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The UAE continues its aggressive plans to revive the tourism sector through quality initiatives, the latest of which was the newly established five-year, multi-entry, visa-free visa system that supports leadership. of the UAE on the list. from the first countries in the world, in terms of ease of entry, increases the demand rates for tourist travel in the country, which is in the interest of all sectors related to the tourism sector, as well as increases the demand for companies. to establish or expand their headquarters in the country, in light of the flexibility of government decisions.

It is expected that the tourism sector in the country will have more growth and recovery, as well as the influx of millions of tourists, after the updated system of entry visas, where the beneficiary has been able to stay in the country for up to 90 consecutive days. which can be extended for a similar period, provided that the entire period of stay does not exceed 180 days in a year, which was considered by experts and specialists in the tourism sector, “Al-Bayan” noted the opinions their, a strong step, which. will contribute to the greater popularity and mobility of the sector, which has managed to recover from the effects of the pandemic and return to the growth levels achieved before “Covid 19”.


Mohammed Jassim Al Rayes, Executive Vice President of Al Rayes Travels, confirmed that the new system supports the leadership of the UAE in the list of first countries in the world in terms of ease of entry, whether for tourists, job seekers, investors. or to visit relatives and others. He stressed that multi-entry tourist visas will contribute to stimulating the growth of inbound tourism from around the world. He explained that many countries around the world restrict the job search process for non-resident visitors with tourist visas, while the new system facilitates entry for this category, which wants to settle in the Emirates, to enjoy a modern lifestyle. and advanced services, creating a job opportunity.

He noted that the facilitation of different categories of visas provided in the new system will positively affect the tourist flow, the movement of businessmen and investors, as well as the desire of companies to establish or expand their headquarters in the country. the flexibility of government decisions and the flexibility of entry and residence visas, which will facilitate the withdrawal of skills and human resources, as well as the acceptance of business delegations and trade missions between companies, noting that these vital measures are integrated with the logistical advantages enjoyed by Dubai and the UAE, through the expansion of the air link with the world, which increases the country’s competitiveness and its tourist, investment and tourism attractiveness.

high demand

On the other hand, Amin Al-Awadi, General Manager of Al-Awadi Travel Company, expected that the multi-entry tourist visa for a period of five years would greatly increase the demand for tourist travel in the country, which would benefit everyone sectors related to the Tourism Sector, ranging from travel and tourism agencies, airlines and transport, to hotels, hospitality and shopping services.

freedom of movement

Regarding Yassin Diab, General Director of Al-Faisal Travel and Tourism Agency, he explained that the five-year tourist visa allows freedom of movement for the individual to visit the country at any time and immediately, which means that it helps in speed. fast movement and decision-making to come to the country Every season throughout the year, with the ability to choose the right time, in terms of air ticket and hotel prices, as well as increases the frequency of frequent visits of tourists to the country, and He explained that the effects of the new tourist visa, if its mechanisms and costs are announced, will begin to be reflected positively in the tourism and hospitality sector in the country, in the long run.

attractive environment

Tourism expert Muhamed Mustafa said that tourist visas will contribute to increasing the number of tourists from around the world in the country, in light of the availability of an attractive and safe tourist environment, pioneering and integrated tourist services, different and unique destinations. . and a developed infrastructure for tourism, noting that the state has already made it possible to obtain a tourist visa for the Eid al-Fitr holiday in the UAE, through several channels, including national airlines, licensed travel agents, and hotels.

He added that the tourist visa enables the beneficiary to stay in the country for up to 90 consecutive days and can be extended up to 180 within a year, which means the length of stay and more expenses, which will have a strong impact. To increase the tourism sector and increase its contribution to the tourism sector, GDP, being a major supporter of the country’s economic diversification policy, is also expected to increase the movement of the tourism sector. at all levels, especially maritime tourism.

revenue growth

Ismail Ibrahim, General Manager of Ramada Hotel Downtown Abu Dhabi, stressed that the tourist visa contributes to the support of the UAE strategy to attract more foreign visitors and to offer them the best experiences, to motivated them to repeat the visit and stay for longer periods. which is positively reflected in various economic sectors.

He added that the hotel sector is the biggest beneficiary of this type of visa, as it will enable tourists and visitors to stay in the country’s hotels for longer periods and thus will increase and increase revenues, thus stressed that the approval of tourist visas at this time is a positive thing, especially in light of the significant increase in the rates of tourism recovery globally, and the existence of increasing opportunities for the opening of new markets, increasing the position of the country in global level.

Millions of visitors

Mahmoud Al-Suwaifi, director of government sales for Rixos hotels in Abu Dhabi, said regulatory treatment for foreigners entering and staying in the country came to meet the requirements of the next phase, in line with the state’s plans for the future. fifty years, noting that the multi-entry tourist visa for about 5 years is a driving force, an additional addition to the tourism sector in the country, as it will contribute to attracting millions of visitors, which will reflect positively on the development and growth. of the sector, which has witnessed a strong movement since the fall of the consequences of the “Covid 19” pandemic.

He expected that this type of visa would be very popular, in a way to increase the leadership and competition of the UAE between the countries of the region and the world in the field of tourism and to contribute to supporting the process of sustainable development and policy. . of economic diversification approved by the wise leadership, explaining that the country received about 19 million last year.Visitor, and with the entry into force of this visa, we are expected to witness a large influx of tourists and visitors, especially after the Emirates United Arab Emirates is a favorite and sustainable tourist destination for international tourists, from all over the world.

He stressed that the government and the official authorities responsible for the tourism sector in the country are making unremitting efforts to support and develop the national tourism sector, which had a major impact on the growth achieved by the sector last year, approaching money. pandemic. nivelet.


On the other hand, Raki Phillips, CEO of Tourism Development Authority Ras Al Khaimah, said the new visas will contribute to supporting the tourism sector, as one of the sources of diversification of the national economy, emphasizing that visas will attract a large group of people. tourists more than once, during the next period, in light of the return of life to the market.International travel, as well as other categories of relatives of resident families.

He added: “As the official authority for tourism development in the UAE, we always look forward to supporting federal initiatives aimed at increasing and advancing the country’s tourist attractions.” With a visa, visitors can enjoy longer vacations and experience more of what the place has to offer.

He noted that Ras Al Khaimah has stood firm in the face of the epidemic challenges and thanks to our focused efforts and ability to adapt, we have almost returned to pre-pandemic figures and received nearly one million visitors to Ras Al Khaimah Khaimah in 2021, and our vision is to become the leading regional authority in the field of sustainable tourism, attracting more than 3 million visitors a year, by 2030, as the multi-entry visa system will support the achievement of the goals ours.


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