Gazeta Riad | Rising travel traffic and opening of Umrah season confuse domestic air traffic

The “aviation industry” suffers from a lack of specialists and experienced people

Rising travel traffic and opening of Umrah season confuse domestic air traffic

Kingdom airports are witnessing a huge travel movement following the easing of pandemic restrictions

A specialist in airport management and operation commented on flight delays and the presence of some sort of confusion in airport traffic, and the impact of flights and passengers to and from the city of Jeddah, as a side effect of every airline; For many circumstances, most of which are beyond the control of companies, such as technical defects or atmosphere, etc., and this is a reality that can not be changed and accepted by the traveler, but what is not acceptable is the lack of a Mechanism organized work to deal with passengers in case of delays, such as lack of clear information, which is part of the reasons for passenger anger.

Al-Moataz bin Hassan Mira explained that air traffic is increasing locally and globally, especially with the lifting of preventive and preventive measures regarding the fight against the Corona pandemic and the possibility of using the full capacity of aircraft, saying: in terms of operational movement during the blessed month of Ramadan, this is not something new for airport specialists, or airlines, an increase in the demand for domestic flights to perform umrah and visit the Prophet’s mosque during this period of each year , which is repeated every year, whether in the previous stage or the current one. August. 2021, where there was an eight-phase operational plan showing the expected operational volume, which gives all operation-related parties the development of operational plans for this season.

He found that in the field of the aviation industry, events are an emergency that can easily turn into a crisis situation, be it related to bad weather conditions, sudden turbulence, a security threat, a cyber attack, or others. and it is certain that no airport in the Kingdom is free from the crisis management and aviation regulations issued to international organizations such as IATA and ICAO.

peak times

Mira pointed out that all airports in the world are overcrowded, especially during the seasons, be they religious or investment seasons, holidays and other seasons. At Kingdom airports, especially after the privatization of airports, and the definition of legislation according to a study. of specialists in customer service management from the General Civil Aviation Authority, which explains the systems called minimum technical requirements (MTR) through which performance indicators are defined, leading to a study of services provided at each airport, indicating that there are reports issued by the General Authority of Civil Aviation in which the degree of passenger satisfaction with the services provided at each airport and for all services is measured.

He noted that the pandemic had a role to play in the lack of quality of services as some companies reduced the number of their employees locally and globally, but it was also thought of under a recovery plan that would not last more than six months in the worst case. from the beginning. of the pandemic until employees return again to keep pace with business volume, showing the importance of the role of strategic departments and recovery plans, as the aviation industry is very sensitive and suffers from a lack of specialists and experts in the field. .

And on the need for our airports to have a new wording to deal with crises, he says: “We need to distinguish between crisis management and customer service, such as crisis management at Kingdom airports, outside of justice and from experience, as it is ready. at all times according to the highest technologies and global practices and international operating systems in cooperation with international organizations in the aviation industry, as Kingdom airports are an integral part of the international aviation system. ”

In terms of customer service, he added: “Every passenger-related party, whether it is (airline – ground services at airports or airport operators) has the responsibility to make customer voice and satisfaction as the goal, and to develop and the continuous development of minds and learning lessons learned from any grievance or the establishment of prompt solutions and transparency in the ongoing treatment and monitoring of the implementation of legislation issued by the relevant legislative authorities have played a major role in improving the experience of the traveler and gaining trust, and that, in my personal view, is what is required to work harder for him in the coming period. ”

He stressed that the government of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques has spared no effort to develop this aviation sector, adopting the latest international practices, either in terms of technical transformation and systems used or at the level of infrastructure and even renovation. of blood. at the leadership level, rehabilitating and supporting them.

And regarding future plans to deal with the increase in air traffic back and forth to the Kingdom after the outbreak of the Corona crisis, he explained that each of the Kingdom airports has its own operational plan based on flight schedules, seasons, the expected number of passenger flights and peak timetables, in cooperation with government operating agencies, airlines, ground services and other service entities which is related to the operation and service of flights based on legislation issued by the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

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