Why do some couples suffer from emotional and sexual separation?

  • Hevar Hassan
  • BBC Arabic

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It is not easy to talk about emotional separation between spouses in Arab and Islamic societies, as it remains confined to bedrooms, although it is no less harmful to the family than divorce. Undoubtedly one or all parties, including children, are affected by the formal divorce between spouses.

Divorce cases in Saudi Arabia, for example, over the past year (June 2018 and June 2019) totaled 5,333 cases per month, according to the Saudi Ministry of Justice. In Egypt, the divorce rate has risen to 23 almost every hour. In Turkey, the divorce rate increased by 10.9 percent during 2018, according to the Turkish Statistics Authority, and in Iran, there are twenty cases of divorce per hour, according to the Ministry of Justice.

Experts in the field of psychology and sociology believe that the rate of “clinical separation” exceeds the rate of formal divorce, although there are no official statistics on this due to the sensitivity of the issue. It is covering all segments of society, regardless of their religion, nationality, age or cultural background.

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’emotional dehydration’

Kamal says he does not know if he is married or divorced, “I really can not say.”

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