Eid trip with chef Manal Al Alem

At a remarkable table that combines modernity and originality with simple and nutritious dishes

The lady of the house is confused, how to choose the dishes for the Eid meal, to satisfy the tastes of all her family. What the younger generation likes about food often does not match the food their parents want. They are always looking for refreshments away from traditional foods, especially on holidays, so they ask their mother to prepare unusual dishes, giving the table a special elegance.

Chef Manal Al-Alam took all these requests into account and added to the deteriorating economic conditions, so he suggested ideas for the Eid al-Fitr table, rich in a variety of nutritious and at the same time new items, in which she kept traditional dishes and he painted them with others that could decorate the Eid trip home.

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, she said: The mother is what brings the spirit of the holiday to her family. When I say this, I do not exaggerate, because it is enough to have a wide smile at its bases and a positive energy that you spread around it, to make this occasion present in all its dimensions among the people of the country. the same house.

Chef Manal Al-Alam, famous in Lebanon and the Arab world, has more than three million followers on his Instagram page and has extensive experience in the world of cooking.

And because the secret of the holiday lies in “Sit al-Bayt” as she says, she suggests preparing rich and simple meals together, allowing her to save in light of deteriorating financial conditions on the one hand and bring renovation to the table. the other side.

Manal Al-Alam addresses the Arab woman, saying: “The journey I propose to you may be presented to the dearest guests in your heart and to the people of your house who greet the soul with a banquet table different from the others. They are simple, inexpensive recipes.

When choosing to prepare specific dishes, we must take into account the benefits and specifics of each dish.

We can make the best traditional dishes and present them in a different context, and we can achieve innovations in other dishes that attract attention with their delicious taste and presentation. ”

Delicious tomato soup

Tomato soup can be one of the main things to start with. It compensates the body for fluid loss throughout the day and allows the food cycle to end at the table in a slower way, without disturbing the stomach.

To prepare this dish, bake the tomatoes in the oven, after adding a pinch of different oriental spices with a little olive oil and add sliced ​​onions and minced garlic, then throw the ingredients in a pot. on the fire, add water, and a cube of chicken broth. It is a delicious dish that is suitable for a fresh start at the Eid table.

Tabbouleh, master of the table

According to Chief Manal, the tabulah dish is liked by both adults and children and its preparation does not require high cost or long time, so he suggests it as an introduction to the Eid lunch and for members of the house to feel the difference, it is preferable for the housewife to present it in small plates scattered on the table for each individual and decorated with lettuce leaves.

– Bulgur dish with old renewed lentils

Chief Manal suggests preparing a useful and nutritious dish at the Eid table and the cost is very simple, suitable for all layers, namely lentil bulgur. “We can include tomatoes and oriental spices of all kinds. The nutritional benefits of this dish are many and its importance lies in creating a feeling of satiety for its consumption. It is eaten cold or hot as desired and its taste is very tasty.

… and humus has its place on the Eid table

Chef Manal Al-Alam recommends preparing delicious dishes from the chickpea ingredient. Hummus with tahini, or “humus by night” and “hummus fatteh”, are dishes loved by all family members and can decorate the Eid table in terms of serving. Chief Manal advises, if the housewife chooses the dish with tahini chickpeas: “Serve on miniature plates, or spread on toasted bread, garnished with cherry tomatoes or ordinary tomato slices.”

– Baked potatoes

This dish is one of the favorite foods of both adults and children. For its preparation, the potato should be emptied from its cavity without peeling it and after washing it well. We cut it into two parts and filled it with vegetables as desired and add a little lemon juice and put it in the oven as we can fry it. Serve hot and look beautiful on the Eid table.

Mashed potatoes

In the oven, a main dish

Many varieties suggested by chef Manal Al-Alam in the field of preparation of the main dish for the Eid table. She says: “Many traditional dishes that (Sit Al-Bayt) can prepare according to their budget. As with the ribs stuffed with rice, you can prepare the Moroccan dish with chicken leaves or grapes with kitten. But today I wanted to make some changes, so I chose to make a dish made of fish. “

We pick a large fish and empty it from the main chain of this fish in the middle. Cut the fish into pieces parallel to the width, preserving the outer shape from head to tail. Add the spices with dill grass, popularly known as dill or green coriander and bake in the oven with a little olive oil until ripe. At this time we prepare the mashed potatoes (brie potatoes). During serving, place a layer of mashed potatoes and on top of it a layer of fish and a second layer of potatoes and fish can be repeated. And the secret of the aroma of this dish lies in the way it is baked in the oven, which provides it with a delicious taste. This dish can also be served with a variety of grilled vegetables on the side.

– In sweets, first, then cake with dates

Chef Manal Al-Alam emphasizes the necessity of placing Eid cakes on the table. She considers mamoulin a key item to decorate because it is a traditional dish that symbolizes the occasion.

In parallel, a recipe for “date cake” is presented, which requires 200 grams of grated dates, half a teaspoon of cardamom, saffron and baking soda. In addition to two eggs, a cup of sugar, two and a half cups of flour, half a cup of soft butter and a teaspoon of liquid vanilla. Preheat the oven to 180, grease the mold with butter and sprinkle with flour. In a deep bowl we place the dates, water, bicarbonate, cardamom, saffron, my heart to digest the dates. In a mixing bowl place the sugar, butter and beat with a shovel attachment until fluffy. Add eggs and vanilla, beat to mix, add flour and dates, beat to mix. Throw in the mold. Bake for 35-40 minutes. You can serve it with “toffee” sauce consisting of butter, cream and sugar.

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