Gurmet” column is artist Cynthia Nixon, who elaborates on jewelry she doesn’t take off, including a necklace that wraps around her neck and makes her feel safe and strong; She also talks about the coffee that fills her fridge along with avocado and quinoa, and about actress and producer Christine Baransky, her friend and fashion icon. Her hobby is collecting teapots from all over the world and she owns a large collection of them, some of which she inherited from her mother and grandmother.

A third guest also appears in this issue, which deals with the issue of sex education. It is the model Anja Rubik who finds the way to prevent unwanted pregnancies is through sex education and no other way. She began her research by gathering data and talking to sexologists and psychologists and found that what was hidden in the matter was the greatest: lack of knowledge, difficulty in getting contraceptives, high incidence of sexually transmitted disease infections and a large number of adolescents. pregnancies. The conclusion for him is: “It is very funny that young people do not learn the basics of safe sex, consensual relationships, do not know their body.” … Without sex education means not to have healthy, tolerant and equal. is a formula to be kept.

American actress Cinita Nixon

It is the water from which every living thing is created. In Tides, Isabel Kontour shows us the most beautiful views of the water, while James Aubrey offers his vision for a different life on the banks of the Thames. Elsewhere, “The Form of Water,” Francesca Gavin asks, “Why is the art of water erasing our world?” Water, as you say, transcends a life. It has been a constant theme in the drawings of Alex Katz for decades, an American painter in the mid-1990s who considers him an attractive subject because of his ability to transform and transform. It is the water itself that is different in the works of the British painter Patrick H. Jones: “in his paintings he embodies fish in angry and troubled waters”, as he describes it, and his works are inspired by his personal relationship with sadness. and grief.

The latest investigations into this matter are “My beautiful Lisbon”. This investigation accompanies him on a tasting tour with chef Nuno Mendes, as few chefs have left such a shocking impact on the capital’s restaurant scene than he has. He helped establish East London as a culinary destination. Mendes is also known for educating talent and supporting others, and has made his profession the advocacy of Portuguese food.

Polish model Anja Rubik

In the Moods of this issue, the fur bra has a special place in today’s fashion, it is practically “sleeveless and interesting” … a trend that has been proven to last because it is here to stay, with this fashion’s bras season by Gucci, Erdem and other major. brands The role of fashion. It is important that she remains committed to the men’s side, unlike the wristwatch, which in the “women’s watch” is alienated from the rules of men’s elegance and pulled into the wrists of beautiful women … And how beautiful women! Those who sit on the red carpet at the most important social events and the most elegant. Times have changed and Chopard watches look avant-garde in the field as we see their watches on the wrists of celebrities at the Oscars and other ceremonies.

Matthew Williamson reveals his happy start with “John Lewis”. All colors are present except beige, so “Did you know the color?” He says of the collection that includes tapestries, mirrors, lighting fixtures, candles, towels and beds: “I painted constantly, the walls of my villa are all covered with what I paint. It’s a small problem, the more I have the honor. to do what I do and I can not wait to see what the reaction will be ”.

American painter Alex Katz

Shopping, there is a constant call to go back to the roots, to regain the wild side of man with a 1970s safari, prepared from the ground up: from belt to bag.

On an interesting tour of the best cafes in the world, a book FT With evidence that is against them: Here we drink our coffee and therefore we see that this place is the best in this world. Different tastes vary, but the goal is the same: a dose of caffeine that is worth talking about.

At the monthly fixed doors, Laila Gohar hosts a hearty feast with a bowl of potatoes. Johar writes in her column this month that she has decided to host a Sunday afternoon party with a richly textured Spanish tortilla. “Two similar but different textures on a plate make food interesting,” she says. “So I decided to pour mashed potatoes around the tortillas, then generously add the caviar to each slice. I also made a little garlic sauce to serve along with the chips. Love Mixed Moment, nothing more expressive of mixing than potatoes , onions, eggs and caviar. “

From the desert to deep blue, the “Travelista” door offers four sun-soaked shelters for a fun spring-summer vacation: Siros Island and Hotel Aristide; the small Caribbean country of Dominica, where it is possible to swim alongside giant sperm whales; Homestead Modern Lodge in the California Desert; and beach villas at the Eriksberg Hotel and Reserve on the south Swedish coast, or at Villa Neris on the northeast coast of Corfu. It is up to you, Sinbad, to choose a good position for yourself.

As for the “Tech Oasis” section, it features the best technology used in the journey between home and work: two small headphones for clearer and more appealing sound; Perfect cup of coffee with milk, keep hot for six hours, or ice cold for 24 hours; Mini black connector to synchronize phone with music device in wireless car; An essential backpack.

Finally … “How are you enjoying your time in Berlin?”, And florist Robbie Barber has the safe news. Berlin is her hometown and Berliners know best about its people, so she easily talks about beautifully designed gardens, pastries and shops, which is her studio located in Am Lockdepot, a real estate project located right next to the rails of train. Next to the professional is the restaurant “Lock6”, where the food is seasonal and elegant; “Chef Julia, with whom I collaborate on several projects, creates dishes inspired by nature, such as baked apples with cranberries, pecans and vanilla cream.”

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