The system for booking a role to obtain a Syrian passport 2022 || site link Reserving the role of a Syrian passport

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The system for booking a role to obtain a Syrian passport

The fastest way to book the role of a Syrian passport, Syrian passport role booking platform in 2022Where the Ministry provided a link to book the role of the passport in Syria, the “Syrian Passport Reservation Platform” electronically and without the need to visit immigration and passport centers and stand and wait in line.

The number of searches for a role booking system to obtain a Syrian passport is growing in Syria, where the link to book a Syrian passport is one of the most important electronic links linked to the government, and the new passport page is dedicated for obtaining a platform for booking the role of passports in Syria and monitoring the role of passports.

Where the Syrian Interior Ministry announced the launch of an “electronic passport role” window to register for an appointment to obtain a Syrian passport, as this report from the Tijarna news site includes a link to the “official link” of Ministry of Interior. , a platform for booking passports in Syria.

Book an appointment for a Syrian passport

This is the URL of the Syrian Passport Role Reservation Platform 2022, or what is called the Syrian Passport Role Online Tracking Window and Role Tracking. Syrians in the provinces and villages of Damascus.

The Syrian Interior Ministry also said that the connection to the Syrian passport reservation platform “electronic window” enables Syrian citizens to track the status of obtaining a Syrian passport if it is submitted in advance, thus easing the crisis of overcrowding for residents of Damascus and villages. provided that the “reservation” service be extended to include all governments in the near future.

Connection of the Syrian passport reservation platform

Now any individual residing in the province of Damascus or its region can register electronically to obtain an appointment for a passport in the provinces of Syria.

From here, you can go directly to the official passport reservation URL in Syria (

Syrian passport portal

According to the Syrian Interior Ministry, the opening of a window to reserve the roles of passports in Syria, called the “Electronic Role Window” through the website of the Ministry of Interior entitled (((Reservation system for a role to obtain a passport)) stems from the desire of the Syrian Ministry of Interior to simplify the passport application process.

Passport reservation system of the Ministry of Interior

It is worth noting that the Syrian Minister of Interior, Muhammad al-Rahmoun, had previously stated during the session of the People’s Assembly on November 10, “the intention to complete the project of booking an electronic passport in Syria in 2022.”

Book a Syrian passport for 2022

Due to the high volume of demand and the resulting pressure on the platform for booking Syrian passport roles, as well as the limited number of daily roles that the platform can afford, many Syrians face many difficulties when booking the role of Syrian passport, including:

  • No reserves left, and therefore no solution. For many, it’s about people paying to book a role.
  • Although we do not encourage this technique due to various disadvantages, here is the fastest way to book a passport role.
  • Therefore, it is better to log in to the website for booking work for Syrian passport at nine in the morning or three in the evening.
  • Apart from the predefined hours, no new functionality is added to the platform connection.
  • The Passport Role Booking Platform should open approximately two minutes before the renewal time and efforts should begin at least five minutes before the role renewal time.
  • It is recommended that you have an internet connection with a speed of at least 8 MB.
  • In addition, they are encouraged to apply for passport reservation via computer rather than telephone, as several attempts have found that computer registration is safer than mobile registration.

How to find a job for a Syrian passport holder in 2022

You can also track the status of your passport in Syria through the newly opened electronic window “Syrian Passport Reservation Platform Connection” from the Syrian Ministry of Interior, where the electronic role of Syrian passports “Syrian Passport Reservation” allows you to track distribution and obtaining immigration passports and Syrian passports.

Book a Syrian passport

Partial booking procedure for obtaining a Syrian passport. It is also worth noting that the issuance of passports in the Syrian Arab Republic has been halted during the previous period, as separate sources in the Ministry of Interior stated that the current difficulties in booking the role of the passport in Syria is a problem.

Since it is old and constantly renewed, and the ministry suffers constantly, with the issue of obtaining paints and papers imported from abroad, called “booking the Syrian passport”. In the middle of last month, the government resumed the Syrian withdrawal. passport.

Syrian passport registration platform

Now, with the Interior Ministry announcing the launch of the online role booking window, “a link to the Syria 2022 passport reservation platform” to obtain the Syrian passport, registering for an appointment has become a simple matter.

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