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The Al-Furqan Mosque in Libya draws attention to its façade and interior of Islamic motifs engraved with Qur’anic verses and high-precision floral motifs, and is very similar in shape to Moroccan mosques.

Tripoli – The Al-Furqan Mosque in the city of Jadu, on the slopes of the Nafusa Mountains in western Libya, is unique in its Moroccan-style Islamic inscriptions and has taken on great significance among the barbarians of the mountain population.

Attention is drawn to Islamic decorations on the façade and interior of the mosque engraved with Quranic verses and a high-precision-designed vegetable inscription, very similar in shape to mosques in Moroccan cities.

Looking at the details of the Islamic decoration of the mosque, you see the modern style of architecture that is consistent with the originality, beauty, precision of the design and the splendor of the stones used in the construction of the mosque.

The Al-Furqan Mosque in Jadu is a unique urban building and one of the largest mosques in the towns of the Nafusa Mountains. Modernly decorated columns were built that do not depend on a building material in a magnificent Islamic geometric view.

Despite being established and last opening in 2006, the mountain dwellers maintain a high position for the mosque as it is an authentic extension of the Amazigh identity that extends to North African countries.

The mosque consists of a large arena for Friday prayers and religious occasions, and contains classes to learn the Holy Qur’an and teachings in Sharia.

Al-Furkan Mosque from the inside, built in the Andalusian-Moroccan style, with precise specifications (Al-Jazeera)

construction details

Ahmed Al-Sahili, one of the organizers of the Al-Furqan Mosque, explained that the mosque was built after the removal of the old mosque, so construction work on the mosque began in 2003 and opened in 2006.

Al-Sahili went on to say to Al-Jazeera Net: “My father, may God have mercy on him, was related to the Andalusian Islamic inscriptions and for this reason this mosque was built in the Andalusian-Moroccan style with precise specifications.”

Al-Sahili told Al Jazeera Net that a technical team of engineers and specialists in Islamic decoration and architecture came from the Moroccan state to Libya to build the mosque according to the most accurate Islamic designs and inscriptions and then the building project materials were sent. from Morocco to begin construction work.

Al-Sahili confirmed that the Al-Furkan mosque can accommodate about 1300 believers inside and its large courtyard can accommodate tens of thousands of believers abroad and is followed by the people of the city and the mountain in general.

Among the mosque annexes is the largest Islamic library in the western region. According to Al-Sahli, it contains a large collection of Islamic law books in the field of jurisprudence, hadith, transactions and interpretation.

Al-Sahili said the mosque is a replica of the Lalla Sakina mosque in Morocco, with the addition of several other important accessories, such as classes for teaching the Noble Qur’an and Islamic jurisprudence, apartments and halls for religious occasions.

Al-Furkan 1 Mosque in Jadu city, especially Al-Jazeera, Libya
The inscriptions on the Al-Furqan Mosque are inspired by the Moroccan style similar to the ancient Andalusian inscriptions of the people of Mount Nafusa hundreds of years ago (Al-Jazeera).

Berber inscriptions

Sheikh Yahya Al-Aidoudi from the city of Jado confirmed that the mosque is important to the people of the region, as it is inspired by the Moroccan style in its inscriptions, similar to the ancient Andalusian inscriptions of the people of the hundreds of Nafusa Mountains. Years ago.

He said that the mosque “welcomes delegations and visitors who come to Jadu, in addition to organizing important religious events in it, which are very popular with the citizens.”

He added for Al Jazeera Net that the mosque consists of a legitimate high school and a large lantern for learning the Holy Quran, an underground event hall and an open courtyard for prayer if the mosque is full, as well as apartments for to receive guests. visiting the city.

Al-Aidoudi noted that the officials of Al-Furkan Mosque are interested in everything big and small in the mosque to preserve this wonderful artistic value in the art of Islamic architecture, although it has not received a continuation from the competent authorities in place to regard it as an Islamic beacon that spreads the spirit of tolerance and brotherhood among Libyans.

Quran Memorization Center in Al-Furqan Mosque, private photo of Al-Jazeera, Libya
Al-Furqan Mosque Memorization Center clearly shows the aesthetics of the inscriptions used (Al-Jazeera)

Unique Islamic building

On the other hand, the former mayor of Jadu, Saeed Al-Badrani, confirmed that the Al-Furqan Mosque is of great importance to the inhabitants of Jadu and the cities of the western mountains in particular, as a unique Islamic building in Libya.

Al-Badrani added, “Anyone coming to Jadu should visit Al-Furqan Mosque to see the extraordinary architecture of the mosque and come here to take pictures showing the magnificent Islamic inscriptions of the mosque.”

Al-Badrany confirmed in his statement to Al-Jazeera Net that the mosque had been “witnessing, since the events of the Libyan revolution in 2011, in meetings in the context of motivating and encouraging fighters, in addition to being a place to help citizens. through the former local council of Jadu ”.

Al-Badrani explained that the mosque witnessed reconciliation meetings, including a meeting of representatives of various Libyan cities that came after allegations of Salafism in eastern Libya, involving supporters of the Ibadi sect.

Al-Badrani stressed that the Al-Furkan Mosque is a destination for everyone in the city because it is in the middle of the city of Jadu, which was an important center since Ottoman rule when it was the district of Fasato, except the fact that the Al-Furkan Mosque is wide and easy to reach, and some people prefer to meet in mosques because of the religious value of mosques for tolerance and forgiveness.

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