2.5 million passengers through the country’s airports in 10 days

Mustafa Abdel Azim (Dubai)

Eid al-Fitr has boosted demand for hotel reservations in the UAE, especially at beach resorts and near shopping malls, along with a significant increase in demand for travel abroad, according to data from airlines and booking sites, which showed a significant increase in hotel room prices and airline tickets, ranging from 30% to 40%. Hotel managers expected residential levels to reach record levels of up to 100% during the Eid holiday, which lasts from Saturday, April 30, to Sunday, May 8, 2022, due to strong demand from local tourism, as and large flows. in the number of tourists from abroad, especially from European and Gulf markets.

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Nader Seifi, General Manager of Rio Resort in Dubai, said that booking accommodation during the Eid holiday shows that the hotel is fully occupied, noting that more than 90% of bookings are from foreign markets such as Britain, Germany, the Czech Republic. . , The Netherlands and Italy, noting that occupancy levels during the first two weeks of May reached more than 90%, after scoring 100% in April and around 90% during the first quarter of the year.

  • Ismail Ibrahim
    Ismail Ibrahim

tremendous momentum
Ismail Ibrahim, General Manager of Ramada Downtown Abu Dhabi, stressed that the current bookings and the high demand for hotel stays during the long Eid al-Fitr holiday show that the hotel sector will witness an outstanding performance during this period, pointing to great moment of Confirmed reservations, with hotels ready with offers and discounts.Good to attract a larger segment of guests.

  • Mona Awni
    Mona Awni

For her part, Mona Awni, Marketing and Communication Director at Swisshotel Al-Morouj, Downtown, and Accor Group Mövenpick Grand Al-Bustan, indicated that there is a high demand for hotel bookings during Eid al-Fitr, especially hotels. near shopping malls, noting the high occupancy average at the Swiss Al Murooj Hotel, located near Dubai Mall, has risen to more than 90% during Eid, compared to an average of 80% now.
Awni explained that bookings at the hotel complex, which includes more than 528 hotel rooms and apartments, came from a range of markets, including in addition to the local market, several European markets such as France and Belgium, in addition to Canada and also. from the Gulf market, at a rate ranging from 40 to 50%, particularly from Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait.

  • Mamoun Humaidan
    Mamoun Humaidan

Search for hotels
For his part, Mamoun Humaidan, head of commercial operations and general manager for the Middle East, North Africa and India region in Wego, indicated that hotel searches are on the rise during the Eid holiday, noting that the site has registered more than 131 thousand searches. for the months of March and April, and is expected to register Most hotels have a high frequency of accommodation on the Eid holiday.
Regarding searches at tourist destinations for Eid al-Fitr, Humaidan indicated that India led the search from the UAE, followed by Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and Morocco, noting the return of countries to the search list, such as Thailand, Azerbaijan . and Georgia, and the presence of several new destinations topping the list of travelers to and from the Emirates.

Changing the appearance style
He explained that the period of stay varied from 3 to 7 days, indicating a change in the travel planning pattern, as travelers plan to travel at least a week before the travel date, noting that the low rate of Corona Virus infection in most countries of the world contributed to the consolidation of trust in travel and the deepening of recovery in destinations, which carried out the early control of the pandemic, following the fast and extensive vaccination protocols and procedures, led by the United Arab Emirates . , which managed in a short period of time to offer a safe travel experience.

The culmination of the trip to the airport
While Abu Dhabi Airports expected Abu Dhabi International Airport to receive around 425,000 passengers during the Eid al-Fitr holiday, from April 30 to May 8, Dubai International Airport also expected to receive about 1.9 million passengers during the Eid holiday, with one average daily movement. with over 177,000 passengers, May 7 is expected to be the busiest day in that period, with over 200,000 passengers arriving, while the total number of passengers across all airports in the country is expected to reach about 2.5 million passengers during the holiday . .
Emirates Airlines, for its part, announced the readiness of its crews to receive more than 700,000 customers at Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport during the Eid al-Fitr holiday and this demand will continue to be high until May 9, especially on weekends.
In response to high demand for bookings and long-haul travel, Emirates announced more flights across seven cities in the region and the Middle East and intensified its schedule by adding 22 flights and offering additional seats using the A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft between April 28 and May 8 near four cities serving in Saudi Arabia, as well as in Kuwait, Beirut and Amman.

Large increase in demand
Flydubai expects a record number of passengers, as the airline has seen a significant increase in demand for flights, especially to destinations such as Baku, Colombo, Istanbul and the Maldives, in addition to some recently launched destinations such as Ljubljana, Salzburg and Tirana.
The company increased the seating capacity on some of its popular streets during the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday, such as Baku, Tbilisi, Maldives and Sarajevo, to cope with rising demand during the Eid period. More than 2,200 flights are scheduled to operate between April 30 and May 8, which is a significant increase compared to the airline’s scheduled flights.

Ticket price increase
A survey conducted by the Federation on hotel and flight reservation sites showed an increase in the prices of travel tickets and hotel accommodation during the Eid al-Fitr holiday with rates ranging from 30 to 40%, depending on the tourist destination and hotel location, an unprecedented level in two years at this time, due to the easing of restrictions, both in the Emirates and abroad, and the average duration of a hotel stay or a tourist trip ranged from 3 to 4 nights.

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